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Although lions have been known to eat a variety of species in times of hardship it was obviously not through hunger that this lioness killed the dove. I watched the members of the pride play with the carcass for some time before finally rejecting it.Obsessive killing disorderA pride was feeding on a buffalo carcass in the Chobe region of Botswana when one of the lionesses moved off to the water to drink. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breed, located in the northern suburb of Chengdu on Futou Hill is 15 km from downtown Chengdu, and can be reached by the Panda Road.
The Research Base is one of the important centers in China for the captive conservation of giant pandas. Many famous Chinese scientists are conducting preliminary research in this laboratory on giant panda embryo transfer, and have obtained some significant results. The Research Base has welcomed many levels of government officials and over 100,000 visitors from China and abroad. In each of these observed incidents, I watched the members of the pride play with the carcass for some time before finally rejecting it; the uneaten carcass was then left to rot.
As she approached the water, the lioness noticed a slow-moving buffalo cow lagging behind the herd , her new-born calf alongside her. Giant pandas at the Chengdu Research Base live in large naturalistic habitats, which help the visitor to understand how these animals live in the wild.

This is the only museum in the world which focuses entirely on the critically endangered giant panda. As the first lioness reached the water she charged a flock of turtle doves The other two lionesses ran at their companion and a game ensued that lasted for a few seconds.
I have often seen examples of lions killing just because prey happened to cross their paths; it seems man is not alone in his thirst for bloody fun. In addition to the Giant Panda Museum, a Butterfly and Vertebrate Museum have also recently been opened. After a few licks of the skin she settled down alongside the others.Why had the lioness attacked the calf when it was already full from the original carcass? To achieve this goal certain pandas will be raised in such a way as to provide them with the necessary skills to survive in the wild. Some of these research projects are the most advanced in the world, such as rearing of twin cubs by one mother, DNA paternity determination, endangered species sperm-banking, and etiology.
Endangered species such as giant pandas, red pandas, and black-necked cranes reproduce well at the Research Base. Reintroduction of captive animals to the wild will both increase the number of individuals and the genetic diversity of the wild population.

China's Gold Medal for scientific technology of plants, which is the highest award given for China's environmental protection.3. She then had a drink and slowly walked back to the elephant carcass where she lay down to rest.Reflections on the dove-killerI reflected on the above-mentioned incident for a number of days. Also located at the Research Base is the Giant Panda Museum which provides interesting educational information about a variety of species native to China. This is a comprehensive museum which educates visitors on full range of tropics including: biodiversity, conservation, reproduction, and wildlife husbandry. The Research Base hopes to help ensure the survival of giant pandas and increase the chances for giant pandas to coexist with humankind.Since 1980-1997, 46 cubs in 31 litters have been born in captivity in Chengdu. From gorging on the carcass of the world's largest land mammal to killing a harmless dove, the behaviour seemed completely obsessive.

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