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Taking place in Sunway Pyramid from the 27 to 28 August, AniManGaki has really grown over the years!
If you haven’t already bagged your early bird tickets at the various events that AMG has held ticket sales at, you can still grab them online or get them on the day itself as walk in tickets. Early bird tickets get the added bonus of one Omatsuri Coupon (for the festival games), lucky draw as well as lets you bypass the entry queue and lets you get into the hall early! Alternatively, you can keep an eye out for our ticket giveaways as the event date draws nearer. The best part about Sunway Pyramid is that there is a myriad of hotels, motels and inns in the surrounding area for you to stay in. The nearest is Sunway Hotel, which directly connects to the old wing of the mall, and while it is relatively pricy, its the most convenient. Prices generally start at RM 60 – RM 800 (depending on the suite) so do check out the full list of places to stay in the nearby area on Agoda.
Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Scenario?Sign Up for our free email newsletter packed with survival tips and tips on preparing for widespread disaster. We're literally witnessing weekly mass murders and bombings and there's no sign they're going to stop.
Although the likelihood of you being involved in a terrorist attack remains very low (for now, at least), we need to be prepared. We aren't just going to look into what you should do if you ever happen to be in such an event, we'll look into ways to prevent the bad guy (or guys) from hurting more people, and then practical ways to be a hero. But first, let's talk a little about what's happening, about the places most likely to see terrorist attacks so you and your family can avoid them.
Without it, we may have very well been a lot more "progressive" when it comes to living peacefully with those different skin colors and religions, but the President's stubbornness to not only destroy ISIS when he should have, but to ignore and not censor Islamic terrorism has lead us to where we are today. And now we're hearing from every media voice and news outlet about shocking headlines about extremist Muslims every single day. Add to these the riots from Ferguson and Baltimore, plus the reactions of white people to everything that's been going on lately. In an increasingly unsafe world, you can figure out where not to be just by watching the news. An attack at a rock concert in Paris (at the Bataclan theater) should make you weary of going to such concerts if they're in neighborhoods and cities that are known for terrorist activities. A truck attack in Nice that left over 20 people dead on France's national day should make you weary of going to any kind of celebration, particularly those that may attract angry extremists.
Needless to say, neighborhoods and cities that have a high crime rate should be avoided, such as the infamous Molenbeek district in Brussels. You also don't want to be anywhere near protests of any kind, unless you really want to be a hero. Most people walk around thinking about their job, money, or about this or that thing that's happened or will happen to them. If you looked at footage of the Nice truck attack on France's national day, you saw two categories of people: those running around in disbelief (who figured out they're in danger), and those who were merely looking, trying to understand what's happening. Although figuring out WHAT the danger is, is important, the fight or flight instinct should have kicked in them, and started to run for cover the moment they realized something is wrong. So practice being aware of all your surroundings, practice multi-tasking (such as looking out for dangers while talking on the phone as you're walking down the street) and, if you take self-defense lessons, ask your instructor to practice these multiple attackers scenarios where one of them sneaks up on you. If you think you can tackle armed men just because you visualize yourself doing it, perish the thought. If you remember the terrorist incident of 2015 from the train that was traveling from Amsterdam to Paris, then you know that, while some of the ones who tried to stop the armed attacker were from the Army and the Air Force who happened to be on the train at the time of the attack, others were just ordinary citizens.
Focus on full-body exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses (or push-ups if you're doing this at home).
Before you're tempted to be a hero, you first have to figure out if you can save your family, or even yourself. Some terrorists act alone but most terror attacks are well planned and sometimes involve a number of people. Of course, your main focus should be the weapon, because you might get shot as you try the self-defense techniques. This is a common offensive move of trained law enforcement and prison security teams for taking down dangerous and aggressive attackers and getting them to give up in surrender. Even the most aggressive attacker is powerless to stop the pain of a move where just one of his arms is pulled up and twisted high behind his back. Your goal isn't to slap handcuffs on this terrorist though; keep pulling up on his arm (past the point where handcuffs might normally be applied), until he is literally screaming for you to stop. However you survive, give all thanks to God for seeing you through ok when surely other people will have probably have lost their lives. I take enough clothes for each day,being warm a bikini,sarong,summer dress,!sandals etc and of course a jumper and jacket and pants or jeans for the cooler weather.I always take too much just in case l need something! No picture uploaded yet Please wait to see your image preview here before hitting the submit button.
Our latest interview takes a look at StrixLab’s upcoming survival horror game, Ad Infinitum. Once you’ve completed reading the interview, you will find a link to a new Pre-Alpha gameplay trailer for Ad Infinitum so you can see the game in action in its current state of development.
