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If Movie Is Showing “ERROR MEDIA PLAYER FILE” Refresh The Page Twice Or Dubble Click !! Snake Plissken is renowned for being one of the most popular anti-heros in cinema history.  The year is 1998 and as a result of huge crime rates, the United States turns the island of Manhattan into a maximum security prison where hardcore criminals are put for life. I'm Kai's bat shit crazy co-host on the MILFcast and he and Dylan, the hetero-life mates invited me over here at Man, I Love Films to write your Wednesday lists.
The only downside, the image at the top reminds me that there is no sign of a UK release date for The Day yet.
I started replying to this post with a few more suggestions but there were so many I decided to turn it into my own post. The amount of love for this movie makes me sure that I’ll dig it, but it is tough to find almost 3 hours to watch something that could be potentially depressing. BEST HORROR FILMS OF 2016 SO FAR - Page 10 of 10 - iHorror You are using an outdated browser.

All the bridges leading into the city are mined, a large wall is built along the shoreline and a large police force army is based there to stop or kill any attempted escapees.
This tells a story, another moment in time in a hero’s life that just happened to be captured along with great action, inventive new fight scenes, invigorating battles, and something altogether new and different in the science fiction genre.
I love what you have to say about 28 Days, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (so freaking creepy), Children of Men, and (above all) 12 Monkeys. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Upon a terrorist attack on his plane The President ejects and escapes only to find himself in the middle of the prison.  Ex-soldier Snake Plissken is offered his freedom if he goes in. It also gave us a situation where massive animals can live indefinitely in hibernation, and the male wakes up first, but it’s all the females that are killing us, and there’s only one male, so why are there females around now?
He agrees but the complications are many, even though his robust bravado is without question undeniable.  This is a great science fiction action film that shows where man kinds violence will eventually lead them.

There aren't many anime shows and movies that strictly focus on zombies, which is surprising because people have such a fascination with the genre.
However, the zombie animes that do exist are great, with amazing titles like Highschool of the Dead and 2014's anime Tokyo Ghoul.
We've included the first episode of each show to watch below when available, so you can watch really good zombie anime series right here on this page and find ones that you like.

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