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First we need to discuss a little bit more about whata€™s going to happen in the first few days of an attack.
Water is a top priority if you dona€™t live by an accessible source of water (gravity fed water pump, a hand pump, or some kind of water source nearby like a lake, river, or pool). If you fully take advantage of Day 1, and you prepared ahead of time, you will be better off than anyone else in your town in the days to come, Which brings us to the next subject: the town you live in. I am prepared with my many supplies of dehydrated foods, ammo, water, and many other needed items.
I will be secure, with my housemates, during times of trouble in my prepared and secured home. Even though we’ve all seen the effects of solar flares and their ability to knock out electricity and communications, some do not believe that an EMP attack will lead to social collapse.
As someone that loves to tinker with electronic devices, I am a firm believer in the potential for both natural (odds have increased substantially in the last few months because Earth’s magnetic field is weakening faster than expected) and human-made EMP attacks. That being said, I also know that many of the worst problems that will come from an EMP attack can be reduced by using older technologies that rely on electronic components which are far less vulnerable to an EMP. Once you understand what each component does, connecting parts in various patterns will create larger devices that meet specific goals. While Tesla and Edison were battling for control of how electricity would be produced and transmitted, most people were relying on oil lamps for light and cranks to start their automobile engines.
Interestingly enough, everything from the first telephones, victrolas, and radios, to televisions and nuclear bombs operated without the use of microchips and other semiconductor components that are highly vulnerable to EMP attack.
As you may be aware, a semiconductor is a special material that is selective in how to allow or denies passage of electrons.
When semiconductors are arranged in layers with insulators (materials that do not allow the flow of electrons) and conductors (materials that easily allow transmission of electrons), you can create all kinds of fascinating effects that take the place of older style electronic components. This includes resistors, capacitors, relays, diodes, crystals, vacuum tubes, transistors and circuits (paths that arrange electronic components). Many people today mistakenly believe that it is not possible to avoid using semiconductors in electronic devices.
That being said, you can still create some semiconductor based applications by layering glass and copper.  You can also use crystals, capacitors, and resistors to duplicate transistor effects.
Here are just a few simple things you can use to make fairly powerful electronic components.  Once you master making these basic elements, you can easily go on to building radios, transmitters, perimeter defense alerts, generators, and jury rigging for bypassing electronic systems in other gadgets. Not so long ago, you could visit your local Radio Shack store and pick up an electronics project kit that would easily teach you about electronic components and how to arrange them into useful circuits. To add insult to injury, project kits for kids these days are little more than solar cells, snap together robots, and an IC chip that do very little in the way of hands on educational building and exploration. From that perspective, I recommend starting off with a used book on introductory electronics.
Perhaps even better, if you know how to create these simple electronic parts, you can also make them on your own from bits of paper, ore bearing rocks, natural crystals, and other items that you don’t normally think about in terms of building electronic devices.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Carmela TyrellCarmela Tyrrell is committed to off gridding for survival and every day life. This article about EMP's is very good and kind of goes along the book "Nine Days To Anarchy" by Farrell Kingsley. There are many older tube type amateur radio receivers, lovingly referred to as "boat anchors" by some, due to their large size and weight, available on ebay for under $100.. If the tube radio was designed to acquire it's power from 120 volt, single phase, 60 Hertz, AC (alternating current); then some where in it's AC input you will find a step down transformer 120 volt to a lower voltage at single phase, 60 Hertz, AC.
It is far easier to either buy an inverter for $25 or so at Walmart, or buy a 12 volt capable radio,(they WERE made back then) than to do all that you suggest. Grintch, respectfully, your vehicle wont work if hit by an EMP, so the inverter wont either, without a power source. My vehicle is a 1983 Ford Econoline with a Pre-electronic ignition system, as well as an alternator. I have at times looked for instructions to build a small EMP device, but as usual, I cannot find any. Grintch, your alternator has a diode set in it that very well may be affected as the res of the semiconductor electronics.
