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Hayley McKenzie is a Script Editor and founder of Script Angel, helping screenwriters elevate their craft and advance their screenwriting career. If the development process was all about collaboration, being the screenwriter of a script in production is all about compromise, if you’re lucky, or watching helplessly from the sidelines as your beloved script gets ruined if you’re not. The first thing to remember is that in film the creative vision is considered to be that of the director and not that of the screenwriter. The other thing to bear in mind is that what your script means to you and what it means to the (possibly hundreds of) people involved in making the film a reality are worlds apart. Your script is no longer a piece of art or a wonderful story full of emotional associations. Getting your script made is a joy and a thrill and is ultimately the reason you wrote it in the first place. Hayley McKenzie runs Script Angel working as a Development Consultant and Script Editor on feature films and television dramas in the UK and USA. The Screenwriting Directory is an online resource with more than 2,500 verified listings for Hollywood industry insiders. Attend a live Online Screenwriting Webinar from the Writers Store and learn from top screenwriters, agents, and instructors. Here are some easy steps to survive your college experience at the University of Maine as a first year.
2) Be a responsible drinker – Your first year is all about experiencing new things and for many its the first time they have consumed alcohol in their lives.
There you have it some tips that will help you survive the first year of college at UMaine! Nick Trinh decided to come to the University of Maine not only because it is a great school but because of the program that he could be involved in, “I chose the University of Maine because of the Army ROTC program.” He said. There have been many opportunities the ROTC program has given Trinh that he wouldn’t have been able to if he wasn’t involved in ROTC. Trinh has been selected to serve in the National Guard, which is very beneficial for many cadets because they can carry out their degrees that they earn at the University of Maine and also serve their country. Another reason why he decided to go to the University of Maine was that his brother was currently at the school. He wants to use his degree in business management to find a career involved in human resources, “I have been in charge of people throughout my career in ROTC so it is a natural fit for me to pursue this career path.” UMaine has set up Trinh well and has helped him develop skills that he can carry on.
Freshman year of college was a crazy year for me, as I learned a lot about becoming independent and what I wanted to do as a profession. Thankfully, I was able to start out undecided my first semester of college and explore what I truly wanted to do. Begin completing your gen eds – As many college students know the bulk of your college education is fulfilling your gen eds. Establish and maintain communication with your adviser – Your adviser can be a tremendous help, making sure your college academic experience will be worthwhile. Go outside of your comfort zone – You may have been the most popular kid in high school or a nerd, but in college you have a fresh start to be whatever you want.
Don’t freak out if you haven’t always had the dream to be a doctor, lawyer or teacher since you were the age of 5.
For those of you who like to think down the road in the instances that this could possibly happen.
So I write this in thoughts to what I would do to survive because most of what we know about the show, many things don’t add up. Furthermore, basic knowledge of trap making and environment can help you to nest and get protein in your system.
You won’t understand the importance of a pet until you are by yourself with no one to share the extremes that you are in. In what realm four different schools for our five children ever made sense, I will never know. You’ve made it through script development and your precious script has finally been green-lit for production. It might be something many writers strive for, but being the Showrunner and the creative vision behind a show isn’t for everyone.
The chances of a screenwriter, even a successful one, being fired or replaced on their own original work are incredibly high compared to television.
The chances are that you, as the screenwriter, have had nothing to do with choosing the director. For the film crew it is merely a template, a set of instructions, a guide that dictates what their job will involve for the coming months. Understanding, or at least having some vague notion of, what all these people in a film crew do, the kind of hours they work and the pressure they’re under is vital if you want to stay involved. But filmmaking is an extraordinarily difficult process, and you might not like what comes out the other end of it. If it doesn’t end up working out you will always have the awkward encounter in the hallways of your dorm. If you wait all semester to spend dining funds at dining halls then you will spend the final semesters spending hundreds of dollars a day buying pointless items like candy, vitamin waters etc. Parking spots go quickly especially for commuter students at UMaine, the majority of the student population. There are a lot of great people at the University of Maine, many who are willing to help a first year student at any time. If you over think things it will be incredibly stressful for you, sometimes you just need to relax and have a little fun.

