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Featuring a fierce all black look, this survival knife is sure to stand out while out on a hunt. Zombie Killer with a sawback edge, this is one mean knife for anyone with a keen sense of survival.
The blade is written a€?ZOMBIE KILLERa€? in bright neon green matching the neon green nylon cord wrap handle. Includes: Neon Green Print a€?ZOMBIE KILLERa€?, Neon Green Nylon Cord Handle, Black Durable Nylon Sheath, Velcro Strap, Belt Loop. This Tactical Combat Full Tang Military Survival Knife Silver offers a simple yet highly effective full tang design.
With its grooved, gun handle style grip, the Biohazard Zombie Hunter Survival Knife is quick on the draw and just what you need when a situation goes pear-shaped and you need a good knife by your side. Razor sharp out of the box, the 7.5 inch blade on this beauty can slice and dice with ease while the tip is pin point sharp and perfect for piercing. This Zombie Killer bowie knife features an all back stainless steel anodize finish with a full tang construction.

The full tang construction allows for a much stronger knife allowing the user to have a lasting bowie knife without failure.
Measuring 11.5 inches overall, this knife features a drop point stainless steel blade with satin silver finish.
Ideal for hunting and many other survival situations, this knife has a full tang 440 stainless steel blade in a sleek, wide style perfect for easy drawing without a catch.
Buck's most popular fixed-blade hunting knife is equipped with polished aluminum butt cap and guard. The fully serrated spine of the blade is perfect for cutting rope, straps or even timber as is a half serration on the cutting edge. A small guard is affixed to the knife to help prevent the hands from slipping onto the extremely sharp blade. Measuring out at 5 inches in length, the sating finished blade features 1.5 inch fuller along with a biohazard logo and scope sights emblem for a unique and bold look. Contoured for a comfortable grip, the handle is made from durable rubber coated ABS material.

The knife also has a sawback edge on the spine, making it excellent to saw small shrubs or branches in emergency cases.
This knife comes complete with a durable black nylon sheath with a belt loop and a securing velcro strap. The blade offers an extremely sharpened blade with a forefinger groove making the grip more durable. An ideal survival knife, it comes with a FREE nylon sheath and belt loop so you can always have it ready by your side. Includes a FREE nylon sheath with integrated belt loop and Velcro enclosures to hold the knife secure.

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