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28 Inch Overall Length Ninja Sword with 2 Piece Throwing Knives Set in Rainbow Color Blade. Enjoy a sample of fine Italian armor in the famed styling used in the late 15th century with the Knights Jousting Full Suit of Armor. This wearable suit of armor is designed to resemble the armor of a 15th century Venetian commander. The inspiration for this set was owned by Roberto of Sanseverino and is currently displayed in the Arms Museum in Vienna, Austria.

Exemplifying the classic Italian style, this armor features smooth steel plates and a beautiful men at arms helmet. Clearly distinguishing itself as jousting armor, this set has a large steel plate on the left shoulder which dwarfs the size of its counterpart on the right shoulder.
Like the set displayed in Vienna, this suit of armor is also handcrafted from steel by Italian armorers. Complementing this exquisite suit is a steel longsword which rests between the gauntlets and is housed in a small metal scabbard which protrudes from the included wooden display stand.

Experience a taste of history with the medieval appeal of the Knights Jousting Full Suit of Armor.

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