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Tweet&media=field_image_name['und'][0]['uri']); ?>&description=" class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal">Pin ItThe reality of the world is, you never know when a disaster will strike.
This guide covers a bit of everything, from pretty simple disasters, to some of the larger scale ones that we hope we never have to deal with. The Disaster Survival Guide comes with some excellent illustrations that really help make everything clear. If you're like me, then you're stuck behind a desk for the majority of your day but still want to be in shape, and with fall right around the corner, you're options are becoming limited.
Ok, when it comes to party planning, most of us guys usually don't care about too much beyond having lots of people and lots of drinks, so I'm going to help you make sure you've got everything covered. What To Do When The Lights Go OutThe Pocket Disaster Survival Guide by Harris J Andrews & J.
Managing social media profiles for your company or brand is a must in today’s business world.
Deal with any mistakes as soon as they are brought to your attention because waiting even a few hours to apologize gives the situation an air of insensitivity.
Bad grammar, spelling, incorrect links or posting personal statuses can all be quickly dealt with by providing an explanation and correction, and laughing at yourself if you are able. Releasing announcements too early can be joked about or seen as a bonus to your audience, although you may be in some hot water back at the office. Best practice for social media disasters is to have a long history of respect, accuracy and correctness to back up your brand. To clean up the error, the Red Cross tweeted that this was a huge mistake and “the Red Cross is sober and we’ve confiscated the keys.” Acknowledgement, apology, humor and even sneaking in a message about safe driving were key in turning that disaster into a funny moment. Checkerboard Strategic Web Development received three Graphic Design USA Design Awards for 2013! This virtually indestructible pocket guide includes tips for exploring the outdoors as well as preparing for natural disasters.
This waterproof guide is light and small and is perfect for navigating the wilderness, built to endure day hikes, fishing expeditions, and camping trips for years to come. From identifying types of broken bones and creating a sling or a splint, securing your house after an earth quake, and more extreme ones like surviving after a plane crash and jumping from a moving train.

Even if you don't want to stock up for the zombie apocalypse, this book will at the least give you some ideas of what you might need to do in various scenarios.
Whether you're looking to plan for the worst, fancy yourself a know it all, or just want to add something interesting to your book collection. There are a lot of varieties out there for sale, but today I'm going to show you how to make a simple shot rack that still looks great.
With a little work and time you can 1up all your friends with a great new look for your bar lighting. Whether we get a sense of ourselves, ideas for a future career or if we just enjoy kicking back and relaxing to our favorite movies, as guys, there are some that should top all of our lists. Starting your own home gym may sound expensive, but let me show you how you can get a solid start without breaking the bank. The walking dead starts its third season on Sunday, October 14, so it's time to get on top of things now! Check out these five easy recipes that will show off your cooking ability while keeping things simple.
But having enough social savvy to run your company’s social accounts probably means you also have a personal account, which leads to opportunities to mis-post. Telling your audience the honest truth about what occurred, or what your intention was, is the most genuine and respectful way to clean it up.
Typos that become offensive, inappropriate opinions and insensitive statements will take a bit more explanation and an apology as you can expect your audience to be offended.
False rewards can be tricky since it depends on what part of the reward you can’t own up to. Explain the account has been hacked and apologize for whatever was posted, then bring in a professional to secure your account settings!
Don’t be afraid to show that you have a team of brand ambassadors working to amend the mistake because it humanizes the company and connects with your audience.
Better yet the beer brand that was named, Dogfish Head, jumped on the opportunity by asking its fans to donate to the Red Cross by providing a link and using the hashtag #gettngslizzerd. From studying wildlife and diverse environments to sound advice for hunting and boating enthusiasts.

From hurricanes and landslides to fires and heat waves, this all inclusive overviews the significant damage that natural disasters can wreak on electrical, water, and food sources. Being prepared is always a smart plan, but sometimes, we miss things, and sometimes there are just too many unforeseeable things. It's really entertaining to look at some of the worst case scenarios and get a good idea of how to handle them, and makes for an interesting read.
The Disaster Survival Guide touches on a lot of realistic scenarios (and a few that we hope to never come across), and gives you some pretty useful information on preparing for them and handling them afterwards. With Facebook utilizing your personal account to sign onto to your business page and Twitter’s “keep me signed in” feature, posting something personal (or just all-around disastrous) onto your business account is a consistent job hazard. While your audience may forgive what happened, the worst aftermath of a hacker is the possibility of it happening again. What better way to end the day than turning a social media disaster into a laugh for your audience and an opportunity to do something good!? Making people aware of the hazards that can unexpectedly pop up without notice and can be devastating. This is why today we're happy to be taking a look at the Disaster Survival Guide from Weldon Owen, and give you an idea of the things you need to be prepared for anything. If the descriptions are ever unclear or leave any question, the visualizations should clear it up for you instantly.
Trying to tell them that the mistake wasn’t so bad or that you are technically in the right about what you stated, won’t win you many fans. Someone representing the American Red Cross accidently tweeted about finding a certain brand of beer and was going to be “getting slizzered”, a phrase created to rhyme with blizzard that means a state of high intoxication, made popular from the rap song Like a G6 by Far East Movement.
Explain, apologize, and offer something else if you can such as a discount or future contest.

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