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Millions of Americans believe that in the not-too-distant future, America, and possibly the entire world, could be mired in a disaster of epic, Armageddon-sized proportions.
Whether it comes from social upheaval, natural, act-of-God disasters, economic failure, world war, or even extraterrestrial attack, concerned individuals are preparing for the worst. Collectively, the apocalyptic event is known as when the SHTF, and is expected to be the ultimate challenge to mankind’s survival. SHTF stands for Sh*t Hits the Fan.The Internet is fairly replete with information on what to expect and how to prepare for such a catastrophe.
However, even governments have accepted the possibility of a rapid, virtually overnight natural disaster, or the total downfall of organized, civilized society.Huge underground warehouses have been constructed and are being stocked with seeds from nearly every tree and plant known to man. In addition, animal and human DNA and the most beneficial medicines are also being stocked to give humanity a chance to survive any impending disaster or even the Armageddon, be it natural, extraterrestrial, or man-made. Whether you have a family or are an individual, there are certain things that are crucial to your survival in the event of a local, national, or worldwide calamity.
Any creature comfort-related items beyond that won’t be absolutely necessary in an emergency.
This item should be of substantial size to accommodate cutting or chopping down trees for cooking, warmth, and possibly even shelter requirements. A hatchet or large survival knife, complete with a honing stone and sheath or carrying case is preferred.
Some survival knives even have tools in the handle, things like: compass, string saw, light fishing tackle and even a small sewing kit. A multi-purpose tool has a number of elements that go beyond simple cutting, making the multi-purpose tool an exceptional item to have.
Things like scissors, knife, screwdriver, pliers, can opener, bottle opener, and other attached tools are not as frivolous as they may seem. In a true survival situation that impacts entire cities, regions, or countries, you may need to scavenge for foodstuffs.
The additional tools can be used for animal skinning and constructing or maintaining a functional shelter. Fresh water may be contaminated; that will require purifying or desalinating water to satisfy hydration needs. There is a variety of items available online that can be used hundreds or even thousands of times. The flint and magnesium rods, when scraped with a steel object such as a knife blade, create sparks that will ignite dry tinder and paper.
In the eventuality that you do not have any tinder or paper, cotton balls soaked with petroleum jelly will work exceptionally well. However, a few of them are: fire starting, building and repairing furniture, building and maintaining a shelter, emergency first aid care, crafting an emergency glass or bowl, and repairing tools.
Include basics like band aids, material for tourniquets, eye pads and cloth compresses, safety pins, thermometer, compass, antibiotics and painkillers. Place them in a waterproof container, preferably something flexible if possible so it will conform to the inside of a backpack or duffel bag and use less space. Para-cord is the cord that keeps parachutists safely attached to their parachutes when jumping. It is also what individuals use for rock climbing, and is designed to be super strong and durable. However, rope is a good replacement in emergency situations because paracord can be used for shelter building, rescue, perimeter security, traversing structures and much more. In addition to being good as rain gear, a poncho can also be used for shelter and even for warmth if necessary. It can also be used as an over-the-shoulder bag for carrying stuff, or it can be used to construct a travois, or litter, to carry wood, supplies, or an injured person.

