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And what better way to make sure you get the most out of your Ultra Bali experience with our ultimate survival guide?
Remember to respect the local community, clean up after yourself and keep a eye on your friends and belongings at all times! Take something light to wear at night, be sun safe in the pounding Bali heat, drinks lots of water and put your phone on aeroplane mode to prevent your battery draining. Coinciding with the Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week, Ultra Music Festival sees over 330,000 EDM enthusiasts come through the gates to witness one of the greatest electronic music productions in existence.
When early bird tickets first went on sale way back in May they sold out in a matter of minutes.
Now that you have secured your ticket, the next item on the checklist is probably to figure out where you will be staying.
The best bet is to look in the Miami Beach and Coral Gables area, although each location is approximately ten miles from Bayfront Park. It is important to remember that the trade-off for what you pay per night at your hotel will most likely be made up for in cab fare.
The Miami Metrorail also has routes that come from south through the university district, north from Palmetto, and west from the Miami International Airport.
Gates were scheduled to open at 4 PM on Friday of Ultra Music Festival 2014 but the lines were forming well in advance.
I left Ultra Music Festival 2014 with so much newly discovered talent and tracks that it took me months to bring my iPod up to speed.
Chances are you are going with a group of friends and I will tell you now, the larger the group the harder it is to stick together. Half your group trying to see Adventure Club while the other half checks out Eric Prydz before reconvening to catch Tiesto?
In 2013 I personally met people from over 20 countries and saw flags representing at least 50 others. After the music stops there is a mass migration toward the gates on the west side of the park. If you are looking for a cab, you will be lucky to catch one directly outside of the venue. Ultra Music Festival is jam-packed with all of the talent and excitement you will need in a day. However, the performances following Ultra in the Miami club scene offer the chance to see some of your favorite artists in a more intimate setting. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Reddit SubscribeJoin our listSubscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. As a five year veteran and Ultra was the first Festival that got this girl started in the dance music scene there a few key tips that you should know about before entering Miami’s greatest event. Security at every festival is tight but at Ultra Music Festival, security has extra high volume due to the breach that happened two years ago and the fact that the festival is in the heart of downtown Miami.
Ultra Music Festival is the start of festival season its where DJs showcase their new music. Don’t be that guy who is passed out at 2pm missed the big shows and woke up cooked like a lobster.
Entering its 17th campaign, Ultra is held at the beautiful Bayfront Park on the shores of the Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami, Florida. The 2014 event features over 120 artists performing across 5 stages in addition to UMF Radio which will broadcast live to listeners around the world. With the festival just over one month away, VIP and Payment Plan options have also sold out.
Bayfront Park is located adjacent to the financial district where lodging is already at a premium price. Depending on your preference on proximity to the ocean, Coral Gables runs a little cheaper but is further from the club scene.

Simply call down to your hotels front desk or walk outside to the street and you will be able to flag one down in a matter of minutes. Each direction will cost riders $2.25 and drop you off on Biscayne Boulevard right next to the venue. The Ultra Music Festival 2014 Mobile App allows you to customize your schedule, track start times of every performance, and send group messages to other users. Eager ravers wrapped around the block and tensions grew high on the first Friday as they pushed the open back nearly a half hour for undisclosed reasons.
People seem to have the common perception that just because you are playing earlier in the day means you are sub-par. The best sets that I witness in 2013 were from artists I had never even heard of before or acts that I initially did not plan on seeing.
If you are counting on cell phone service and reliability I can tell you right now to table that strategy. With over 60,000 in attendance each day, I guarantee you will get bumped in to, pushed, shoved, and knocked around. I have never experienced or been part of a crowd close to the congregation that occurs at Ultra Music Festival. Taxis will be lined up to the north by American Airlines Arena and to the west of Biscayne Boulevard. I cannot stress enough that it is a long day and food inside, though necessary, is expensive. Opt for nutritious snacks such as salads and fruits as opposed to fatty foods, sugars, soda, and alcohol. Last year a best friend went to her first Ultra Music Festival she was dressed in all rave entire she looked part. Ultra Music Festival is the place where fans get to hear and get to experience all the new music that is why Ultra is so special. Once you arrive, sort out meeting points and times with your friends in case phone reception is scarce or you run out of battery.
Read some travel guides or find some time to get of the beaten track and find out what really happens and Bali away from the tourist meccas.
Luckily there are still General Admission passes available that can be purchased here while avoiding the astronomical markups on Stubhub and the like.
Hotels are well aware of the influx of music lovers during Miami Music Week and substantially mark up their room rates according to the simple law of supply and demand. It is unlikely that you will be spending substantial time in your hotel outside of getting ready. However, a ride from the airport takes about an hour including all the stops along the way.
I would advise against this as you will have more of a headache trying to get out of downtown after the festival. I was fortunate enough to get down there around noon, squeeze in line with some friends, and sneak right in at 4:30 but I was in the minority. Between the cab rides, merchandise, food and beverage, and who knows what else, it will be in your benefit to have cash. 99.9% of people mean absolutely nothing by it and are just in a hurry to get to where they need to go. In addition to purchasing bottles, water dispensers are available throughout the festival grounds.
I would recommend sitting down to grab some food and experience authentic Miami cuisine while letting the congestion die down. For a complete listing of performances check out The Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week.
I made the mistake of wearing uncomfortable shoes on the first day last year and it affected me the entire weekend.

