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Rivet City is the largest human settlement in the Capital Wasteland or Washington, DC area.
If you are coming from the back door of the GNR Building, you can come all the way underground from Collapsed Car Tunnel, past the Museum Station, continuing South to the Anacostia station. Rivet City is located inside of an aircraft carrier that was docked at the Washington Navy Yard during the Great War, and left stranded when the water level in the Anacostia and Potomac rivers dropped. By 2277, Rivet City was the sole supplier of edible, non-irradiated food in the Capital Wasteland, trading it for essential raw materials with other communities.
The Capitol Preservation Society with a museum of pre-War historical artifacts and knowledge. The broken bow of the ship was separated from the main carrier substructure and half-flooded. For the player exploring the vessel, when checking out the bridge tower, it is worth going through all the exterior doors. Northwest of Rivet City is a Super Mutant camp with a Lying, Congressional Style, and a captive. For the Strictly Business quest, one of your objectives is to enslave Flak who resides in Rivet City and is co-owner of Flak 'N Shrapnel's. Flak, along with the character Brock (who can be found in the Muddy Rudder), are two characters in particular who can be enslaved in Rivet City. If you do kill or enslave anyone from Rivet City and are caught, upon re-entering the city, certain characters (mainly the Rivet City guards) will have a unique dialog open. On the Upper Deck you can rent a hotel room for 120 caps from Vera Weatherly, or her robot. Following people into their homes may result in you becoming trapped there with a trespassing offense.
If you are in the Rivet City Marketplace just before closing time people will warn you; if you do not leave, the entire city will go hostile towards you.
If some guard opens the Rivet City Armory door (the Very Hard door near Private Jones), and the hostile robot inside the armory spots you, most, if not the entire city will go hostile towards you. If you steal from guards while they are asleep, some of the inhabitants will flee from you, but no one will be hostile. If you have a high enough speech skill (Child at Heart perk will help) you can get James Hargrave to run away from home, and you will find him right towards the back of Rivet City next to Anacostia Crossing.
If Raven Rock is destroyed as a part of the The American Dream quest, the people in Rivet City will talk about the disappearance of the Enclave Radio, saying that maybe it was caused by an "Explosion from the Horizon". You can get a key to the marketplace by killing a Rivet City guard and looting their corpse. If you enter the marketplace either by using a key or by picking the lock when the marketplace is closed, the people will say things along the line of "You shouldn't be in here".

For those wanting a quick getaway from the city security, there's a gap in the railing at the very top of the tower.
At the Rivet City Midship there is a high chance that your game will freeze, even if you leave the area afterwards.
If you steal from several people (perhaps even just one person), Harkness will refer to you in floating dialogue as a 'petty thief', even if nobody saw you do it. While utilizing the Chinese Stealth Armor and a silenced weapon, if you kill a NPC in Rivet City the inhabitants will only be hostile for anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes.
If the Wedding's guests miss their cue a glitch occurs where the entire Rivet City group does procession from the market to the church. If you break a law in Rivet City, [Steal, Murder, etc.] and flee out of the city, the guard at the main entrance will chase you but won't attack. Entering the Marketplace at night with Dogmeat and Butch with an ashpile inside, you can talk to the ashpile. Sometimes when you enter midship deck, Flak and Shrapnel's door will be opened and it closes a little bit afterwards, but if you enter you can only by picking an average lock, which could cause you to reload a save if your lockpick is below 50. If, straight after escaping vault 101, you go to Smith Casey's garage and complete Tranquility Lane, then go to Rivet City with James (do not speak into the intercom near the bridge) and talk to him after his conversation with Doctor Li, when you leave and talk into the intercom by the bridge it will activate and make the bridge disappear. Given the vessel's location (at the Washington Navy Yard), it is tempting to assume the carrier must have been a museum piece. Abraham Washington · Angela Staley · Anna Holt · Armitage · Bannon · Belle Bonny · Brock · C.J. Scientific Pursuits · The Replicated Man · Stealing Independence · The Wasteland Survival Guide · Those! This article uses material from the "Rivet City" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.
Our RP is open and it is the best you can fight with the Enclave or fight against them as a Brotherhood of Steel, but we go further you can also be a wastelander or even a Super Mutant or Ghoul. You can talk about how much you love the fallout serious or what you think about upcoming DLCs or Fallout Games such as Fallout New Vegas. You can talk about pretty much anything you want as long as it relates to Fallout 3, but we know some people like to occasionally talk about something else so we have our very own Chatterbox.
In order to join all you have to do is be a fan of Fallout, abide by all the rules, and pay a small 50g entry fee.
Its inhabitants live in individual rooms inside an aircraft carrier, and a number of guards rotate 24 hours a day to protect the ship from Raiders, super mutants, and any other threats to security. It is easiest to reach by following the eastern side of the River Potomac, crossing near the Tepid Sewer or at the Citadel, or by swimming across from Arlington Library. The community was founded by members of the pre-War Naval Research Center, who moved to the vessel to make use of its on board facilities and comparatively defensible position.

The lower levels are inhabited by Mirelurks while the upper levels contain Pinkerton's laboratory and home. These lead to catwalks on the outside of the tower, most of which have an ammunition box or something similar worth looting. It is advised that you do not enslave him until you completed most of the game and have a significant amount of ammo, as enslaving him will cause Shrapnel to randomly wander off into the Capital Wasteland (although not die because he is invincible) and then you will have no one to barter with for weapons and ammunition. If you talk to him there he will ask you to take him home (NOTE: you can only get this speech option ONCE). The guards will say things along the lines of "*merchant* is eating breakfast right now at the Gary's Galley, but you still buy stuff". If you jump right, you can land in the water no harm done, but you have to get past the guards on the third floor first. The chance of this happening increases if you Plan C (slaughter) the town and can also occur in the marketplace. After the time has passed and the NPCs become green (friendly) in the compass, you can resume normal dialogue. They will wait here for hours doing nothing until their artificial intelligence is reset by an in-game timer. If you have NPCs on it, the will drop to their deaths, apart from James, Doctor Li and some scientist woman who are all central to the later story. This would appear to be supported by the large number of antique aircraft left on the flight deck. In the Fallout versions but we also offer other types of RP that do not pertain to Fallout. I would also like to ask that if you are going to Donate please donate to Capital Wastelander our mule account that way we have funds for contests. Rivet City includes a shopping area called "The Rivet City Marketplace" as well as an American History Museum, Science Lab, bar and hotel, all of which have related quests to be completed. With this room comes a bed, which grants you the Well Rested bonus effect of +10% experience.
The aircraft appear to be a combination of P-80 Shooting Star, Grumman Panthers and the Lockheed SeaStars.
Sometimes the room will have an average lock on it, but you do not lose Karma for picking it. However, given the game's setting in a retro-futuristic world, the carrier may have been working and simply docked in such a location (This theory is also backed up by the fact that you can find a crashed jet in Point Lookout that is of the same type as those on the deck).

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