ONLYSP: To start off, can you tell me a little bit about yourself as a game developer, your team and how the formation of Ad Infinitum came about? ONLYSP: Your original trailer for the game has gotten quite a few views, over 100,000, and has had some pretty positive reception. We were also inspired by artists like Zdzislaw Beksinski, who was not painting about WW1 specifically, but if you look at his paintings you get a good idea of how other creatives looked at that mixture. One of our premises is that your are not able to wildly shoot everything that comes at you. ONLYSP: Will the narrative be something that’s mostly up to player interpretation or is it more of a traditional narrative? Helfrich: As I said earlier, our team has grown since then, which gave us a huge leap forward graphically and also in terms of programming. We also stripped down the original concept of the game, which had a planned playtime of more than 10 hours. For a first-timer, filling a game with content for 10+hours can be a big problem. Helfrich: In our proof of concept build, for example, we had a puzzle where you had to decode a Morse code message to get information you needed to open a blocked path.
ONLYSP:  Any plans to bring the game to Kickstarter or Steam Early Access, or are you looking to release a completed project when you do release the game? ONLYSP: Since the game is in the Steam Greenlight program (concepts), do you have any plans to bring the game to consoles as well or is that all based on the success of the game? But you also have to see that the big players (Sony & Microsoft) have made their platforms more and more accessible to indie teams, which we want to make use of in the future.
Apart from that, we’d like to thank the gaming group in the history department of the University of Hamburg, with which we worked closely together to get a decent idea of the historical facts and how to integrate them in the game.
Talk about it carefully: In a world that openly demeans “preppers” as a fringe part of society, it can be hard to have an open conversation about the merits of preparing for a major crisis.
Many people are resistant to even entertaining controversial topics for fear of taking a position outside the safety of the mainstream. Consider other avenues: Most likely you will find there is a limit to how far you can bring a resistant spouse to your point of view. Don’t get rid of your critical preparations over superficial problems, but do look for ways to alleviate the core irritation.

Joel Skousen adds: “Despite all the good advice, you may still fail to bring the spouse around if they have innate resistance to facing negative realities. My husband has little to no interest in developing a self-sufficient farm as part of preparedness…BUT he loves to spend money! Another point for consideration… food can disappear from the shelves when the banksters cut off credit, which they have done in other countries to force a central bank in.
JIT refers to Just in Time, the method that stores and other businesses use to cut down on having to have storage space for goods they sell.
Being the main prepper in our house, I have learned to let hubby have his say, even if I don’t agree. Over the years, he has studied all facets of survivalism, and has learned works and, more importantly, what does not work. I had the opportunity to share my story with everyone who showed up (and those watching at home on the livestream) and then I got to sign my books.
This is something that had been over a year in the making, and it felt so surreal to finally have it happen. Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions of your own, leave them for me in the comments and I’ll answer them in another  blog post later this week.
Kayla Buell is a young twenty- something who's hoping to share her experiences with other young professionals. As such, we’ve compiled a few bits of information that will be super handy for any con-goer or cosplayer that might be interested in paying AMG 2016 a visit. There are more opposite the road from Sunway Pyramid and are a slightly larger distance away but are reasonably cheap stays. Many people freeze in the face of danger -- and die -- or are simply beaten, (women can be raped) and left for dead.
In fact, a study from the non-profit organization, The Investigative Project on Terrorism, quoted by Fox News says that the number of global deaths has soared by 800% since 2010.
We can't go on pretending that terrorism is not an issue, that Islamic terrorism is not an issue or that young men of all skin colors aren't motivated to take out their own personal vendettas on the "West". After all, the best way to be a hero for your spouse and kids is to make sure they aren't anywhere near places that are likely to see these mass shootings. If, up until recently, most of the tragedies were natural disasters (the Indonesian tsunami, the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, Katrina), the things that make the headlines these days are people killing other people. Because, as an article on the Independent points out, racial tensions have worsened lately. And not just him, but liberal European leaders such as Cameron, Merkel and Hollande are also to blame, as their people turn against them.
If you really want to be the guy fighting for a cause you think it's important, be my guest. Their minds are either in the past or the future, never in the present and, as such, are unaware of critical events when they start happening. But their awareness levels were so low, they decided to sit there and wait to see what happens next. I'm not trying to get you to walk around in public places with a deep sense of insecurity, far from it, but you have to be on the lookout for things and people that seem out of place. If you wanted to stop that gunman on the train, you'd most likely have to jump over seats or even other people, duck for cover and so on. Only problem is, there might be more of them running around, so you can never be too careful. There's only one other way I can think of and that's to take the guy from behind, just like a football player tackling an opponent (though you risk getting shot, of course).
