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Biotiles is an upcoming PC game that combines the strategy of a puzzler with the immersion of survival horror.
I highly recommend checking out Fright Night if you get a chance, it’s well worth your time. Instead of bemoaning the hyper-abundance of the undead (which would be silly because Zombies are awesome), I thought it would be fun to speculate on what might be slithering our way next coming next.
These are my top picks for video games that manage to give you all the action you could want while while making you piss yourself just a little.
A good illustration of what games constitute Survival Horror vs what constitutes Action Horror.
A While Back, I got to do a one man presentation at San Diego’s Anime Conji about Anime and Action Horror.
This was my awesome audience for the event (I would like to point out that the collective cool of their poses made the picture come out just a little bit blurry). Not the best movie by far (Charlton Heston spends the film gunning down Hippy Luddite Mutants in cheesetastic glory) but one of the earliest Action-Horror films. Some of the scariest survival horror games like Silent Hill 2, Dead Space and Amnesia: Dark Descent gave us those terrifying moments we would love to forget.

The new survival horror game developed by Flashback mastermind Paul Cuisset is heading to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. This near-future thriller, published by Lexis Numérique, begins after the Earth is ravaged by a rogue comet and a deadly virus has turned most humans into pseudo zombies.
Along the way, you must sneak through environments to avoid detection from the military quarantining the vicinity, and occasionally take arms with found objects when the zombies get a bead on you. Amy comes to PlayStation 3 on January 10 for $12.99 and Xbox 360 on January 11 for 800 MS points (which translates to $10). Lead the resourceful survivor Aurora through a campaign to reclaim the infected city by utilizing weapons, items, and followers to manipulate the board to your advantage. And I really need to get off my but and watch Supernatural as I’ve only heard good things about how well it mixes action and horror.
Players experience this bleak world through the eyes of Lana, one of the few lucky (or unlucky) humans to escape the disaster unscathed. Check out the screenshots below to get a better feel for the vibe that developer VectorCell is going for. We're not sure why one version is cheaper than the other, but multi-console owners interested in the game should take note.

If your comment doesn't appear right away, please be patient as it may take a few minutes to publish or may require moderation. But, as a rule, I’d rather see all that talent, money and artistry going to make something new. Both new IP’s are released and classic horror series get revamped for the new generation of consoles.
As the virus begins to take hold, she tries to escape the city with an eight-year-old autistic girl named Amy who seems to have supernatural powers. These slugs hit her without noticeable effect – but silver is light and less effective than a norm round unless you have a susceptibility to it. But if I thought she was a vampire I’d already be running back to the squad car where the crossbow is locked above the dash.

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