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Aija Mayrock is committed to giving a voice to the voiceless through writing and through film.
The JJJ Book Club wants to recommend Aija Mayrock's new book "The Survival Guide to Bullying"! I’m 19 now and I’m happy, but I wasn’t happy for many years.I was told I was “worthless,” “disgusting” and that I should die day in and day out.
I would be lying if I said it didn’t take a toll on me.The biggest mistake I made throughout all of those years was not talking to my parents.
I thought that they would also make things much worse.[Documentary Shines Spotlight on Anti-Bullying Hero]Years later, I realized something. They just needed to know what was going on, so that I wasn’t going through the darkness alone.
I now know that this would have made a great difference to me.So when I started writing my book “The Survival Guide to Bullying,” I decided to make the ultimate communication chapter. My chapter “Getting Help” teaches kids how to talk to their parents and hopefully gives parents a hint, as to how to talk to their kids.Below, please find a few of those tips that I wish I had had during the 8 years I was bullied. Bullying effects 13 million American kids every year and has lasting effects into adulthood.

Talk it out, but don’t bombard your child.Some kids won’t tell you that they are being bullied. They might be scared, think that it’s their fault or simply not want to acknowledge it themselves. If your son or daughter seems withdrawn, anti-social or just different– talk to them. As someone who is still a teenager, I never like it when my parents bombard me with questions or concerns. Ask them how they are doing in school, how their friends are, etc… All normal questions, but hopefully questions that will allow your kids to open up. I wasn’t looking for someone to necessarily respond–I just wanted to know that my feelings were valid and someone cared enough about me to listen. Creating a safe, comfortable environment will allow your son or daughter to come to you more frequently and with more honesty. Choose your words wisely.When I was in school, I responded to some words differently than others, even if they meant the same thing. For instance, saying “You should tell your bully X” versus “If you want, one thing you could say to your bully is X.” This always made me feel like I had an option, rather than an order. I still respond better to the second version, and I believe it is useful to give advice to your child that allows them to have a part in choosing the solution.

Ask for permission first.I would always tell my parents not to go to the school, because it made things worse.
Even though you might feel like you are helping your kid by going to the school, if you do it without their permission, you are ruining the trust they have in you.
A New Low-Oil Recipe From Cristina Ferrare About the Author Aija Mayrock started writing The Survival Guide to Bullying when she was sixteen years old and finished it in 2015 at nineteen years old. She promised herself that she would publish this book as her gift to the next generation of kids who will be bullied. She wrote her very first screenplay on the eve of the deadline for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 10-10-10 competition.
She has also won awards from the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition for her writing and poetry.
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