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I want the vehicle to be safe as the largest problem I see is crashing in bad weather conditions.
Seems like the new Dodge 2500 power wagon is perfect except the side crash rating on it is terrible. I tested an 03 chevy s100 4wd with decent tires and it did not go through anything that I wanted it to. I will use this vehicle for bad weather driving, weekend fun, hunting, camping and in the event of a diaster such as hurricane Katrina. M35A3- Would be the one I would go with out of the two b.c it comes the way I want it out of the box. I rulled the jeep wrangler out b.c I want to move at least 7 people or have room to camp in it. Honestly im leaning towards a 1980's chevy suburban with lockers, winch, huge bumper, and 37's.
If I were you, I'd pick a more narrowly defined range of goals for the truck and start from there.
Yeah, I tried to respond on your other thread and you're trying to get an "ultimate" vehicle in a world where there are too many variables. Equipment carriage over that which can be carried by a dismounted fighter is an important consideration. The two considerations that I have highlighted in bold above are noise and versatility of off-road routes. If you are looking to patrol a large area, or for example move to conduct an OP or raid on an objective where time and distance preclude a long foot move, then ATVs are a perfect choice. If you are doing a raid and want ammo resupply and casualty evacuation, then you will leave the ATV’s to the rear in a rally point, move forward with the weapons and ammo you can carry, then call the ATV’s forward when the fight goes noisy and it does not matter anymore. Military units have for some time utilized ATV’s with trailers as part of dismounted formations to carry ammo and evacuate casualties.
If you are really serious, you can even get a stealth exhaust system for your ATV’s that will significantly reduce noise.
If you are moving or patrolling on ATV’s you will have to consider how you can do this more tactically.
A useful way to think about it would be similarly to how orienteers navigate to a checkpoint when racing: they will move at a fast run (green) when simply trying to macro navigate and close long distances fast.
Because you are driving an ATV, with your hands on the bars to steer, you will have a slower reaction with your weapon if you come under fire. If you are riding an ATV alone, with another buddy travelling with you on another, then you have to work out the practical considerations of how you will break contact, which will depend largely on the terrain you are on and the ability to turn around. Also remember that sitting on your ATV you have a high profile so if you are going to stay on it you must be putting down effective suppressing fire and moving fast. There is so much that you need to pull in from standard patrolling, and also from vehicle patrolling, that this shouldn’t be re-inventing the wheel but rather adapting techniques to ATV use.
One of the great advantages of ATV’s over something like an off-road motorcycle is the stability. I will follow up this post with one next week discussing specific contact drills and how you may achieve them in varying terrain and maneuver options. Max Velocity is a tactical self-defense trainer and author providing instruction and advice for those preparing for disaster survival and societal collapse situations. ATVs are a tool and like any tool they have their place and they have their times to be left in the garage. There are a bunch of mobility options that, even if they seem somewhat out there now, may not be so much when SHTF.
I agree on the Mountain bike option and believe it can be a good choice for those of us with neither the space nor dollars required for a ATV. Just a stupid Q on a rally good post…In the first picture, why the upside-down V on the door of the technical?
You know if you had a wolf pack of these combined with a motorbike or 2 for recce ahead of the ATVs you could do quite well and have a nice violence of action effect on your target.
IMO people will use them to get sloppy, in a grid down local tweeker gang coming to wreak havoc on your peaceful abode a typical corn syrup fed ‘Murikan would probably drive right up to your inner defenses, thank god for neck high wire. In a government gone mad scenario they could be used to circle around to the soft spots of the train of goons which in CONUS should have to be a hell of lot softer than what is in AfPak.
As for patrolling my AO only in pairs otherwise you are looking to be a lead catcher, again IMO. Anonymous who posted while I was composing my Mad Max on a golf cart joke has a good point. One thing everyone forgot in this; stringing a wire between two trees and across a trail at a 20deg. Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related.
I just learned about the long recoil operation from the Remington Model 8 video on Forgotten Weapons.
I can’t say which gun recoils less, but a long recoiling barrel surely helps to tame the kick a lot.
I appreciate your explanation dansquad, but I was refering about accuracy in a small caliber + moving barrel weapon. I don’t know about its accuracy and reliability, but it features 10 round mag while GM-6 has only 5 round capacity.
And as far as I know the manufacturing rights were sold to a Romanian defense company 1+ years ago. I wonder what the accuracy is like, that much action in the barrel seems like it’d affect accuracy.
Artillery pieces can look rather sloppy while operating, but much of that is because the forces make it look that way. The tree of freedom must be refreshened from time to time with blood of tyrants and tyrannosaurus.
It could still be imported as DD, over .500 rifled bore and pay a special NFA $200 transfer tax. I wonder how the GM6’s compares to the DTA HTI, other than the fact that you need to be a coke dealer to afford the latter. It appears that if they dampened the impact of the barrel at the end of the cycle the rifle would achieve better recoil reduction. I got to see it in Bucharest at the Expomil in 2013, apparently they also make it in Romania under Hungarian patent.
Back in WWII the Brits came up with a .50 Caliber rifle which fired from an anti-recoiling position.