We had everything from radios, computers, phones, and TVs to nuclear bombs and airplanes long before satellites and solid state electronics arrived on the scene. Also - in our current arena of electronics, we missed many areas where we could have saved tons of energy and failed to do so because of poltiics and bad investments. The Internet hasn't brought us closer, it's created a reality in which neighbors no longer know each other - or want to.
That aside, the notion that people can read a couple of books (now there's a novel idea) and start building electronic components out of garbage is idealistic at best, because without large scale power availability, even those few, random attempts will be nothing more than shots in the dark.
I think our species has evolved well past the time when the "sane" said it was impossible to fly or talk to people living miles away. Some studies show that human interactions are on the decline because of the internet; however I beg to differ.
With regard to building electronic equipment out of garbage - it was done before and can be done again. In closing - I do not wish to imply I make light of gov and its power, however, I refuse to live in a state of apathy, and I will use all resources and knowledge available to survive and give the best possible to the next generation. You have brushed aside my statement on just how prepared some governments are for such an attack.
There are reasons for some technologies to seemingly have been "lost." First, I would disagree that anything has. All of your arguments in favor of preserving current technology as it is currently employed center around one thing: convenience. Interesting thoughts, however I do not and will not ever succumb to "resistance is futile". As for the government being prepared for anything - I mererly say they cannot account for everything.
Generating energy for communications and other advantages offered by electronic devices is not a convenience.
Most of the thoughts you've expressed in your last reply do not differ much with the way(s) in which I used to view things.
I don't view an EMP attack, a nuclear bomb, or a plague as weapons of mass destruction in and of themselves. Yet as far as this plan has managed to progress, and as alarming as that may seem, I've become skeptical of it leading those who feel their interests are served by it to any success - at least within my lifetime. But in the meantime, if they choose to start eliminating 9 out of every 10 people on earth, well then, that's what going to happen - and a widespread collection of preppers with a few thousand rounds of ammunition apiece, and some home made radios aren't going to stop them. What seems grim begins to seem hopeless as truths emerge and acceptance sinks in, but what still goes largely unmentioned are the people in government who aren't onboard with such scenarios. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The Air Force EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon was recently revealed in a joint release by the U.S. Maybe the general public finds the EMP weapon comforting—on some level maybe I do—but the prepper in me sees a lot of red flags associated with the new high-tech weapons system. My worries about the Air Force EMP weapon stem not from some government conspiracy mindset or fears that our dedicated Air Force members will put American infrastructure and businesses in their sights. My concerns evolved merely by taking a common sense look at the recently unveiled high-tech EMP weapons system. The Air Force EMP weapon is called CHAMPS, or Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project. Boeing and the United States Air Force have confirmed that they are testing an EMP weapon that is reportedly so accurate it can target even a specific building. An EMP weapon used against the aging and overly-taxed United States power grid could quickly wreak havoc and ultimately cause millions of deaths in America.
Senior military personnel, lawmakers, intelligence analysts and government officials believe the Obama administration is not taking the threat of an EMP attack seriously enough. The problem is compounded because supermarkets typically carry only enough food to provision the local population for one to three days.
In 2012 Boeing announced that the company had its first successful test for the CHAMPS EMP weapon. Heritage Foundation defense and strategic analysts urged Congress to develop, test and field United States defenses against EMP attacks, including enhanced ballistic missile defenses able to counter short-range missiles which carry EMP warheads.
Detonating a ballistic missile with an EMP head, while still at a high altitude, would allow energetic particles “released during the explosion” to “disable, damage or destroy all unhardened electronic devices within the line of sight of the detonation,” the analysts said in a report. A report on the website Foxtrot Alpha claimed that a similar EMP weapon was “secretly used” to destroy electronics in enemy vehicles by the United States Military during hostilities in Libya.
