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Camping doesn’t have to mean leaving civilisation completely – a fate worse than death for some people! Choose a camping ground near a little town, so that you can hike and enjoy being outside, while at the same time being able to pop off to the shops when you want to.
Let’s face it, most people prefer using a modern bathroom over squatting in the bushes, so why not choose a camping ground with a bathroom equipped with hot water and a toilet?
If you have teenagers and older kids in the group, give them their own tents to sleep in and they will enjoy the trip so much more. Pennywize endeavours to provide you with simple DIY solutions and intelligent tools to help you on your way to financial freedom.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Every component of camp takes on a new meaning when you have to survive in sub zero temperatures.
In the winter, selecting the right gear to bring along becomes even more important than other times of year. The first step in finding the right tent for winter camping is understanding how a four-season tent works in the winter. A lot of campers assume that a reliable two or three season tent offers as much protection as a competing four-season model. First of all, the shape allows snow to fall off the sides of the tent, rather than weigh down the middle.
Reccommened for use only in below freezing temperatures, the Mountain Hardwear EV 2 is the ultimate winter camping tent. Designed through a collaboration with American mountain climber Ed Viesturs, this low weight 2-person tent is intended to shelter climbers in harsh, high-altitude climates. A watertight snow port in the floor that provides an exit point for accumulated frost and snow gives the tent even more winter protection.
Imagine getting caught on the top of a mountain in a winter storm with high winds and dense snow. The tent’s six-pole design fights off wind while the polyurethane-coated rain fly and floor repel rain and snow.
Deigned for high-altitude climbing and tested in brutal conditions, the tent promises to hold up on mountain tops across the Rocky Mountains. When it comes to winter camping, you can trust that Alaskans know what they are talking about.
These tents are so warm and durable that they have been used for years to shelter researchers in the North and South Poles.
Made of water-repellent Vapex™ and other fire repellent material, the tent has a condensation-free interior and is often used with an internal stove for extra heat. Carrying a hefty price tag of $1,945, these tents are designed for long-term camping in mega-cold temperatures.
The lightweight Big Agnes String Ridge 2 Four-Season 2-Person Tent is easy to set up, lightweight and provides ample protection from the elements — making it a great option to house you and a friend on your next winter backpacking excursion.
Weighing in at a minimum 5 lbs, with a simple two pole set-up of lightweight, durable poles, the tent is a lighter weight alternative to other four-season competitors. The  Silicone-treated, polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon, in turn, provides waterproof protection from snow and rain.
Keep in mind, this tent is not as durable as the heartier mountaineering tents in this list.
If you’re worried about wind lifting your tent away in a winter storm, then the double wall Black Diamond Stormtrack tent should give you peace of mind.
This two-person, four-season tent offers 15 stakeout points to anchor it down so that you can hunker down comfortably as the storm rages outside. The Black Diamond Stormtrack tent is available for around $500 — making it the most affordable of the best five four-season tents.
Knot tying comprises of the systems and abilities utilized in tying a hitch in rope, nylon webbing, or different articles. Since its inception in June 2002, Bonnaroo has become the premiere North American music festival. Each year challenges attendees to survive three days of camping, sweating, and drinking with 80,000 of your strangest friends. Water is your friend: The only thing worse than getting burned to a crisp is getting burned to a crisp and being painfully dehydrated. Bring toiletries (things can get messy): Eventually, nature will call and you will be forced to venture into the dreaded portable potty. Bring rain gear: Ponchos, boots, and tarps will be a lifesaver if Mother Nature gets pissed. Coordinate: Most people go to Bonnaroo with friends and no one wants to be separated from their herd. Be sure to also check out Part 2 of our Bonnaroo preview, where we delve into the music and give our picks for this year’s must-see acts. OppiKoppi is undoubtedly one of the longest running and most popular music festivals in South Africa, and has been for years, with its unique elements and the mixed range of local and international acts. Held at the OppiKoppi farm in Northam Limpopo, the festival has been running since 1994, which makes this year the 22nd year of music, celebration and all round fun. Every year is set to a different theme and makes for a fun and exciting twist, with poets, writers, musicians and more involved in the process.