Last year we had the All-American Rejects and in years past we have had Ludacris, Fun, and J.
You will never be disappointed by sitting in the student section and going absolutely crazy taunting the opposing goalie. It is unlike any other internship or job that you can have while at the University of Maine.
In the summer of 2013, he was able to take a trip to Korea for one month where he job shadowed soldiers at one Army base and learned what life was like on an American base in another country. It wasn’t a hard decision for Trinh because he wanted to go to a place that wasn’t far away from his family and would have to commute to go home.
Even though you select your classes based on your interests, advisers can help by showing new classes that are added to the curriculum. This clean slate gives you the opportunity to explore everything that the University of Maine has to offer. But to be even more safe, I would get to higher ground where the only water that is coming to you comes from either remaining glacier or mountains from winters past. I would find a great sturdy tree and sleep high up in a tree as to get myself off the ground.
Rather than vent to your friend over the phone about all the craziness, take it to the streets and catch up over a nice walk.
The individual who uploaded this screenshot or other form of media and first used it in an article, and subsequent persons who place it into articles, assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law and retrieved it in a legal way. You’ve survived an onslaught of script notes, some of which made it vastly better, some of which made it different, but thankfully, at least not worse, and others you persuaded the giver against. Russell T Davies writes brilliantly about the joys and stresses of showrunning Doctor Who in his book The Writer’s Tale. If you’re lucky, the director will share your vision of the piece and sprinkle their own magic dust over the top of your already brilliant script, turning your pages into cinematic gold. You might not want to change a single word of your script after green-light but the reality of what happens to a script in this pre-production stage and again during shoot is eye-watering.
My advice: hope for the best but expect the worst, that way you won’t be disappointed and you might be pleasantly surprised. Hayley was Development Executive at ITV Studios and script edited primetime UK shows ‘Casualty’ (BBC) and ‘Blue Murder’ (ITV). Just easily slip your MaineCard into your pocket or wallet, you don’t need that awful lanyard. Too many times during the winter when it is at least 20 degrees or below I have seen students walk around campus in just sweatshirts? If it does work out then great for you, but to lose a close friend and someone that is right next door that you see everyday may not always be the best idea to have a one night stand or a random fling. We remember what it was like moving in to this strange big place not knowing anything about where to go. Make a rule, only eat out once a week or if you eat out multiple times choice a healthy meal that isn’t loaded in fat. So many students don’t have those fun experiences by studying hours while remaining in their room. The popularity that one dish has one campus is unbelievable and students will wait 20 minutes in line just to have their favorite dish. Don’t let your snow days go to waste as The University of Maine has one of the shortest academic calendars in the country and hardly ever cancel a full day of classes. Keep your eyes out throughout the semester as local restaurants and bars always find a way to bring in more business. If you decide to come to a UMaine game you can’t pass up the opportunity to tailgate before the game outside the stadium. It is a day that some dedicate to service projects around the campus by cleaning, raking, etc. Whether it is a frat party, house party any kind of party, UMaine students know how to have a good time on the weekends. The student section referred to as “maine-iacs” live up to their name as it has been named one of the hardest places to play in the country.
The amount of confidence and leadership skills that you learn being in the ROTC program he can carry with into his career. It was an opportunity of a lifetime that he would never have gotten the opportunity to do if it wasn’t for ROTC, “It was kind of scary being in a foreign country, but it was an amazing experience to see another culture and their way of life.” He said. It’s a great opportunity for many of these cadets to meet new people, make friends and also become leaders. UMaine, like most other schools have students fulfill credits in: science, human values and social context, math, ethics and writing. Once you have decided on your class schedule and a major you can begin planning the upcoming years.