No problem owning it – it is just the restrictive import laws that might make it a nightmare to import.
They chamber it for the Russian 14.5x144mm round also if 50BMG is a little too girly for you! The flip open ejection port-charging handle cover prevents left handed shooters from maintaining a cheek weld. Looks like nothing more than an adaptation of the Browning long recoil system as used in the old Browning A5 shotgun. Freeze dried and dehydrated emergency food, 72 Hour emergency survival kits, water storage and filtration and more. From tow ropes and work lights to food, water and survival gear, this Auto Safety Kit is a perfect starter emergency kit for your vehicle. Complete with food and water, the contents in this Auto Safety Kit are designed to help you should you be stuck on the side of the road for any given amount of time.
The food and water have a 5 year shelf life and can be stored in subzero temperatures or extreme heat – the water pouches can even double up as ice packs if they freeze. Let us be your DistributorTotal Prepare Inc., has exclusive Canadian Distributorships for a variety of product lines. Able to go from ottoman to bed in a jiffy, it gets you an instant bunk that guests can use to spend the night.
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The tactical use of ATV’s is a very large topic and in the spirit of keeping the post to a reasonable length I will look at the topic in general with this post and look to further posts to focus in more specific detail on topics such as break contact drills.
I do cover vehicle and foot patrolling and break contact drills for both in detail in the manual ‘Contact! However, if you are looking to move large amounts of supplies, ammunition or support weapons then you are likely to want to put trailers on your ATV’s or step up and use larger vehicles like the Polaris style UTVs. These are both key considerations and speak to the tactical employment of ATVs for patrolling. They will not go everywhere a man can walk: they are limited in the incline they can get up and down and have difficulty driving sideways across steep slopes.
The ATV(s) will move slowly at the rear of the formation, for example in the platoon sergeant’s group within a dismounted platoon. You will inherently be less tactically aware and create a much larger signature than a foot patrol, but be more tuned in to the environment than if you were in a vehicle. You may be able to reverse, spin around off-trail in a circle, or you may have to do a k-turn.
Don’t forget reliability issues with the ATV and the potential for it to stall, or be disabled by enemy fire, if trying to maneuver under fire. The engine and metal parts will give you a little cover, but there is a gas tank sitting right there in the middle, so beware! If there is any potential for having to swap out or use others vehicles, then have an SOP for where the keys are; not on the body of the guy you left back at the objective before running away. The largest downfall of them is laziness of the people the same downfall I see when I hunt and people are flying around all over the place no longer hunting just driving.
Unless the ATV is specifically built as a two-seater, going up a relatively steep hill can cause it to flip. Not only do they have fuel in storage, but most general aviation piston (propeller) aircraft are stored in a full fuel condition in order to keep water condensation at a minimum. The reason these rifles are easy to shoot is because of the heavy weight (>30lbs) and muzzle brakes, not significantly because of their being recoil operated vs.
It is practically hand build, even the magazines are not interchangeable between Lynx GM6 rifles. Mr.SaintGeorge, the designer of this piece and number of several other designs among them also Bushmaster bull-pup carbine is bravely demonstrating his brain-child in last set of videos.
I don’t think another $200 some DOJ paperwork and a few months wait time would dissuade a serious buyer.
This comment is NOT intended to discount anything from this admirable effort – just to give it more clear slice. Kinda heavy and the charging handle was really hard to pull cause it would go all the way back to your shoulder, so the guy showed me they just put the front of the barrel on the floor and push down on the weapon, far easier to charge.
That is the action and barrel was moving forward when the round fired and then the recoil drove it back. Frankly I would not order a Leader 50 since Micor Defense has not shipped a single rifle in over three years after missing multiple promise ship dates over that time period. No matter where in Canada you live, survival gear in a vehicle is critical – the unpredictable nature of emergencies may leave you stranded in unfavourable conditions at any time of day or night.
We specialize in providing a complete line of preparedness products with an emphasis on quality, innovation and the best value available for the consumer.
I dont know where to begin so maybe someone with more experiance could help me organize my options.
He originally came up to meet and ended up staying all day to help with some work we were doing to improve the training site. So really, the purpose today is to pass on concepts rather than tell you specifically how to run drills.
That in itself would be a vital use because by doing so you could achieve objectives such as the resupply of remote patrol bases or caches, or the transport of heavier weapons and larger amounts of ammunition to support a raid. Noise can be reduced by using slower speeds, which is something you will be doing if tactically patrolling anyway. The noise of a slow moving ATV is limited, granted it is not uber-tactical, but it depends what you are doing. You could have a four-man team riding on two ATVs, or give each man an ATV for more flexibility.

Think about moving at a slow ‘patrol’ pace, well spaced, and using the ground as best as possible, in a similar way to how you would do it if you were on foot. They will then be moving slowly, maybe even walking (red), when moving from the attack point to find the checkpoint. You need to work out how to carry your rifle, whether slung across your chest or in a hunting rifle mount on the front of the ATV. This will allow them to fire their weapon and cover the rear sector, and if you were able to turn around and drive away from the enemy in a break contact drill they would be in a position to fire. A k-turn takes time and is not advised initially – if you can’t spin around due to a narrow trail, then reversing until you have broken contact or can spin around is better, then do the k-turn and drive away.