The international lineup includes a range of metalcore, rock and rap acts from across the world, all taking to the stage over the course of the festival.
This year the headliners include metalcore group August Burns Red, who hail from Pennsylvania, USA, a band who has made a name for themselves in the metalcore scene since they formed in 2003. It also includes distinctive rapper Yelawolf, who has a fresh style and sound and has been making waves in the rap scene. Lastly, the multi-platinum South African-born, American rock group, KONGOS is set to also headline, and bring their style and sound. One of the most anticipated music festivals in South Africa, local acts are vast and varied from the likes of Fokofpolisiekar, Valiant Swart, Prime Circle, Gerald Clark, Tidal Waves, Petite Noir, 7th Son, Shotgun Tori, Bongeziwe Mabandla, TRESOR and many more. Oppikoppi 2016 means for a host of acts, and camping fun, so don’t forget your camping gear. Speaking of being prepared, if you are in need of a comprehensive list as to what you should prepare and pack before going, and what you should keep in mind during the festival, then you are at the right place. This list of top tips and festival essentials is sure to help in any, and every situation that may occur.

If you can, buy your alcohol when you reach Northam, it helps keep it fresher, colder and frees up space in your car, for more friends.
Don’t buy much food for the festival, you’ll likely spend most of your time at the main area, with a host of food options, so stick to bringing breakfast items and enjoy the options on offer. Bring a range of medicine from headache, diarrhoea and vomiting tablets to anything you think you may need, because you just might need it, so having it on hand is ideal.
If all that isn’t enough, then the list of festival essentials and key items will be sure to have you fully prepared for any, and every situation that may occur. Oppikoppi farm is known for being notoriously cold and that means that if you’re not staying at one of the tented hotels you are going to need to find camping equipment for sale if you are not already set. You should also add a mattress and pillow to your list, as it helps make the tent, and sleeping conditions just that much more comfortable. Anything else you have to improve your tent and make it warmer and cosier, is even better, so pile on the blankets and pillows.
There isn’t much better than lounging around the campsite for most of the morning, and some of the afternoon, and to do it in style and comfort.
When getting your supplies ready for this section of the essentials guide, think things like gas cookers, portable camping fridges and even camping chairs. Because you can’t take your sleeping bag wrapped around you everywhere you go, remember that warm clothes are a must. The best bet is warm, puffer jackets, gloves, scarfs, boots and beanies to protect you from the elements. Tools are one the things that most forget when heading to festivals and are vitally important.
Because this is one of the most exciting music festivals in South Africa, you will be forgiven for wanting to remember every single moment.
If you’re not sure you want to take your phone with you, in case you lose it, an affordable option may just be your best bet.
If you are going to take your phone, then a powerbank is key for when you need extra power, to stay in touch with or find friends scattered across the festival grounds. You may also want to take jumper cables in case your car battery dies, to avoid any surprises when you leave the festival.
Remember, you will be camping and finding camping equipment for sale isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. If you are a more experienced camper with epic camping gear and used to being stuck in places with limited bathrooms and showers, you might want to consider packing your portable shower.
While the nights may be cold, the days are likely to be hot, so don’t forget sunscreen, with a high SPF. When spending the weekend away, money is a key item to take, how much, or how little you bring is up to you but be sure to have it on hand as you may find yourself buying more than you thought, and credit or debit cards aren’t accepted.
Water is a hugely important commodity at Oppikoppi 2016, you’ll want to quench your thirst on the hot days and taking it with will help save time and money.
As the days are often hot, sunglasses are your best bet and will help protect your eyes from the sun, and the dust that is found at Oppikoppi. Because this is a camping expedition, you will most definitely need to pack cutlery and utensils, as well as plastic bottles and glasses.
