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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Amazon (Kindle only), iBooks, Kobo, Copia, e-Sentral, Scribd, Goodreads, Oyster and Ciando. There are many things I have learned in my 11 years at Sewickley Academy, everything from minute math in second grade to which red door actually opens in front of Rea Auditorium. This is the first point on my list because I absolutely cannot believe my four years in this school are almost over. Moving away from the emotional advice, you have to learn how to play a€?the game.a€? I mention this point because it can be applied to many aspects of high school. This is something that will happen to every single student every single year - you will take classes that you do not enjoy. I am trying to stay away from the cliche advice that you hear everywhere nowadays, I really am, but this one I found to be entirely true.
Sewickley Academy is a premier Pittsburgh private school enrolling students in pre-k through grade 12 on a single campus.
I have learned many useful skills throughout my time here but there are some things I feel every Senior School student should know before they turn the final pages of their Sewickley Academy story.

The amount of time you have left here is limited and, believe me, once you are a third trimester senior, youa€™ll want to move on. In fact, you may hear teachers, SAT tutors, or adults in general talking about this throughout your time in school. Throughout high school, there will be endless opportunities for you to get involved in, both within the school and outside of school. With that being said, I think my biggest mistake in my high school career was looking forward too often.
There are ways to make these classes work to your advantage, and I found this particularly applicable with some of my English classes.
I have done things during my time in school that I am extremely proud of and I wish I could repeat those moments over and over again. When I assess my situation now, it strikes me that I will be closing this chapter of my life in a mere month. I mention English classes because they are the most flexible and personal interpretation plays a role.
On the other hand, there are some things that I look back on and think to myself, that wasna€™t the best use of my time or I really didna€™t enjoy that.

So, try living in the moment, enjoy what you have now, and let the future make its own way to you. I recently played the game with colleges, and they were a little harder of an opponent than Ia€™ve faced here at the Academy.
Jane Eyre was not my favorite book by any measure, but I played a€?the gamea€? and worked my way through the trimester until I found myself sitting in front of my computer the night before the final essay was due. Ask yourself, "Is that something you enjoy doing?" There are so many things that will influence your behavior in high school, but I really encourage you to step back and decide if ita€™s really you who wants to be doing whatever it may be. I cana€™t believe it took me so long to realize I could answer that prompt any way I interpreted it. Teachers want new ideas, they want you to be creative (except in math, believe me, dona€™t use this strategy in math) and express your personal ideas.

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