The most crucial thing is to disarm him, possibly by aiming for a sensitive area such as his throat, nose (smash it), or eyes (jab him in the eyes with pointed fingers and blind him, even if only temporary).
In fact, it's best that you learn specific techniques for specific weapons: knife, handgun and semi-automatic. Truly, the only safe way to tackle a terrorist and protect yourself with a tackle may look like this: In one fluid movement, following any tackle to the ground, roll him to his stomach, pull one of his arms behind his back, and now pull up on that arm toward the back of his neck, until he screams in pain from the tension on his shoulder and elbow.
Besides your gun and your knife (which may or may not be legal to carry), you should also ensure you have a few survival essentials that can be either kept inside your pockets or in an everyday carry pouch: a first aid kit, a phone (which you should remember to put on silence so it doesn't start ringing and give away your location to the attackers), a lighter (can be used to set things on fire to create a diversion), a mini-flashlight (just in case you get trapped in some basement, like some folks were during the Bataclan shootings) and a small multi-tool.
One technique that I've actually seen people laugh at but saved a few lives in recent attacks is to play dead. It's possible that the terrorist will shoot dead bodies anyway, just in case someone's pretending. Players will endure the war-torn battlefields of World War 1 as they cross No Man’s Land, crawl through trenches and out maneuver deadly foes in this atmospheric and intriguing new horror game from StrixLab. By the time the trailer came out, there weren’t too many games with a WW1 setting, and Battlefield One was not yet announced.
You start looking around and find some strange things happening–for example, a sudden gas attack out of nowhere.
Is it more of a psychological horror game or are there enemies to face and hide from as well?
We lead the player through the game up to a certain degree. This way we have more control over what happens when in the game, story and gameplay wise. We are able to produce more assets now and we implemented a better workflow by creating production tools that help us in level design, set dressing, etc. I’m curious to see what kind of puzzles you come up with in the World War 1 setting you’re working with! One of the gameplay elements of Ad Infinitum is that you find various items throughout the game like a gas mask, a wire cutter, a shovel, and so on.
That plus clouds of gas make it difficult to navigate and find you way in the labyrinth-like trenches. We think that Early Access is probably not the best way, since we have a spoiler heavy story which we want to release as a whole.
But, we are a small team and we’re focusing on a PC release first to ensure a good gaming experience as a whole. Is there anything else you’d like to let our readers know about Ad Infinitum that we haven’t touched on yet? We’d also like to thank all of the people interested in our game who commented and posted about us so far. It takes time, money, practice and effort to create a self-sufficient lifestyle that will provide food, shelter, and a few modern comforts in hard times, but it is nearly impossible to make those changes in the face of resistance from a spouse, who usually shares your budget. When you do have an open conversation, be careful not to unleash a pent-up rant over the all the facts the media intentionally misrepresents. The book Crucial Conversations has valuable tips for avoiding the typical pitfalls of emotionally-charged discussions.
They see the mockery heaped on those taking unpopular positions and don’t want to sit atop that kind of social dunk tank. Innateness refers to the set factors that determine a person’s basic personality or internal spirit. That means they are usually uncomfortable even discussing hard times or preparations for war. His calling is to show ordinary people how to become better prepared for an uncertain future.
Death toll mounts as streets fill with blood -- How to survive an attack with multiple shooters and AK-47s. But do read the rest of the article, as it may help you be a hero for those around you should you come across with an armed or unarmed shooter.

This is when the brain becomes so focused on the immediate danger, that it completely ignores everything else. I know reading survival articles gives us the impression we can do anything, but, most of the times, that's just not true. Then kick it up a notch by regularly practicing uphill sprints, like those running backs and linebackers in the NFL. So long as they have you in their sight, there's nothing you can do except to run for cover. You not only stand an excellent chance of survival, you can actually take down the killer before he takes any more lives. And short of joining the army, probably the best way of practicing that is – you guessed it – to start playing it! Although this is a means of last resort, some people survived the Bataclan massacre and another person survived the Orlando attack by doing this. If you're going to be at or travel through any of these locations, think ahead and choose times and places that a terrorist is least likely to strike.
Again, without spoiling too much, if you look at the title of our game you might get a clue of what the basic theme of the story might be.
So there will be a little bit of a traditional narrative, but we also want to have some open ties for the player to fill in on their own. Outlast and Silent Hill were a huge inspiration, so we tried to look at many of those games.