All this points to the need to mentally be able to make the decision to get off the ATV when it does not serve you to stay on it any longer. For further training weekend availability, please check out THIS POST and also the detailed information on the MVT WEBSITE.
What I mean is that It?s not a moving barrel action but almost an entire rifle riding within a housing.
Good for him and amazing that older gentleman as he is subjects himself to such punishment! One of these videos shows the developer shooting it as nonplussed as if he were on a Sunday picnic!
The important thing is that the principles – that of fire and movement – remain the same even if the detail changes. The off-road capability must be utilized to the maximum to reduce your chances of enemy contact, and reduce channeling such as found when using standard vehicles when you move on roads and larger trails.
However, you can use them on small trails or even just cross-country, depending on your terrain. If you had the full four vehicles, then you could really practice genuine bounding overwatch by deploying one pair on an overlooking feature, the other pair riding across to the next feature, then the overwatch pair mounting up and riding across,. They will then set off again at green to the next point, after a quick map orientation and assessment. This may take the form of abandoning the ATV and moving out on foot with a conventional break contact drill, or perhaps fighting back to your buddy and getting on the back of his. The ATV itself can become a logistical financial nightmare prep if you are not careful so weigh the risk reward carefully before getting all googoo eyed about it. Especially if for some ugly reason there is no gas, anywhere or if EMP for some reason makes it impossible to start the ATF. If you have a short barrelled firearm in front of you, get down to about 10 mph, dismount as the bike is moving and let it continue on a ghost ride like when we were kids all while you keeping your eyes on your target. The range officer used to get mad, because we would totally destroy the target 1st round out, and they were running out of targets! This provide the rifle an incredible rate of fire for the first 2shots, because as the main part recoils because of the 1st shot, it reduces the bolt travel distance for the 2nd shot.
The idea is more or less that An94 barrel is moving like an AR barrel with a slidefire Buttstock does. A 5 or 10 shot group would start to give us some useful idea of the accuracy of this system. It could be a full grid-down collapse or it could be a partial collapse, a civil war, a foreign invasion, a balkanization, or some similar thing.
I will be raising various situations and configurations throughout this post and it is important for you to adapt the basic principles of fire and movement to the set-up that you are using, in order to create effective SOPs.
The speed of the ATV’s will allow this to be conducted fairly rapidly but keep a base of potential fire ready in overwatch in case the moving pair comes under enemy fire.
That will be when close to the enemy and when you need to make better use of ground by moving on foot.
You may end up moving initially at a faster pace (green) before slowing down (amber) when you are moving into what you consider ‘hostile’ territory, before caching the ATV’s and moving the final part of the route on foot (red). It may also mean that if you are moving back in bounds by fire and maneuvering on your ATV’s, that you may actually get off and adopt a fire position each time you stop. A dirt bike is useful for simple ‘run away’ drills to escape contact, either that or just dump it and fight out on foot.
Apart from this (and the complications derived from it: striker fired, canted magazine, two stage feed, pulley, etc), its a rotating bolt long stroke gas operated rifle.
It cannot be compared with the recoil action of the Lynx in terms of accuracy or reliability.
This may allow continued fuel supply, perhaps limited to theft from enemy forces and the black market, and you may also have stocked up on fuel at your retreat in order to be able to continue limited vehicle operations. This is where they have a vital advantage over vehicles, even 4 x 4 off road vehicles, which are often still limited to certain routes. You will probably not drive an ATV all the way towards the enemy position, but you may perhaps drive it to behind the ridge over which the enemy is located, cache the ATV’s, and then move forward on foot.
You have a choice between a balance of speed by staying on the ATV, or steady with more cover and effective fire if you get on and off with each bound.
An ATV gives you more options, from simple ‘run away’ at speed (mostly not advised), break contact options while remaining on the vehicle and fire and maneuvering, and also the ability to dump the ATV and fight out on foot. It used to make the cargo helicopter pilots mad too, because they usually delivered the targets to the impact zone by CH-54 Tarhe Skycrane.
So don’t situate yourself too much with your own assumptions; for the purposes of this post, we will assume availability of fuel to run ATV missions, within reason.
Of course, if you are in open desert, then this is no longer a consideration and full sized 4 x 4 vehicles may become a better option for range, speed and equipment carriage reasons. Using ATV’s in the woodland environment will be very different than using them in the Mideast.
Dropping one off was nerve racking, because you never knew if the target was going to hit a dud by accident and set it off! So in a contact if your buddy is hit, rather than having to drag him out of the contact and then carry him out, you can pull up, throw him on the ATV, and drive out.
Even if you have to initially drag him off the ‘X’ by foot then if you then have an ATV, perhaps one parked outside of the contact or back at a Rally Point where you left it, you can man-carry the casualty to the ATV and then drive out to get help.
They will need good flank security as ambushes can be laid at much closer ranges in the woodland environment V the desert.
Using ATVs will also allow you to move faster out of an objective area if you are subject to follow up by hostile forces.

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