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I have never known a good hunter who did not regularly take to the field in pursuit of small game. Amazing Breakthrough In Compact Portable Backup Power — Charges Your Phone, Laptop And Even Jump Starts Your Car!
For over 50 years, the Ruger 10-22 has graced gun cabinets and pickup truck gun racks, and can be found slung across the shoulders of hunters from Maine to California as they head into the woods in pursuit of squirrel and rabbit.
Note:  I recommend a classic fixed stock rifle over the take-down variant, as there have been some reliability issues with the 10-22 takedown. I have the Remington 572 and a henry lever action in 22 mag both are great with scopes a must to have. I would say the Marlin 795 should be in place of the Marlin 60 especially when comparing against the Ruger 10-22. I sold it a long time ago, but recently bought a new Savage Mark II bolt action .22, and at 50 years it will put three shots inside a nickel. The Rifle can accept a Scope with an accessory Scope Mount and is extremely accurate, probably as much so as my .22 Target Rifles. My favorite small game rifle that shoots .22 LR is a vintage Remington ScoreMaster with an aftermarket rear mounted peep.
I can hunt small game with my Benjamin break barrel 22 cal pellet gun without anyone knowing I’m hunting in the area and this may be necessary in a survival situation. Bobcat Rocket Stoves has ceased production due to low demand if you have a question please contact us via email here. As far as power goes, this is certainly one of the most powerful crossbows available on the market. The design of the crossbow (carbon riser) prevents the weapon from dropping forward slightly. The trigger system and string latch work flawlessly, releasing the string (and hence the arrow) smoothly every time, making it easier for you to work on your aim and to keep your shots consistent. The scope included with the package is sighted right out of the box an holds dead-zero for a long time, without the need for constantly tuning windage and elevation. Your actual results will vary slightly depending on weather, and significantly with arrow weight change.
As always, please remember to place your foot firmly inside the stirrup while cocking the Ghost 410, to prevent it from slipping from underneath your shoe and hitting you in the chest.
Barnett generally includes top-quality scopes with their crossbows, and the Ghost 410 is no exception. As mentioned earlier, accuracy of the Ghost 410  is superb – in large due to the nature of the scope. Note: you should use arrows with a half moon-nock with any Barnett crossbow, including the Ghost. Thanks to the super-light carbon riser (Barnett calls it CRT – Carbonlite Riser Technology), the Ghost is very comfortable to handle and easy to aim, as the weight of the crossbow is shifted closer to your body, giving you much more leverage for easy handling of the weapon. As for the grip, it’s comfortable, ergonomic in design, and also helps you keep your fingers away from the flight rail to prevent the accelerating string from hurting them.
Customer service is solid and they tend to be quite helpful, though in certain cases they are somewhat too willing to just suggest replacing the crossbow, while the issue could be fixed much faster and easier.
At any rate, the price difference between the two models is so small in most cases that I strongly recommend going for the Ghost 410 whenever possible. The Barnett Case (Model 17083) is one of the best cases to accommodate the Barnett Ghost 410 CRT.
I also have the barnett wild cat c 5 and that has been the most reliable crossbow I’m glad I stated with.
The rope cocker hooks on my ghost 410 rub down across the safety lever and deactivate it as I’m releasing tension.
But to be able to bring meat home constantly, you will need a good small game rifle and the skill of marksmanship. These rifles should be used mainly for defense and perhaps the occasional dispatching of medium-sized game.
The 10-22’s reliability and accuracy are legendary, and there are more accessories for the rifle than Carter has liver pills.
The Marlin 60 has outsold its Ruger counterpart by millions of rifles across the world, becoming arguably the most popular semi-auto rimfire across the globe. These ranges are probably stretching it for both cartridges, but with shorter max effective ranges the math favors the .22wmr even more greatly.

It’s a great rifle that is designed to cycle subsonic ammo to high velocity ammo and everything in between.
And when they need clean water, elite soldiers are choosing the Paratroopers Water Purifier -- the smallest, lightest, and most durable water purifier on earth! The majority of the weight is located near the shoulder of the archer, which means the Ghost 410 is very stable and comfortable to aim.
And considering how fast it shoots, your target won’t have even the slightest chance of reacting before your arrow hits the vital organs.
See our Crossbow Ballistics Guides section for a complete understanding of how we conducted our tests and why this data matters. As we pointed out, the Ghost 410 delivers arrows at close to 410 FPS, and comes with 400-grain arrows.
However, this is in fact a good thing: the faster a crossbow shoots, the louder you can expect it to be due to the extra amount of residual energy that is transformed into vibration and hence producing noise. The scope came already mounted onto the stock and sighted, so there was no need for knob adjustments in my case. Additionally, this reduces the overall weight of the x-bow, making it easier to carry around. It is a soft case; however it is extremely durable and has a pocket which stores 22” bolts. I find it honestly unmatched in pretty much any category I can think of — speed, accuracy, comfort, ease-of-use, safety, design.
The rifle feeds from a 14-round tubular magazine that is situated directly under the barrel. Not as fast as a semi-auto, though much faster than any bolt-action rimfire commonly used to hunt with. Also, the .22wmr allows you to take larger game with more confidence, and less likelihood of having to follow it to hell and gone. It’s so small and lightweight you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, backpack or glove box.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Do you know how much KE is required to harvest the largest game on the planet (such as the grizzly bear, African elephant or cape buffalo)? We’ve found that from point blank range, this monster of a crossbow strikes the target with around 148 ft. So the fact that the Ghost 410 is about as loud as other compounds with far less speed (330-350 FPS) makes it actually a relatively quiet weapon.
Rope aids typically cut down the amount of effort require to cock a crossbow by about half, so rather than drawing the full 185 lbs. In all honesty though, with a beast like the Ghost 410, you can comfortably use much heavier arrows and still achieve outstanding accuracy and performance due to the exceptionally high speed. For those who prefer hard cases, the SKB Hunter Series Crossbow Case is an excellent choice. The rifle feeds from a detachable 10-round magazine, and aftermarket large capacity magazines are also available.
I have found that the model 60 is more affordable than the 10-22, but does not have the same reliability. This rifle is easy to obtain both new and used, and is quickly becoming one of the more popular small game and plinking firearms out there. Between you and your four neighbors, chances are that at least one of the five households will experience a break-in… or worse, a home invasion.
However, you won’t be fighting a war with it, and most hunters can deal with the rare jam of failure to fire that occasionally happens with this rifle.
I have shot more centers out of targets at 50 yards with a model 25 than I have just about any other firearm out there. With 2 MREs, a bivy sack, a lighter, a Swiss knife, a pilots survival knife, a shell jacket, 50rds of ammo, a 40oz Klean Kanteen, and a hat it’s still only about 10 lbs. Shotguns and the loads they fire are ideal for flying targets like waterfowl, spreading the ammunition across a wider ranger than a single bullet fired from a rifle. Using a chronograph, I calculated the speed to be 406 FPS, which is as close as it gets to a manufacturer’s statement. They do weigh more than many of their competitors, but if you are blessed enough to have one in your gun safe I doubt very much you will mind.

