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Featuring a 440 stainless steel blade with a black steel handle, this hunting survival knife is built to last for a low cost. Zombie Killer with a sawback edge, this is one mean knife for anyone with a keen sense of survival. The blade is written a€?ZOMBIE KILLERa€? in bright neon green matching the neon green nylon cord wrap handle.
Includes: Neon Green Print a€?ZOMBIE KILLERa€?, Neon Green Nylon Cord Handle, Black Durable Nylon Sheath, Velcro Strap, Belt Loop. The hollow zinc aluminum handle is textured for grip and offers a screw-off butt cap with a compass and a survival kit right inside the handle. From the tip of the trailing point blade, to the razor sharp edge, this full tang combat knife is fully pimped for fighting. This Zombie Killer bowie knife features an all back stainless steel anodize finish with a full tang construction.

The full tang construction allows for a much stronger knife allowing the user to have a lasting bowie knife without failure. Essential all-terrain phone pouch and belt-on carry-pack for everyone working or playing outdoors.In the case of an emergency your phone and other survival gear can be close at hand, strapped to your belt.
A small guard is affixed to the knife to help prevent the hands from slipping onto the extremely sharp blade.
It includes a black leather belt sheath with snap button closure, pocket with a sharpening stone and a paracord leg strap.
The knife also has a sawback edge on the spine, making it excellent to saw small shrubs or branches in emergency cases.
This knife comes complete with a durable black nylon sheath with a belt loop and a securing velcro strap. Additionally, the cord doubles for survival, as you may need some length of cord to accomplish a task, it will always be with you.

Unscrew the pommel to release the survival kit which includes three match with striker, fish hook line and a compass (decorative use only). Strap on a waterproof rugged phone with more signal coverage than anything the telcos sell. The hole helps to guide the knife naturally in your hand, and keeps it secure no matter what it runs into. This knife comes complete with a durable ABS composite sheath with features lanyard holes that can be attach to your booth, two different belt loops and a rubber fittings to secure the knife in place.

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