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If you are like most preppers you don’t have exorbitant amounts of money to put toward your gear. Flea markets have lots of overpriced made in China junk, but if you are willing to dig through bins of rusty tools or poke through boxes that others are walking past you might find a gem. Garage sales are even better than flea markets for the sheer variety and surprise factor of what you might find. You can run across all sorts of camo clothing and sometime pick up tools and kitchen items that go well with your preps. Otherwise ebay has almost anything anyone could want, just don’t pay more than retail, and don’t forget to count shipping.
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As part of the Moore Stephens International Association, Moore Stephens in Pietermaritzburg is suitably positioned to service the inland region of KwaZulu Natal. Johan is the managing director of Moore Stephens RB in Pietermaritzburg and a member of the National Executive Committee.
He has extensive advisory experience, as well as auditing, accounting and tax experience in the small and medium business sector. Ryan is a director of Moore Stephens in Pietermaritzburg and a member of the national Training Committee and Moore Stephens national Technical Committee.
Russell is a director of Moore Stephens in Pietermaritzburg, having been appointed in 2013. He served his SAICA training contract at the firm and qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) in 2010. Russell is primarily responsible for the firm’s audit function, with experience ranging from small owner-managed businesses to subsidiaries of listed companies. Having spent time outdoors and traveling in places where you are literally always in danger of being stranded from civilization, this show has been a real breath of fresh, information-filled air, and he reaffirmed some of my thoughts while on the road last year. Anyone who spends any amount of time outdoors knows that what kind of travel gear and clothing you have is essential. Final thought: on the show Bear has a special knife he had built for himself which retails at $700+ dollars. This is true, Chuck Norris would do a round – house kick to the air and end up back in civilization. Bear is entertaining to watch, but a few of his techniques are not recommended in a survival situation.

I usually travel with my 35 litre pack, it is small enough to bring with me on the plane and can hold all of my clothes and accessories.
If you take some time and look in the right places you can get a lot of your gear at bargain prices. Lots of old oil lamps, cast iron, non-electric tools and other things a preppers might spend retail on from a store. Lots of food behind grocery stores can be put up in the freezer, fed to animals or dehydrated for storage. Even banned items routinely make it on, and if you pay attention you can pick them up before they get flagged and removed. If you are a prepper you should be involved with an online forum for learning and interaction with others of like mind. We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation. The directors and staff of Moore Stephens in Pietermaritzburg, are dedicated to looking after the financial needs of our clients, who are primarily involved in small and medium sized businesses. He served his articles with the firm after completing his BCom degree with the University of Natal. Johan is the chairman of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants Eastern Region Small and Medium Practices Committee, and serves on the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants National Small and Medium Practices Committee. He commenced articles at Deloitte and Touche Chartered Accountants and during this time, obtained a Bachelor of Accounting Science degree through the University of South Africa. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) after serving articles at the firm, having completed his degree and Honours degree at the University of South Africa. He is registered with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors and holds a BComm Honours in Accounting. He actively ensures that the latest audit methodologies are implemented to ensure that our audits are efficient and of a high quality. I had to buy two *&#*!%$ cheap bags before I finally spent the money on a nice REI backpack that will withstand rough use, varied terrain and temperatures, and 70+ pounds of rip and tear 24 hours a day.
While I think it is an essential element for life on the road, I’m not about to drop close to a grand on a knife!
If you want to learn more and better survival skills, the show to watch would be Les Stroud’s Survivorman. Subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly blogs sent to your email, or you can follow us on facebook and twitter.

We make use of the latest audit and tax computer software as part of our effort to ensure that all our work is relevant, accurate and produced as efficiently as possible. Johan qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) in 1998 after completing his Honours degree at the University of South Africa and was made a director of the firm in the same year.
Post-articles saw Brett continue with a postgraduate diploma in Accountancy from the University of Natal Distance Learning and in 1999, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA). He has been involved in the development of numerous SME's and has assisted with the financial management and growth of their internal support structures enabling them to trade in the national and global market.
He is currently also the chairman of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants Midlands District Association. I’ll stick with my little Cold Steel Voyager, which was a gift from my Kuk Sol Wan coach in 2006. I had to have a couple experiences with jeans and cheap thermals before I learned my lesson about quick-drying clothing and effective layering. What I like most about this show, despite the fact that some of his stunts are staged, is that he demonstrates how to survive in life-threatening situations across all types of terrain.
In that vain, its easy to see how Bear carefully chooses his clothing and equipment before heading into the wild. I have only sharpened it twice and it is in amazing condition, plus the 2″ blade means its legal to cross borders with. This week has been productive for me in that sense, I learned how to make rope out of roots, how to wrestle an alligator, how to make a water purifier out of natural elements, how to skin a sheep then use the skin as a boat, etc. I had no jacket on the last trip (big mistake) and what was worse, I had flimsy shoes I bought at a market in China before leaving. Also, Bear goes out into the wild without a flashlight, I keep my Smith & Wesson LED Flashlight on me at all times (no joke, its in my purse).
I did have a few other items, but was missing a great deal, including a water purifier, on this last adventure.
Before the next trip (Mongol Rally 2010) I’ll be buying expedition-level shoes that breathe and can stand rough wear and tear, a multi-season jacket and more quick-dry clothing.

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