The whole idea behind CHAMP is to be able to destroy an enemy’s command, control, communication and computing, surveillance and intelligence (C4SI) capabilities without doing any damage to the people or traditional infrastructure in and around it. What do you think about the Air Force EMP weapon and the dangers posed to the power grid if an enemy of America develops similar weaponry? This entry was posted in Prepping and tagged CHAMPS, emp commission, emp weapon, air force emp, prepper, power grid, emp attack on June 17, 2015 by Tara Dodrill. Every minute of every day we face a deadly threat in America, yet very few are paying attention to the problem.

Should the power grid go down for just a single week, approximately one million Americans will likely die. Power grid terrorism and failure concerns have prompted Arizona to push the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to focus more keenly on electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threats.
Electromagnetic pulse attack threats were among the possible terrorism scenarios discussed with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) during a Senate hearing on last fall.
The assurance, without any particulars, has not calmed the fears of many Americans who are concerned about a power grid down event. The Congressional EMP Commission estimated that the power grid could be protected for about $2 billion. This entry was posted in Prepping and tagged vincent pry, emp bomb, department of homeland security, DHS, trent franks, terrorism, shield act, power grid, federal government, emp attack, emp on March 11, 2015 by Tara Dodrill.
In modern times, there is more to worry about than traditional explosions.  EMP blasts, or Electromagnetic pulses are very possible and probable.
Survivalist Tip:  It is common to include a few mechanical items in your prep bag (also sometimes called a bug out bag), which will account for an EMP or solar storm event. Still, some places will prevent survival and lead to nearly immediate death.  These places include nuclear reactor plants, airplanes, elevators, amusement parks and prison, to name a few. Survivalist Tip: It is a good idea to stock a couple of bicycles, which, by their mechanical nature, are hard to disable with an EMP blast.
Tags: how to survive an EMP attack, surviving an EMP bomb, how to survive an electromagnetic pulse bomb, how to survive a solar storm, how to survive without power grid, will EMP destroy the power grid? Prepared to temporarily be blinded by having a powerful magnetic what EMP is and what kind. The price of all our EMI shielding products are available on request and depends on order quantity.
Electromagnetic field shielding is created using the Faraday Cage principle and has been shown in testing to provide reductions in RF fields (non-ionizing radiation) of at least 90% in the frequency range of 800 MHz to 18 GHz. Do you want to receive a price quotation for Protective clothing within 24 hours, then please click on the right button. The shielding sleeping bags offer a optimal protection for electro-sensitive people or if you feel uncomfortable under elevated radiation.
ATLAS SURVIVAL SHELTERS are a second home or cabin that just happens to be 20' underground.
On day one, everyone will probably just assume the power will be back on in a matter of minutes or by the next day.
If you cana€™t find a neighbor with an old car or maybe you dona€™t even have a neighbor, keep in mind that any simple engine will also work (Like ATVa€™s, riding lawnmowers, gas powered golf carts, etc.).
Get water if you need it, but the problem with getting water is that it is bulky and heavy, so this is best if you have a working car. Get the food for your pets to prolong their life and not tempt you to feed them some of your own rations. You will need some basic first aid supplies, and some more advanced first aid supplies if you are a nurse or doctor.
Flashlights will be your only source of light, and if any of your electronics do survive, there will be no plugging them into the wall.
People will realize that the power isna€™t coming on, and there might be a huge rush on the stores. Yes, people will be confused on the first day, but you will not be able to prepare at stores with cash; too late. Further, there is also a belief that semiconductors will not be available because the technology will be lost to build integrated circuits.
While they may take more power and require more maintenance, they will still be of use until other technologies can be recovered. While you may not be able to repair a cell phone or computer, these old technologies offer a starting point that can be used for survival, and ultimately, recapturing lost solid state and other technologies. After that transformer there will be a bridge rectifier (four diodes in a diamond connection) with the reduced AC voltage connected on opposite corners of the diamond diode bridge and DC (direct current) voltage coming from the opposing corners of the diamond diode bridge. You need high B+ voltage, which is usually gotten from the ac line voltage, run through a tube type rectifier, usually a 35Z5 or 35W4 in these sets. Please study more on the current events going on with the magmospear, understand it, if we are hit by EMP either the sun or man made, NOTHING will work, the gentleman is RIGHT, 100% right.