Remember, glass isn’t allowed in the main area, so the plastic ones will allow you to bring certain items in. While these top tips and festival essentials will be sure to cover you in every situation, the most important aspect of it all is to enjoy the experience and to make the most of every moment and every band and act playing. With everything from tents for sale to the best camping gear at affordable prices, Junk Mail is a great place to supplement your camping gear and accessories. Campers learned techniques to survive in the wilderness with AR, who received training through Tom Brown programs, and Kevin a camp guide for five years and an Eagle Scout. You will never again have to choose between the insect and rain protection a tent offers and comfort which a hammock offers, now that the Lawson Blue Ridge Tent and Hammock In-One is here.
The Lawson Blue Ridge Tent and Hammock In-One is different from your average hammock because it has a few key differences. As for the materials used to make this amazing camping hammock, it uses 50% ripstop nylon and 50% polyester so it has a decent level of durability. Of course, the most obvious use of a hammock is to suspend it above ground and hang comfortably between two trees in the great outdoors. Being neither a tent or hammock, but better than both, the Lawson Blue Ridge Tent and Hammock In-On is going to make your next camping trip a lot easier as it requires no time at all to be set up, weighs virtually nothing and is comfortable as a hammock should be. These days, you can enjoy being out in nature, while still having a few modern conveniences for the more squeamish in the group. Those members of the family who don’t enjoy being far from civilisation won’t feel so isolated then, and will be able to enjoy the actual camping part of the holiday much more. It will make the idea of camping that much more attractive to the members of the family that aren’t the types to “rough it”. Teenagers need their own space, and won’t enjoy being cramped up with everyone in a tent all night and then spending all day together – put them in instantly better moods during the trip in this very simple way. So make sure to plan your camping menu to include delicious treats, maybe hot chocolate in the morning with eggs and bacon cooked on the gas braai, and some tasty suppers. Campfires quickly transform into an important source of warmth and survival, camp food seems more nourishing.
You must be precise about what temperature sleeping bag you will bring along, what type of sleeping pad will provide the best insulation, which clothes will be the most efficient, etc.
The right tent could be the difference between having a comfortable night in the great outdoors and the longest, coldest night of your life. However, you may find that while standard tents do OK in the winter, there is a noticeable difference in the level of protection provided by a solid four-season tent — especially when it comes to heavy snow. The tent’s stiff but lightweight fabric and increased strength from a third pole, distinguishes the EV 2 as an exceptionally strong single-wall four-season model. Those are the precise conditions Marmot planned for when designing the Thor 3-person four-season tent.
And when it comes to winter tents, the Arctic Oven four-season tents from Alaska Tent & Tarp are about as good as it gets.
The best possible tying of a tie could be the contrast between an engaging tie and a muddled one, and periodically essence and passing. When I finally obtained some, the weekend was almost over and I looked like the Lord of Darkness from Legend. Dizziness, nausea, and death are all side effects of not drinking enough H20 and should be avoided.

Your first trip may not be so bad, but this I promise: from trip number two onward, you will be increasingly grossed out by the number twos you see thereafter.
Spending $30 on an air mattress will keep you rested after the long days of inflicting various forms of punishment on your body.
Time is of the essence at any festival, and you won’t want to waste it searching for your friends.
It’s not often you get to share the music you love with 80,000 like-minded individuals. Taking place from Friday, the 5th of August, until Sunday, the 7th of August, OppiKoppi 2016 promises to be another unforgettable experience.
It all started with legendary Afrikaans singers Valiant Swart and Koos Kombuis all those years ago and has emerged as a festival favourite, with music-lovers making their way each and every year since its inception. This year Oppikoppi takes place from 5 – 7 August and the festival will play host to about 160 acts that can be found across 6 stages. You’ll find yourself camping, but can choose to stay at one of the tent hotels if you’re in the mood for a bit of luxury, these range from the Kreef hotel, Harambee hotel and the Klein Windhoek tented hotel, each of which offer various packages and options to make your stay that much more comfortable.
