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Per migliorare la tua navigazione su questo sito, utilizziamo cookie ed altre tecnologie che ci permettono di riconoscerti. As we await the outcome of recent doping allegations against Alberto Salazar and his long-time protege, Galen Rupp, fans of American distance running are left without a distance running hero.
Rupp has been the national standard-bearer for the sport since 2012, when he took silver in the 10,000 meters at the London Olympics.
Though he may be vindicated of any wrongdoing, the current situation highlights the dearth of top-tier talent in the U.S. Meb Keflezighi and Bernard Lagat are now in their 40s, and though both have proven that they can still compete with the best in the world, their fastest days are behind them. If so, what are some pros and cons of training alone?TRUE: I do currently train completely by myself.
As soon as I graduated from Dartmouth, I ran for the Oregon Track Club out in Eugene and I would run with somebody every single day and never felt that I was specifically doing what I needed.

As for the negative side, it’s a lot harder to run a really tough workout by yourself.
But, yeah, I grew up in Maine, I travelled three hours west to New Hampshire for college and I’ve been here ever since. What’s your background with that sport?Growing up in Maine, my family always went cross-country skiing behind our house. In high school, Nordic skiing was one of the major sports that everybody did, so that’s really where I got the bug for it. Actually, I took a semester off from Dartmouth and went out to Idaho to join a professional ski club.
I realized that after I stripped away all the pressure to run, it was something that I was really meant to do, because it seemed so effortless to me. Even though I loved skiing more, skiing was something that I felt I had to constantly think about while doing, it wasn’t second nature for me.

That must be quite a distraction when you need to focus on racing?All that stuff fascinates me.
But, as you say, when it comes down to me being on the starting line racing people, I can’t think about it. When you toe the line, you can’t think about which person standing next to you has failed a doping test, or has served a suspension, or is under a cloud of rumors.
If you look at the legal side, then, sure, Justin Gatlin has every right to be competing, but ethically I don’t think so.
One of the big things with the London Olympics was that they wanted to ban all former cheats from being able to compete, but then all these lawsuits came about.

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