Granted they were not as fancy as what we have now - but they offer a starting place after a crisis from which we can develop again if needed.
I refer to the battles between Tesla and Edison, as well as the decisions to harness fossil fuels instead of steam, home based solar and wind, magnetic power, and a few other things. So history can repeat itself at any cost in the name of "salvaging" that which led to our demise? Salt water batteries and solar cells are not going to save technology in a post-EMP environment. Also - I have a suspicion that many technologies have been lost, and those technologies revolved around using natural insulators and conductors found in the local terrains.
It is a common mistake for people to underestimate what capabilities these entities will retain in such an event. What I am attempting to point out is that convenience is not a necessity, and in a greater, more philosophical sense, that the notion we should strive to preserve this convenience is misguided at best.
For example - I do not advocate use of fossil fuel, coal, nuclear power, large scale solar, wind, or hydrothermal. It is the social destruction of which we speak that is the real weapon of mass destruction. Despite all of these "wonderous technological advancements" we see around us today, we've done little more than reinvent the wheel over and over again for the past century. Americans don't have the stomach for a true revolution, and they couldn't even confront their enemies if they did. Although I have serious and deeply-held concerns regarding our massive federal government, I consider myself a patriot and respect our service members to the very deepest depths of my core. If we have the technology to shoot EMP blasts at our enemies, how long will it be before they have the capacity to direct the same type of destruction right back at us? Being one who focuses on power grid issues, I see the CHAMPS technology as yet another possible threat to the electrical grid. Air Force EMP weapon would reduce an enemy’s high-tech weapons to nothing more than a heap of metal if hit with an electromagnetic pulse; the same is true for effect on American weapons should an enemy possess the same technology. Supermarkets “replenish their stocks on virtually a daily basis from regional warehouses that usually carry enough food to supply a multi-county area for about one month,” a commission report added. A test conducted at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico reportedly successfully disabled electronics in a flight over the Utah Test and Training Range.
The former CIA director said that both China and North Korea present problems that the United States has still not fully grasped.
Now it looks like the CHAMP has found an ideal delivery vehicle, the stealthy Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended Range.
In other words, it can eliminate a facility’s effectiveness by destroying the electronics within it alone, via a microwave pulse, without kinetically attacking the facility itself. The most important and heavily relied upon piece of American infrastructure is increasingly a target of attack by both man and nature.
A downed power grid would change life as we know it more than virtually any other doomsday scenario ever could; and is far more likely than a plethora of the apocalyptic scenarios contrived by Hollywood producers. Many scientists agree that such a doomsday scenario would also cause trillions of dollars’ worth of damage. United States Representative Trent Franks is once again the man pushing to have the Obama administration make the safety and security of the power grid a top priority. Such pulses will not only cause the light to go out, but completely destroy electrical devises and the computer systems in modern vehicles. Sensitive computer equipment, such as life-saving machines used in hospitals, electrical systems in modern vehicles, cell phones, and a multitude of other commonly relied upon gadgets, would cease to function if not properly stored inside a Faraday cage. His SHIELD Act, a piece of legislation designed to upgrade and harden the power grid, has been stalled in committee for more than a year.   National Protection and Programs Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security Under-Secretary Suzanne Spaulding told Senator Johnson that the DHS has “been focused” on working with electric sector private industry partners to “find ways to address” hardening the power grid against an EMP attack by countries like North Korea, Iran, or Russia and solar flares.
Peter Vincent Pry, the executive director of the Congressional advisory board on both the National and Homeland Security Task Forces and the U.S. While the primary terrorist attack concerns revolved around both physical and cyber attacks by “radical Islamists” like ISIS, EMP threats were also a topic of conversation during the meeting. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the American Society of Civil Engineers handed down a “D+” grade to the power grid in the United States during an infrastructure review in 2013. An EMP is simply a blast of electromagnetic radiation capable of frying electrical components. Having a fallout shelter is a good idea, if it is reasonable in size, as your shelter may be safer than your normal home for the initial aftermath.