Including everything from finding awesome camping gear for sale to investing in affordable tents for sale, this guide will help you along your OppiKoppi 2016 journey. Finding sleeping bags for sale is also a great option because, as we mentioned, it can get quite chilly.
Junk Mail has fabulous tents for sale, so browse through the bargains online and find options that won’t break your Oppi budget.
Remember that you will be camping, so the more practical and useful camping gear and equipment you have to make your time in the campsite as luxurious as possible, the better.
Use Junk Mail to find affordable options – with everything from camping chairs for sale to awesome (and useful) camping gear, you are sure to find everything you need online. You’ll want comfortable and sturdy shoes, as you’ll be spending a lot of time walking and on your feet. From opening beers, packets and fixing a tent pen that might not have survived someone’s stumble, a multi tool kit is ideal for a range of situations. They are ideal for when you are making your way back to camp in the early hours of the morning, when your phone has died or you are in need a spot of light when scavenging for food in a dark campsite. If you want to capture every moment of Oppikoppi 2016, you’re going to need to have your phone, or camera on you at all times. A wide range of toiletries is without a doubt the top festival essential to have on hand because one thing is for sure, after a few days camping, you are definitely going to need them. You’ll also need (lots and lots of) wet wipes – this is possibly the most important item alongside hand sanitizer and body wash. A bandana or buff is also very important and not only helps to keep the dust out of your face and mouth, but has the added benefit of keeping you warm and your neck protected from sneaky sun rays.
These lie mainly in the use of spreader bars to spread the fabric and allow you to suspend it above ground.
Both the spreader bars and tent poles are aluminum, and this helps with reducing its overall weight (it weighs little over 4 pounds).
However, the tent incorporated in this design allows you to simply spread it on the ground and use it as a regular tent. We usually camp held in the summer holidays, we always bring sleeping bags to ensure health and sleep. Imagine being able to save enough money to settle a nasty overdue account, or simply just having that little bit extra come month end? Finally, four-season tents are designed to withstand his winds and ultra-cold temperatures, making them much more durable than other models.
When used with a stove — available for sale as an additional accessory — the tent houses three people comfortably.
Outside of visitor contributions, he writes every single article based off of his unique experiences and knowledge of Glacier. It is paramount to grasp the frequently subtle contrasts between what works, and what doesn’t. If you get there too late, you run the risk of camping a mile away from CenterRoo and wasting your precious time walking to and from your campsite. The mud was probably the worst part of it all — try walking around in flip flops and mud up to your knees with 80,000 people. Because we want you to have the best possible Oppi, we have created an essential take-along guide that includes everything from camping chairs to sleeping bags and tents for sale.
After all, we don’t want you to miss any acts just because those two hours you did get was super uncomfortable. You’ll also want to take clothes you don’t mind getting seriously dusty, as the farm is known for those conditions. You even have a rainfly to add to the entire setup, in case the weather turns for the worst. This use will definitely come in handy if you are on a longer camping trip and you decide to relocate to a place which either has no trees at all, or the distance between them is too big. Granola bars, fruit, nuts, and juices are excellent energy sources on the go and will get you through all those sets you dropped $250 to see.
Even if cell service is good, festivals are loud and your ironic ringtone could easily go unnoticed.
There won’t be tickets sold at the festival gates, so you’ll need to come prepared and have your tickets already paid for and printed out, and with you. There are several three season tents worthy of winter camping or cheaper options such as tipis. There is going to be a time when you’ll be put in a disgusting, compromising position, most likely at night. You might also consider bringing a one-a-day vitamin and a B-complex to help revitalize your body after a long day of abuse.
They tend to have more poles than three season tents to help them withstand wind and snow fall. I would also suggest bringing baby wipes and a few jugs of water for on-the-go hippie showers. In the unforgiving Tennessee sun, you’d be surprised how much of a difference a quick splash here and there can make.

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