Also, we are working on a little bit more action-oriented parts where you have to dodge attacks and find out where to take cover, for example. We are also talking to industry people at the moment to see if and how a publishing deal is possible. With a spouse you have time to move slowly and present information and circumstances carefully. Like many self-help books it ignores the right and wrong of issues in favor of peaceful compromise, but at least it teaches you to recognize generalizations and name-calling and to stick with the facts. Although I don’t try to convince anyone around me unless they already sense something is wrong, in the case of a spouse it is important to acclimatize them to the truth. Bake from scratch with your wheat grinder, make tasty canned foods and preserves, dehydrate things they like too, save money by buying food in bulk, put tools to use by fixing cars and things around the house, use your weapons to hunt and process the meat into usable cuts, make nice homemade soap, use the wood burning fireplace, improve your camping gear, etc. The ham radio antennas and solar panels that are unsightly on the roof, the generator that takes up part of the patio or garage, the animals digging up the flowerbeds or constantly escaping, the dirty wood and ashes around the fireplace, the spare fuel smells, etc. Solar panels can still work on west or even east-facing roofs (but it requires a few more panels for the same output). These fairly rigid factors manifest themselves from birth, and are almost impossible to change—things like drive or lack of drive, attraction to worldly things or immunity to peer pressure, ability to withstand pain or hardship, shyness or being outgoing, being loving or taciturn, etc. When you have a sufficent amount, or can afford yo then buy freezknow BOUTe dryed and or dehydrated. He is the author of four books The Prepper's Guide to Surviving The End of The World as We Know It,  31 Days to Survival, The Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat, and The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook.
A lot of people thought that the election of the first black president meant the end of racial division, but it's missing something very important: the fact that Islamic terrorism is on the rise.
So, if you see a shooter, you'll be so worried about that shooter that you'll never see a second attacker sneaking in on you.
Remember, all the gear in the world won't help you in a situation where the only way is to charge the attacker with your bare hands or a makeshift weapon you picked up from close by.
This will build serious leg muscle and explosive strength -- helping you literally run people down like a freight train.
Many Spanish speaking people commented and we got quite a lot of coverage on Russian news blogs. Back then, people thought of going to war as something honorful, where you meet your opponent on the battlefield face to face.
The creatures, which will be present later in the game, are a direct threat to you, though you only have minimal direct confrontations with them.
For example, it’s not clear (and also not important) of what nationality the character is.
We will also be more frequent in posting developer insight on our blog and social media channels.
Think about how you want the conversation to be resolved and work toward a reasonable outcome. Even just passing comments about current events and some of the inconsistencies (have the facts to back it up if they ask you for specifics) can help slowly adjust their thinking. Look for areas where you can work within common ground—gardening, natural healing, raising animals, growing fruit trees, landscaping with berry bushes, etc. This will force you to be practical about what you buy and get you using it—which are the best ways to prepare and check your equipment.
Hiding generators, towers, equipment and fuel is actually very important for keeping a low profile in hard times. In fact, I will hazard to guess that if any of you have been dealing with a resistant spouse for a number of years, there is some sort of innate personality resistance in them. To conform to FCC rules assume that all links are affiliate links or paid advertising, most aren't but for legal purposes just assume that they are. It's even possible that the attacker comes for you from an angle you could easily spot, if your tunnel vision weren't so focused on the other one.
If you practice concealed carry, hopefully you will have your gun with you (and the wits and know how to aim and shoot accurately in a high stress situation), but if you travel to Europe, that's definitely not an option. That turned out pretty different and sounded like a good setup for a new kind of horror game setting. We mix references from different sources and from different countries and put them together. Since a surrealistic war setting gives us a lot of opportunities to do that, you should have a fresh pair of underpants ready. You can bolster your credibility by laying out the standard version of events (usually summarized nicely by Wikipedia) and then pointing out all the areas where they have glossed over critical aspects or ignored detailed testimony and facts that contradict the official story. Grocery stores only have a three days’ supply of most perishable items, so any interruption in the supply chain can cause major problems. This does not mean that you are instantly dead as soon as a creature spots you, but you had better not let them spot you. Be very careful about getting caught up in the hype of certain internet talk shows, especially those that continually preach imminent economic collapse. It may help to read out loud to your spouse small sections of news and analysis that are particularly well written and researched—but only if it hasn’t become a sore topic yet. Some soft people, who recognize the truth and agree with you still won’t be enthusiastic about talking about it. Keep things clean, well-managed and hidden to avoid both unsightliness at home now and in the future with hungry neighbors.

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