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And with that single line, the survival horror genre was bought back to haunt gamers once more.
The beginnings of survival horror can be found in the mid-1980s, with the likes of Electric Dreamsa€™ Aliens: The Computer Game crafting heart-stopping terror despite the obvious technical limitations of the time. By using a crude first-person perspective and providing the option of switching between different Marines, Aliens: The Computer Game thrust gamers into a truly terrifying environment. Japana€™s status as home to some of the greatest names in videogames and horror movies inevitably meant it too would produce some of the greatest examples of the genre a€“ the best of which pre-date some of the more popular examples, like Resident Evil.
Despite these proto-survival horror titles, arguably the first a€?truea€™ survival horror game came in 1992, with Alone in the Dark.
Although these games all offered a hint at what was to come, it wasna€™t until the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill titles that most modern gamers got their first taste of the genre and how scary it could really be. Like Alone in the Dark a few years previously,Resident Evila€™s corridors and exterior environments were all pre-rendered backgrounds, which allowed the developers to create highly detailed levels, increasing player immersion.
The survival horror genre may have technically started with Aliens, but it was Resident Evil that first coined the term and which remains the most iconic franchise in under that umbrella to this day.
Perhaps thata€™s because of the gamea€™s memorable set-pieces (nobody forgets the zombie dogs jumping through the windows)? Best Survival Horror GamesSome of the scariest survival horror games like Silent Hill 2, Dead Space and Amnesia: Dark Descent gave us those terrifying moments we would love to forget. House of Hypocrisy is a psychological survival horror game where you live the misery of Enzo, someone whose life had gone wrong in several ways. House of Hypocrisy is made using Unity3D game engine and the game atmosphere reminds me of Silent Hill series. Soma, a science-fiction survival-horror game, has been announced for a September 22nd 2015 release on PS4. Soma takes place in an underwater research facility where the horror comes from more than just the violent inhabitants of the facility. The game is made by Fractional Games, the developer that brought you cult classic, Amnesia.

Soma will be hitting PS4 and PC in late September, the same month as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Mad Max. GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers!
You play as Lana, a girl who wakes up in the town of Silver City (Midwest, USA), after it’s been hit by a comet, amidst the virus plague, which has turned the people into wild creatures.
Amy doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll keep an eye on the game and update you as we learn more about it. Though the idea of a plague-causing comet seems a little ridiculous to me, the rest of this game seems interesting enough for me to want to play it. I kind of thought that the plague and virus were unrelated but happened around the same time.
Survival horror games are not quite action and not quite adventure, but incorporate elements of both in an attempt to build suspense, horror, and fear in the player. Developed by Max Payne creator Remedy Entertainment, the Twin Peaks and Stephen King inspired storyline of Alan Wake offered an atmospherically creepy experience for Xbox 360 gamers, as Wake tried to rescue his missing wife from a supernatural force.
Based on James Camerona€™s Aliens, the game pitched players as Colonial Marines and made them responsible for guiding the team through the xenomorph-filled corridors of LV-426 through a multi-screen, first person, interface. It was unnerving and unsettling, even if it was two-tone on the Spectrum 48k and despite the crudity of the graphics Aliens laid the earliest foundations for others to follow.
Though far from a pure survival horror, the 1989 role-playing game Sweet Home, which was never released outside of Japan, gave a glimpse of core features of the genre years before they came to fruition in Resident Evil. While both debuted on the original PlayStation, which must have helped their popularity, the two were thematically and stylistically incredibly different despite some superficial similarities. However, by using pre-rendered backgrounds the development team at Capcom (headed by the legendary Shinji Mikami, who also spearheaded Sweet Home) restricted themselves to using static cameras through the game, removing control from gamers. Expect much more to be shown of Soma in the coming months, so be sure to check out the skinny, right here on GameSkinny. While the company has worked on a wide variety of games from thrillers to dating-sims, they also own shares in sister company, VectorCell, headed up by Paul Cuisset, who created the Moto Racer series of racers.

Amy takes place in the year 2034, after the world is plagued by a series of natural disasters, and the outbreak of a virus. Lana meets with an autistic eight-year-old girl by the name of Amy, with “curious powers” and tries to escape the virus plague with her. But I guess the comet have hit a specific spot or the tremor something could have released a virus into the city.
If the comet and plague are unrelated incidents that occur around the same time, that just makes me want this game even more.
The use of light and dark, of endlessly feeling chased, and the small US town setting gave gamers a sense of unease a€“ but it also bought a sense of familiarity. Lovecraft (like Silicon Knightsa€™ GameCube survival horror, Eternal Darkness a decade later) Alone in the Dark put gamers into the shoes of private investigator Edward Carnby.
Strangely though, this didna€™t have detrimental effect you might anticipate; instead it immersed players in the mansion, as the STARS Alpha team of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine searched for the missing members of Bravo team. Also the screenshots (as of now) makes it looks like an inferior version of Dead Space, so hopefully the trailer will look more impressive. Like Aliens: The Computer Game, Sweet Home was the gaming equivalent of primordial gloop a€“ the genre was still evolving. Like both Aliens and Sweet Home, Alone in the Dark featured some of the design ideas that would feature in the genre for years a€“ most notably, the use of pre-rendered backgrounds, static cameras, and 3D characters. Ita€™s likely a mix of all those elements, but one thinga€™s for sure a€“ Resident Evil kick-started the genre, prompting a number of franchises to appear in its wake, each taking survival horror in unique directions. Combat wasna€™t a massive element in the game however; gameplay instead relied more on puzzle-solving, something that would also become a feature of the genre over the next ten years.

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