Only to know she was not prepared, she was wearing flip-flops, no bag, no external cell charger, she has fair skin (no sunscreen), the only important thing she brought were sunglasses.
I have a passion for the music industry, I love EDM, I am came to the realization that I have always loved "EDM" it just wasn't called EDM when I was a teenager.
Keep in mind that walking through the huge crowds also adds minutes to your journey between stages so be flexible. Do some cooking classes, go get out to Lombok for a few days or take some yoga classes, Bali is your oyster so make the most of your time here not just camped up poolside hungover the entire stay. This will avoid the majority of standstill traffic and roadblocks and allow you to warm up on your way to the main gate. Parking just 4-5 blocks west along NW 3rd Ave will run you just 10-20 dollars and save you the hassle getting home.
This allows you to scope out the venue, establish meeting spots, catch some sick up-and-coming producers, and get a feel for the grounds. And definitely do not waste hours investing energy in looking for one person when the pinnacle of electronic dance music is at your fingertips.
If it comes down to it, you can even approach the first-aid tent and politely ask for a bottle of water. This year that will not happen, thanks to the lovely writers at EDM Sauce we put together this wonderful survival guide to make your experience even more better. Ultra is held at the Bayfront Park, there is A LOT of walking and LOTS of dancing so you MUST wear Comfy Sneakers that are worth getting dirty. If you try to map out your entire day and stick to it chances are you will be frustrated and disappointed. Lines can be daunting at times and when you are in a hurry, the last thing you will want to do is pull out the plastic and wait to sign your slip.
If you are a first timer going to Ultra, or just going to Miami Music Week, and want to go to Ultra Music Festival for a day just to see the Resistance Stage, or your favorite artist this is a MUST READ!! Worst case scenario, if you are feeling dehydrated mention it to the staff and they will not turn you away. Get to know the festival grounds, and plan a meeting spot, just in case you and your group get separated. I strongly recommend investing in a Camelbak, especially if you plan on being in the middle of the madness. With an incredible sound system and the Resistance Stage coming to Ultra Miami for the fist ever in Ultra history we suggest you bring earplugs, you don’t want to go def by the you are 30 years old. If you want to capture the magic, the memory on your takes up a lot of the battery so bring an external charger and a Selfie Stick! DO NO forget your ID — Its an 18+ event security will not let you inside the festival even if you have a ticket.
If you smoke cigarettes we advise you buy and bring an UNOPENED pack of cigarettes, DO NOT bring in open cigarettes into the festival security will make you throw them away. People who are bringing in camelbacks, be sure to have your camelback empty or else security will make you dump out whatever you have inside. People who are not bringing camelbacks we advise you to buy one bottle of water and hold on to it because waters cost $5.00 a bottle at Ultra. For the ladies bring unopened tampons, we know the porter potties are disgusting but bring baby wipes because there is hardly any toilet paper in the stalls.
These tips may seem funny and silly, however it will help you in the long run and at future events as well.

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