The ideal way to supplement a regular flashlight is to get one that recharges by turning the attached handle; the light does not last as long as a regular flashlight, but they are perfect for non-emergency use to save battery power in the LED flashlights. And if you do run out of batteries, a rechargeable flashlight will at least provide you with some light.Remember that most batteries, after they have run out, will regenerate somewhat after a few weeks or longer if just left alone outside of the flashlight. If possible, each teen and adult should have their own multi-purpose tool, poncho, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit and fishing gear in their own backpack or bug out bag.While the chances of such a disastrous event, one that would impact the entire United States or the world, may seem like science fiction, there are many conditions and situations that suggest the distinct potential for the worst case scenario. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – REVIEW – Best Gerber Survival Knife? StorageFishing requires a bunch of gear, including tackle, poles, pliers, knives, food and other accessories. Hiking Boots Hiking Boot ReviewsTypically higher cut, hiking boots offer more stiffness and support than hiking shoes, making them a good pick for backpackers and hunters who face more rigorous conditions and terrain.. A tough outsole and durable upper make this all-terrain hiking boot the choice for rough trails. This midcut hiking boot's fatigue-busting oversized midsole made the miles fly by on long hikes.
This amphibious low-cut hiking boot is ideal for river hiking, thanks to excellent drainage and traction. This fast and light midcut boot rides like a running shoe, but protects like a hiking boot. An insulated upper and stable platform make these hiking boots ideal for cold winter treks with a heavy pack.
In de rubriek Sport en Fitness Schietsport staan nieuwe of 2dehands artikelen ook kan het zijn dat er een dienst word aangeboden. Plaats zelf ook een zoekertje in de rubriek Sport en Fitness Schietsport nieuw, tweedehands of diensten het mag allemaal. Te koop aangeboden is een tekst die al eeuwen word gebruikt om iets te verkopen en nog steeds succesvol. You will need to provide food, water and shelter; those are the big three you will need for you and your family to survive.
If you have the ability and resources to satisfy additional needs and desires, that is fine, but the primary three needs are what will help you survive and what deserve your focus. Include as much duct tape in your survival kit as you possibly can; you will not regret it. If you have extra room, we highly recommend adding climbing rope if you absolutely believe you’ll need it. However, only the basics are really necessary: lures, fish eggs, and fishing line will work. If you are of that mold, then the aforementioned 10 items should be in your survival plan.Keep this survival gear in mind. One of the best ways to set aside the busyness of the working world is to head to the great outdoors for a camping trip. You can add a lot of bells and whistles to a kayak, but for now we’ll focus on the basics. When fishing from a kayak, this gear needs to be easily accessible and out of the way of casting and paddling. Hiking boots fall into four general categories: trail, off-trail, mountaineering and winter use. We will set out points on a map and allow you to plot and find coordinates listed as grids on a map that you will get to find!
Upon successful completion and receiving a SDSOS Certificate of Completion, you will be instructed on how to make maps, set up Land Nav courses, set up classroom instruction with use of a power point, and then instruct a classes of your own under the supervision of SDSOS instructors.

Through teaching, we hope to pass on skills that one day may guide us home from devastation. This will be a fun day full of self test and will to find your way, not only in the wild, but also in your self! If you take this class you will receive a Certificate of Completion listing the hours and skills that were put into it by you. You will also set up your own land nav course, conduct your own classroom portion and teach all field portions. In this course you will navigate and negotiate challenging terrain in various areas in San Diego’s back country.
The grated sides on a milk crate are useful for attaching things to, such as rod holder and cargo nets. Upon successful completion of finding all points on the map, students will receive a certificate of completion! In the classroom you won’t just be listening, you will be doing all the above under the supervision and guidance of our Military trained  instructors who have used this system in a multitude of real world scenarios. We have two courses set up, one in high elevation in woodland areas with about 15 points and one in the desert with 10 points. The best placement for a milk crate is right behind the seat, where sit-on kayaks usually have a flat space.
Put down some thick foam padding underneath the crate to make the crate flush and secure with the top of the kayak.
Attach the crate using zip ties, clamps or carabiners to the hooks on the sides of the kayak.The side of the milk crate is the perfect place to attach your rod holders.
You can make your own rod holder by getting some DWC piping, which is available at most hardware supply stores, and cutting it the length of the your rod’s handle. Having an anchor system on your kayak will keep your boat from drifting while you get after the fish.For a DIY fishing kayak setup, we recommend installing a trolley anchor system. This is a pulley system that will allow you to drop the anchor from the bow, the stern or the middle of the boat. Anchor trolley systems can be made from scratch for around $10 with parts from a hardware store.
If you’re curious how to set one up on the cheap, check out this video.Another DIY anchor option is an anchor pole. Tie on some line to your boat and the other end to the pole, and voila, you’ve got an anchor pole.Trolling MotorsTrolling motors can be really handy on fishing kayak.
Whether you’re trawling or just want your hands free from the paddle for a while, a trolling motor will help with cruising on the water. Although, trolling motors can be the trickiest part of a well-rounded DIY fishing kayak setup.Use a 12-volt transom mount motor.
The best way to do this is by attaching the motor to a 2-by-4 mounted across the width of the boat. The 2-by-4 should also be attached to the milk crate, which will house the battery for the trolling motor.
The downside is that the milk carton container will have much less space for tackle and other gear.

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