Typical material is a metal mesh, aluminum or copper foil, or Mylar.  Click here to check out How to Build Your Own Faraday Cage.
In 1889 there was a solar storm, and reportedly all telegraph operators experienced electric shock, which means there may be physical dangers if electronics are currently in use at the time of the solar flare or EMP blast. Having multiple devices is very wise considering the anticipated storm of interference (many other people will be using the more common radio devices, rather quickly).

Some popular examples of societies and civilizations without electricity (due to EMP, or other apocalyptic disaster) include: The Trigger Effect, War of the Worlds, 2012, and the TV series The 100 and Revolution. Therefore, some essentials to stock include: an analog pH meters for soil, soil with nutrients (or pre-planning a growth plot and using other fertilizer to expedite the growing process), and a seed bank providing enough options to grow multiple vegetation at any time of the year. The electromagnetic radiation protective clothing can be made in any size and even according to your supplied drawings. The shielding sleeping bags are made of conductive textile, which gives a reliably protection against HF radiation, caused by cell phones, DECT-phones, Baby monitors, Wifi, TETRA, etc. This shielding clothing may be worn while working in an environment with high electromagnetic radiation  but can also be used for personal protection against electromagnetic radiation. We build state-of-the-art pre-manufactured NBC underground steel survival shelters above FEMA and military standards but with luxurious interiors and to be installed underground off the grid for a very affordable price, app $10,000 per person. That means that things will not be frantic, people will not be worried, and stores will probably still be open. Having a pet is a great comfort in a time a survival and losing a pet is just another blow to the face in a crisis, so try to keep them alive. Make sure you get enough of the first munitions before you buy ammunition from lower priorities. Antibiotics are a high priority, as even the smallest of cuts can get infected without proper care. Where the DC voltage comes out of the bridge rectifier is where you need to observe the DC voltage (+,-) with your meter. It will be even easier in a post-EMP scenario because these signals will stand out like beacons in the absence of normal daily man-made EMF's.
My resume includes work on power grids, pipelines, mineral resource mining, and UPS systems that are large enough to power small cities. With this, American pop culture has become little more than a grotesque display of self contempt, fed by selfish delusions, and a celebratory attitude toward abusive behaviors. The high-tech weapons system has eased fears in some Americans, and prompted concerns by others. I believe in American exceptionalism, but it would be pure arrogance to believe we will always be the only nation to boast such high-tech weaponry.
Boeing also maintained that the weapon also permitted them to make “multiple selective high-frequency radio wave strikes” against several targets during the same mission. With the very existence of such a significant portion of society on the line, a logical person would think that the government would be taking the idea of a massive solar storm, cyber attack, or EMP attack, far more seriously.
Since an X-Class solar flare has directly impacted Earth since 1859, and America has not yet been the target of an EMP attack, the effectiveness of Faraday cages is based solely upon controlled tests and laboratory simulations. The grid is often called America’s glass jaw because of the nation’s reliability on it and also due to its many weaknesses, such as its vulnerability to a domino effect because it is interconnected.
Nuclear Strategy Forum, also once again offered insight into the significant threat to society, which would occur if an EMP attack of solar flare took down the power grid, during the meeting.
Security experts stated that the world is unprepared to withstand a catastrophic EMP attack in a related report earlier this year. But now I’m also aware of the fact that a massive solar flare also represents a real threat. This is something that is very much on our radar screen that we are working to address,” Spaulding said. Those who are on life support or rely on ANY type of medical equipment will suffer immediately.
One of the biggest dangers is likely to be crime and looting.  Murder will account for a large percentage of deaths and as history reveals, people will resort to taking things by force when they become desperate. We have stores throughout the United States with our display shelters at their retail locations . Then, a strange nagging hits you that you know whata€™s going on, but you cana€™t quite put your finger on it.
