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To help you create the experience of a lifetime, ISN Leiden is here to create your home away from home. We've made it our mission to help newly arrived students to find their way. This Survival Guide on our website will act as your first tool to make yourself feel at home in Leiden. Wilderness survival and bushcraft are thoroughly aspirational - even to incurable stay-at-homes.
Hayley McKenzie is a Script Editor and founder of Script Angel, helping screenwriters elevate their craft and advance their screenwriting career. If the development process was all about collaboration, being the screenwriter of a script in production is all about compromise, if you’re lucky, or watching helplessly from the sidelines as your beloved script gets ruined if you’re not. The first thing to remember is that in film the creative vision is considered to be that of the director and not that of the screenwriter. The other thing to bear in mind is that what your script means to you and what it means to the (possibly hundreds of) people involved in making the film a reality are worlds apart. Your script is no longer a piece of art or a wonderful story full of emotional associations. Getting your script made is a joy and a thrill and is ultimately the reason you wrote it in the first place.
Hayley McKenzie runs Script Angel working as a Development Consultant and Script Editor on feature films and television dramas in the UK and USA.
The Screenwriting Directory is an online resource with more than 2,500 verified listings for Hollywood industry insiders.
Attend a live Online Screenwriting Webinar from the Writers Store and learn from top screenwriters, agents, and instructors. Here are some easy steps to survive your college experience at the University of Maine as a first year. 2) Be a responsible drinker – Your first year is all about experiencing new things and for many its the first time they have consumed alcohol in their lives.
There you have it some tips that will help you survive the first year of college at UMaine! You've probably got quite a few questions, and this document will attempt to answer them for you. The USGenWeb Project also has some fine Special Projects, which work closely with our state and local projects, but are independent of them. The national level of the project is managed by an elected Advisory Board, whose job it is to address any problem issues as they arise, aid the state projects upon request, oversee elections, advise and mediate, if necessary, any grievances or appeals, and appoint a webmaster to maintain the national website.
USGenWeb holds yearly elections to choose Advisory Board representatives and to vote on other project matters. There are also a number of optional email lists you can join to listen in on project business, to communicate with your elected reps, and to interact and chat with your fellow members. I'm sure there are more, and I'll add them as I think of them or they are brought to my attention. We will help you create memories you will cherish forever and find friends you will never forget. Our mission is to represent international students, thus providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

Joe keeps it simple and describes in straightforward steps what to do to make yourself safe and comfortable: how to build a shelter that will really keep you warm, set a trap that will really catch food, identify plants that will really feed and nourish you and build a fire that will really light in all weathers. This book encourages the values of improvisation and self-reliance in extreme situations - a form of escapism enjoyed by most viewers of survival TV programmes. You’ve made it through script development and your precious script has finally been green-lit for production. It might be something many writers strive for, but being the Showrunner and the creative vision behind a show isn’t for everyone.
The chances of a screenwriter, even a successful one, being fired or replaced on their own original work are incredibly high compared to television.
The chances are that you, as the screenwriter, have had nothing to do with choosing the director.
For the film crew it is merely a template, a set of instructions, a guide that dictates what their job will involve for the coming months. Understanding, or at least having some vague notion of, what all these people in a film crew do, the kind of hours they work and the pressure they’re under is vital if you want to stay involved.
But filmmaking is an extraordinarily difficult process, and you might not like what comes out the other end of it. There are a lot of great people at the University of Maine, many who are willing to help a first year student at any time.
If you over think things it will be incredibly stressful for you, sometimes you just need to relax and have a little fun.
USGenWeb members, as a group, are generally hip, happening, wild and crazy party animals (w00t!), so join the fun!
For complaints regarding a specific web site within the USGenWeb Project, please include the URL when emailing the National Coordinator. We are the international student organization of Leiden, based on the principle of Students Helping Students.
You’ve survived an onslaught of script notes, some of which made it vastly better, some of which made it different, but thankfully, at least not worse, and others you persuaded the giver against. Russell T Davies writes brilliantly about the joys and stresses of showrunning Doctor Who in his book The Writer’s Tale.
If you’re lucky, the director will share your vision of the piece and sprinkle their own magic dust over the top of your already brilliant script, turning your pages into cinematic gold.
You might not want to change a single word of your script after green-light but the reality of what happens to a script in this pre-production stage and again during shoot is eye-watering.
My advice: hope for the best but expect the worst, that way you won’t be disappointed and you might be pleasantly surprised. Hayley was Development Executive at ITV Studios and script edited primetime UK shows ‘Casualty’ (BBC) and ‘Blue Murder’ (ITV). We remember what it was like moving in to this strange big place not knowing anything about where to go. Make a rule, only eat out once a week or if you eat out multiple times choice a healthy meal that isn’t loaded in fat. So many students don’t have those fun experiences by studying hours while remaining in their room.

During your stay in Leiden - whether you are here for just a semester, a year, or perhaps even longer - ISN will introduce you to the Dutch culture and the Leiden student life. If you’re unlucky, the director will have a different vision of the film your script should be but perhaps it will be different but not worse than what you had in your mind.
You have lived with this story and these characters and this world for a long time, perhaps years.
Production is a compromise between the ideal (your script) and what is practical and possible. You are paying hundreds of dollars per credit hour, so make your parents happy and your teachers respect you by going to class. Either in the dorm hall or around campus multiple reports of students intoxicated will land them in trouble with campus police or with an RA on duty. It will make your academic career much easier by having a faculty member that you can trust. It was very stressful, but thankfully many older students would help out when you are in a time of need.
We organise parties, excursions, international dinners, charity initiatives, sports activities and much more. OK, now stop, because there’s the small matter of production to get through yet before there is a film for anyone to see. And if you’re really unlucky, the director will have a completely different idea of what the film will be, and you’ll hate that vision and the film that comes out the end of this extraordinary process. You have been through agonies and ecstasies together, and that has created a bond that is hard to break, but break it you must if you want to stay sane in this business.
If you are responsible and have a great group of friends around to keep you out of trouble your semester will be a blast.
For example finding buildings, can be very confusing if you don’t have your campus map. Never let that balance become uneven because there is always consequences for letting that happen. On top of that, we have our very own ESNcard, which does not only act as a membership card, but also provides you with many discounts in local bars, restaurants and other businesses. However skilled your writing, much of what is on those pages is open to interpretation, and you now have to leave that interpretation to other people and trust in their skills and artistic choices. Of course, all that assumes that anyone’s even bothering to involve you post green-light in the first place! You don’t want a stupid thing that happened freshman year of college haunt your record for the rest of your life. Most of the film world works on the assumption that once the script is bought, the screenwriter’s job is done and their involvement ends. If you want it to be different you’re going to have to fight to make it so, but it is possible.

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