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The Spartan Blades Difensa Combat Survival Knife is a Special Forces-inspired tactical knife ready for the harshest environment.
When a certain Canadian Special Operations force wanted a knife that would serve them well if they were in the Hindu Kush or a great boreal forest of Canada, they contacted Spartan Blades. Seriously though these emergency rations are a very handy thing to have in your pack if heading off on a walk about as they really can keep you going for a few days if you end up in a spot of bother or you just need an energy boost! From what I have experienced while evaluating the Spartan Harsey Difensa, they came to the right people. The 1st SSF suffered 77 percent causalities to accomplish what had been considered an almost impossible mission.
In case you are not familiar with Spartan Blades, here is some background on the company and the two men who run it.
Somehow it is fitting that this Canadian Special Operations unit turned to Spartan Blades for their knife, as both the Canadians and U.S.

Army Special Forces (SF) NCOs; both were snipers and have worked overseas as contractors on personal security details for well-known government agencies. With the Difensa’s scabbard, you can adjust that fit until the retention strap is as tight as you want it. The blade is flat ground and is 0.187 inches thick, with a point that allows for excellent penetration. Spartan Blades is also known for using highly qualified experts in the design of their knives. The full-tang handle is covered with slabs of textured black or green Micarta that provide a safe and secure grip with or without gloves on (an important feature during Canadian winters). The handle is 5.25 inches long, with an exposed lanyard hole and jimping on top of the blade, at the front of the handle.
Likewise, the American Eagle 40 grain TMJ load from Federal averages 1,638 fps across my chrony.

Developed for use in a bolt action handgun, the .221 Fireball threw lead in excess of 2,500 fps.
Although the original Remington x100 is no longer made, ammo is still available from Remington, Nosler and others.Currently manufactured loads are rated at up to 3,200 fps. Who knows what limits others could push the 7.5 FK to?What About Energy?Bullet energy is another thing we can measure in an effort to predict the usefulness of a given cartridge.
Energy levels are also used by some hunters as a rule of thumb when deciding what cartridges may be suitable for what kinds of game.A 100 grain bullet moving at 2,000 fps generates about 888 ft-lbs of energy.
However, American Rifleman reported that the company was in negotiations with a Florida-based importer to bring the guns into the country.

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