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When gearing up, we advise you to always prioritise pieces of Tier sets over non-set pieces of higher item level. With the Pulverize, is it possible for WA to recognize Lacerate = 3 on the target and to display the Pulverize icon in the spot where the countdown currently happens? First I’ll login to every character to collect their transmogs, then vendor most of that gear away (I have a feeling the enchanting market will be flooded). Then at some point I’ll begin the laborious process of opening thousands of Salvage Crates. After that there won’t be much for me to do until the pre-expansion content starts unlocking (demon invasions). In the past, Hunter specs were close enough to each other (gameplay wise) that it wasn’t a huge deal to swap between them. Chances are only one of the specs will resonate with you because of how different they are. Hunter stat priorities are changing some in the pre-patch, but probably not enough for most people to worry about. Mastery is ahead by a good margin for MM (Sniper Training is a lot better now), with the last 3 stats all being very close. Immaculate gems are being buffed from +75 to +200 stats, so if you have any unused socketed gear it may become a better option in the pre-patch. Long story short, Hellfire Citadel trinkets have been nerfed for whatever reason, including the beloved Mirror of the Blademaster. Patch days are always iffy for addons, so I don’t know if your favorites will be updated in time, but I wanted to highlight a couple of new ones that I think are worth having.
AdvancedInterfaceOptions restores the huge plethora of interface options that Blizzard also removed in 7.0. There are quite a few new pets to tame, and Petopia has the full list of everything available in the pre-patch.
As for non-mech pets, I think my favorite additions to the pre-patch are Thok the Bloodthirsty and the updated Core Hounds. Is it possible to already get the mats in SoO for the iron juggernaut pets on non gnomes or goblins in the pre patch? Windrunning, the MM artifact bonus, is one of the reasons I’m seriously considering getting my MM artifact first, despite the BM artifact quest-line matching my dwarf better.

I found MM with Black Arrow talent and pet (with growl off, or tenacity specced) is quite easy for some initial questing on the broken isles.
I hope BM gets some useful special effects because it’s really lacking in utility at the moment.
Also, WeakAuras2, Shadowed Unit Frames, Bartender, Omen, and Skada should be working for patch day, since they work in Beta. 2013: Updated the page to state that Spoils of Pandaria, Thok, and Siegecrafter Blackfuse can be attempted in any order. The icons will change and have timer overlays, nothing else outside of what you see in the picture!
Just wanted to let you know I downloaded your prot pally, prot warrior, and now this druid one, and they are awesome! From the gear in there, I will learn the appearances I don’t know and probably auction the rest to other transmog collectors.
It was sort of expected that one spec would be better for a particular patch and everyone would swap to it. BM and MM work great with Mastery, while it’s mostly a garbage stat for Survival at the moment.
Trinkets such as Infallible Tracking Charm, Stone of the Elements, and Chipped Soul Prism are among the top trinkets for all 3 specs. Yes, even over some Mythic HFC trinkets. The easiest way to get to Thok is to go to the Seat of Knowledge in Pandaria and queue for the Underhold wing of SoO LFR. Just make sure you don’t summon the juggernaut and waste the item until you can tame mechs in Legion!
Are these going to become Tameable for the Serpent Family once the Pre Patch for Legion hits Live?
I always used Cheetah a lot in towns so I’ve gotten used to a little extra running speed. Questing with BM on beta wasn’t too bad either though with Chimaera Shot just so I have an extra button press.
Im looking everywhere if the Stable will be getting more slots for more pets in the pre patch or in legion but cant find it, tons of new pets and im quite full by now ?? Any idea? The fight remains the same, but Sanoriak is now the second Rank 1 opponent (he was the second Rank 3 opponent, previously).

Everything you need to know to top the charts.Legion Hunter Class Changes - Guides - WowheadOur Artifact Calculators, linked above, let you browse traits, relics, and appearances in the modelviewer. If you have no idea where to begin with these new specs, it’s probably a good starting point for you.
You’ll have to kill Malkorok and Spoils of Pandaria to get to Thok, who is just a simple walk up and tame. I do like the new bear looks, but long ago when we had to keep them happy, I had a bear run away from me.
The MM artifact speed bonus is very nice, it’s like having the old Aspect of the Cheetah back. MM also has an extra defense ability in bursting shot (basically a push back ability) which is quite nice.
I do have some reasonably high level plate and cloth toons to send BoEs to for unlocking (and I think I will need to for the achievements, there’s only so much mail armor). This creates a weird inconsistency where some pets have useful abilities and others have nothing at all. Survival actually has two cool bonuses (an eagle that helps you in combat, plus you fly as an eagle when you’re a ghost). I think I’ll have about ~270 of them on patch day, so getting to the 300 toy achievement in Legion should be easy (you get a recolored Sky Golem mount as the reward). Obviously this is a bug that will be fixed at some point, but I reported said bug months ago on the alpha and it’s still not been addressed. It’s even weirder for Exotic beasts as now some of them have worse abilities than standard pets, which begs the question of why Exotics are even a thing anymore? You can replace all this text with your own text.Full text of "NEW " - Internet ArchiveSearch the history of over 498 billion pages on the Internet. But if you aren’t in that situation (like 95% of us), please just play the game for fun. In the meantime, feel free to tame Scalehides and Oxen, just realize that they will be a DPS loss over other families until this bug is fixed.

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