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Or maybe a full tang, no welds, stainless steel, compact hatchet with the ability to turn out firewood or help you improvise a quick shelter. Or what about a full tang 1085 carbon steel large bushcraft Bowie knife for chopping, digging, cutting, and other tough applications.
I use all those, except the back of my hatchet iron is more extended to double as a hammer for tent stakes and smashing dry punk wood for tinder.
It is asserted from time to time that true survival is measured by a person’s capacity to stay put and prepared with a super pack of hauled-in safe-gaurds; that learning edible plants and trapping and hunting skills are not necessary since most lost persons are rescued within seventy-two hours anyway. Yeah, sure, you’ve seen the folding shovels in the sporting goods section at the big box stores.

But within the confines of building a shelter or procuring wood for a fire, what ‘tools’ might you carry with you in your pack?
For indestructible, go with the old wooden handled folding shovel with pick attachment on it. Without negating the wisdom of preparation and safegaurd, I would say that philosphy behind this modern dependency is still a dangerous one. Granted this bag is a bit heavier than most and I didn’t include other things that are in it but you can get the feel of what I use. Because of confidence and practice, when one learns to live off the land entirely, being lost is no longer life-threatening.

Ever wonder what happens, when the folding shovel you brought actually breaks the first time you need it and try to use it?

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