It gives many students the opportunity to settle into the grind of college life and figure out what they would like to do. This is really the only way to know the water hasn’t become infected with the diseases or bacterium of the dead. So here are a 15 tips from my End of the School Year Survival Guide with a few applications from last week.
Because you never know when a kid might come downstairs minutes before we have to be out the door and in the car missing all but 2 buttons on his shirt (How has he been wearing that thing?!) or when the front cover of your washing machine might decide to fall off. Especially on those evenings when one of the kids announces that a project, never before mentioned, is due the next day.

Yes, a lady shoo’d me at the end of our crowded street last week, motioning me to back up so she could get through. The last thing you need during end-of-the-year craziness is feelings of self-doubt creeping in because an outfit is tight when it should be loose. No worries that you arrived at carpool early, sat for 25 minutes waiting for school to dismiss, drove up to the cone only to not see your child because he has a standing commitment after school on that day – let it go.
If you’re unlucky, the director will have a different vision of the film your script should be but perhaps it will be different but not worse than what you had in your mind. You have lived with this story and these characters and this world for a long time, perhaps years. Production is a compromise between the ideal (your script) and what is practical and possible.
College is hard enough to fit in so don’t automatically label yourself as a freshman. A nice feature they added is that you can call a number on campus and parking services will help you find a spot. You are paying hundreds of dollars per credit hour, so make your parents happy and your teachers respect you by going to class. Either in the dorm hall or around campus multiple reports of students intoxicated will land them in trouble with campus police or with an RA on duty.
It will make your academic career much easier by having a faculty member that you can trust. It was very stressful, but thankfully many older students would help out when you are in a time of need. It gives you the opportunity to experience every subject and explore what you would like to do. Many complete their gen eds and will put them in great position to finish their degree on time. If your school is already out, maybe some of the tips might help in other stick-a-fork-in-me-I’m-SO-done situations. Who cares if you cut watermelon for the fun end of the year swim party that is actually this week, not last.  Let it go. When you feel like everything is closing in, go outside for a moment, notice the flowers blooming, the birds singing, Seems silly, but such sights and sounds offer serenity … and a reminder. I'm a recovering enabler, procrastinator, controller, grammar hacker and am calendar challenged (among other things). OK, now stop, because there’s the small matter of production to get through yet before there is a film for anyone to see. And if you’re really unlucky, the director will have a completely different idea of what the film will be, and you’ll hate that vision and the film that comes out the end of this extraordinary process. You have been through agonies and ecstasies together, and that has created a bond that is hard to break, but break it you must if you want to stay sane in this business. If you are responsible and have a great group of friends around to keep you out of trouble your semester will be a blast.
For example finding buildings, can be very confusing if you don’t have your campus map. Never let that balance become uneven because there is always consequences for letting that happen.
The reason why I say this is because most disease are contracted from person to person, airborne contamination, but because this disease is already very complex, drinking water would without a doubt be contaminated with the disease. In the spirit of the water bottle, and other trash, that fell out of the car earlier that day, Roll With It. Remember, his brain is as fried as yours and that he’s ready for summer, just like you. Emotions can run high in a stressful day, just be sure to follow a flub with a genuine mea culpa.
However skilled your writing, much of what is on those pages is open to interpretation, and you now have to leave that interpretation to other people and trust in their skills and artistic choices. Of course, all that assumes that anyone’s even bothering to involve you post green-light in the first place! You don’t want a stupid thing that happened freshman year of college haunt your record for the rest of your life. Guns run out of bullets and make loud noise, I would use what Darryl uses to kill, a bow and arrow.
Plus, even though it might not feel like it in the moment – everything will actually get done. Most of the film world works on the assumption that once the script is bought, the screenwriter’s job is done and their involvement ends. Even if not contaminated with the disease, bodies get infected or decay, which runs off into the natural aquifers feet below the ground. If you want it to be different you’re going to have to fight to make it so, but it is possible.

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