Though shotgun technology has advanced dramatically, the style and objective of modern duck hunters is very similar to that of their forefathers.Reliability and durability, like in most hunting cases, are big advantages in guns used for duck hunting.
You’ll see some drop in kinetic energy, of course, when you go out beyond point blank range, to the tune of around 2% of kinetic energy for every 10 yards beyond point blank range.
You will also be able to find a Marlin 60 for much cheaper prices than you ever will a Ruger, often around $70-100 cheaper.
Ask anyone whose home has ever been robbed what if feels like, and they’ll say it feels like they were violated.
Going after waterfowl almost certainly introduces bodies of water to the equation, and during cold, rainy weather is often some of the best chances to hunt ducks. With this being the case, a gun that will hold up against the elements and shoot straight and true every time is going to be a difference maker.The Remington 870 Express Super Mag 12 Gauge Waterfowl Camo Shotgun ($449) is a favorite of bird hunters around the world, and has established itself as a leading seller with over 10 million sold to date.
Because not only do criminals violate what should be your sanctuary from the world and walk away. A gloss finished walnut wood stock, matte black barrel and action, and aluminum receiver add a classic touch to a sophisticated firearm. Finished with a Realtree camo pattern, it’s popularity has risen since its innovative style was introduced. Be sure to match the correct shell parameters to your specific gun, or consult the help of an expert (or whoever you got the gun from) to be sure you have the right combination of firearm and ammo.Some of the more popular shotgun shell brands include Winchester, Kent, Black Cloud and Federal Premium. With shotgun shells, you often get what you pay for, so try not to skimp and save when it comes to ammunition for duck hunting.ClothingSince waterfowl have excellent vision, camouflage holds a lot of importance in duck hunting. Matching the camo pattern you choose to the surroundings of your hunting area is essential to staying undetected as you call and attract ducks to your blind.Vests are a good idea, as they typically have ample room to store shells, calls, reeds, and other accessories needed for a duck hunt. A good duck hunting vest is usually cut shorter than others, so as to avoid getting wet in waist-deep water. Duck blinds range in style and structure, but a few common types have emerged in recent years.The layout blind, like this RedHead Deluxe, is a transportable (and usually foldable) device that can be relocated from spot to spot and packed up when the hunting trip is over. Also known as a coffin blind, layouts perform exactly as their name implies: the hunter lays down on their back, eyes to the sky, and can quickly sit up when shooting opportunities present themselves. Pit blinds are only useful if you own the property you are hunting on, or have received permission to dig. Again, keen eyesight of waterfowl makes placement and concealment critical.Birds usually touch down from flight into the wind, so a blind should face against it.
Ducks can be spooked easily, and may not return to a site in which they suspect hunters to be waiting.
Because of this factor, we recommend the use of a layout or other type of portable blind.CallsDuck calls are a the real tools of the trade, especially when waterfowl are on the move during migration and searching out spots to rest mid-flight. Thankfully, duck call technology has improved immensely over the years, and a small, cylindrical contraption that fits in your pocket may be all you need to get the ducks to come to you.Made of wood, acrylic or other material, duck calls come in a variety of tones and styles, often specific to a certain species. The biggest thing to remember when choosing a duck call is to find one that’s not only easy to use, but will be effective for the ducks you are hunting. From mallards to wood ducks, and the wide range of other waterfowl, calls are an easy way to tap into the innate instinct for ducks to flock together. When they see birds of their kind, and can actually hear them as they approach, nothing will put them at ease quite like it.DecoysThere are significant amount of varieties to choose from when it comes to duck decoys. Many capitalize on a specific species and mimic their appearance, and others are more generalized and universal. A decoy spread can never truly have too many fakes, but hunters also need to work within their means.
Floating decoys are meant for on-the-water use, and typically include a lead anchor to keep them from drifting away in a current or strong wind. A good spread of decoys uses some upwind (or upstream) of your blind and some downwind (or downstream), leaving space in the middle for ducks to land, and hopefully get shot.Duck hunters of yesteryear would attach their floating decoys to string and give them the occasional tug to create lifelike movement and water ripples. Today, mechanical systems like theField decoys, also known as full-bodied decoys, are typically staked into the ground and sometimes act as wind socks, giving them lifelike movement.

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