If you cana€™t find any motorized transportation, ride a bike or walk, but only if you have to, as the quicker you get to the store, the better. Large packages of dried rice and beans are the cheapest, and rice and beans together are the a€?perfect proteina€?.
Towns will be the centers of life, and the chances are, you wona€™t travel out of your town much. After you are set and ready, help others in your community understand what is going on, but do so without causing a panic.
Do not leave your house if you suspect panic, and just hope and pray that you got enough supplies to last you for at least a little while because there will be nothing left after the looting occurs. That person with an OLD car that still works will NOT let you borrow it, as they have already gained knowledge of its value.
I suppose unless you have glimpsed just how prepared they are, it could be difficult to fathom. All hidden in mountains, islands, glaciers all over the world, in places that technically don't exist. Not all of these people are "good guys" in the sense of the term that we all may share, but some are. But, applying logic or common sense to the way career politicians think is a futile endeavor. If the power grid fails due to an EMP attack, millions of lives will be lost and the economy will take likely take a nose dive that is could take decades to recover from – if ever. Is it something we are looking to harden our electrical grid against?” the Republican lawmaker asked.
The problem is the politics, It always seems to be the politics that gets in the way,” said Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and director of the U.S. In 1962, a test detonation of a Hydrogen bomb affected street lights almost one thousand miles away.  In 1989, a solar flare caused the northern lights to be visible from Texas, and temporarily disabled Quebec’s power grid.
Drive or ride to the nearest store with every bit of cash you can find, right down to pennies.
You could live on them for prolonged periods of time, and they last for a good 10 years before they go bad. If you can find some good shoes, meant for walking long distances, get some for everyone in your house.
In case this does work though, it would be wise to wrap some walkie talkies in many, many layers of tin foil. Tell others what they need to do to get ready, and start finding people with valuable skills, such as nurses and doctors, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, dentists, skilled hunters and fisherman, gunsmiths, and even some military or ex-military types that can serve as community guards.
In any case, unless your vehicle, is very old, and has no computer, an EMP will destroy its spark, one can make your own small EMP devise, that will knock out a vehicle, for about 5 bucks, its NOT science fiction. I am referring to everything from small, unintentional fires and possible explosions, to weapons of mass destruction and mind control.
Pry cited Franks’ SHIELD Act as an example of the government’s unwillingness to act upon the concerns voiced by experts and security officials. And in 2003, a nine hour power outage spanned from New York to Canada, affecting tens of millions of households.
Many stores sell them by the 500 round boxes, so pick up a couple of those big boxes as they can provide a steady income of food through small animals.
Unless you stocked up beforehand, you WILL run out before more medications start coming in.
Rural farming communities are the best off, as they will be able to provide their own food and water easily. You connect the radio DC (+) and (-) connections to the "common center" connections of the "double pole double throw switch" marking one switch as (+) and the other switch as (-). China has the means to crack our satellites, Russia has the weapons, and India has the population for soldiers. While you’re at it, buy an analog clock too, as it will be important for communication for all parties to be able to tell the correct time (and digital clocks will no longer work). When your little DIY electrical project starts your dwelling on fire in the middle of the night, with no smoke alarm to warn you, and no fire department to respond to a call that cannot be made anyway, where is that going to leave you in a post-collapse scenario? Whatever their reasons, they comprise a group within government with interests that directly compete with the current, silent agenda. A shotgun can hit a small moving target, so they make hunting a lot easier and expand what you can hunt. When buying shotgun shells, buy all or mostly bird shot, and maybe a box or two of buckshot for hunting large animals or defending your home. With this switch setup you can operate the radio from the AC it was originally designed for and from a battery source by toggling the "double pole double throw switch". The necessary battery voltage will be what you viewed on your meter on the output of the DC rectifier while you were on the original AC input mode described in sentence three above. If the meter reading was 6 VDC or 12 VDC voltage then the battery selection would then require the VA rating of the transformer multiplied by a chosen period of time of operation ( Watt hours) to determine the battery size.

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