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I thought I would offer some suggestions for those who enjoy and use gardening as part of their preps. I did produce a tremendous amount of food out of that space last year as I concentrated on growing plants that produced a lot of food for the space involved. I produced about 20 pints and 8 quarts of canned tomatoes, salsa and spaghetti sauce last year from just three Roma plants, not to mention eating some for dinner right off the vine. Cherry Tomatoes – I planted two sweet cherry tomato plants last year and was very pleased with my production. When you pick them at about pencil size diameter, they have a slight nutty flavor mixed with a mild green bean. Jalapeno Peppers – I found a variety that isn’t too spicy, but does have a tang to it. Perilla – Also called the beefsteak plant, it is another plant from Asia, a member of the mint family. Russian Mammoth Sunflowers – Last year, I grew three of these, and the giant flower heads each produced enough seeds to fill a small peanut butter jar. Prickly Pear Cactus – Easy to grow, just cut off one of the pads, let the cut area dry for a couple of days, then bury the pad slightly more than halfway with the cut at the bottom. Additionally, the pear (or tuna as its sometimes called) is eaten like a fruit and the pads (nopal in Spanish) can be diced and used like bell pepper, battered and fried or mixed into salsa or chili. When cleaning either the pads or fruit, wear thick gloves and very carefully scrape away the spines and glochids. Jujube trees – These fruit producing trees grow quickly, and produce a ton of fruit within a couple of years of planting. They will tolerate heat and cold, only blossoming after the last frost here (late April) and the birds and bugs don’t seem to bother them much. I made pickled preserves from them, but it’s a lot of work due to the fairly small size of the fruit. The ideal width for a raised bed of any length is 36 inches, cuz you can get to the middle easily without hurting your back. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a great resource to learn what grows in your area and when to plant.
They send up nice flower stalks several feet tall which small birds love to land on to eat the seeds, so they are are great for attracting birds as well. Our next door neighbor claims his wife eats aloe vera, but the only time I tried I found it was quite bitter. The bite of a copperhead is almost never lethal–I read somewhere that only 11 people through out recorded history ever died from the bite. When I lived in NJ, the Garden State, I always grew Beefstake tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini and cucumbers. If you want to grow something like squash, or maybe even have a lemon tree in a pot, get a small paint brush and pollinate them yourself. I planted prickly pear around my fence years ago thinking it would get as tall as the fence. Since we can grow pretty much year round, I don’t can, freeze, pickle, dehydrate anything. I live in zone 2b in Canada and horseradish grows very well here, including in the ditches and pastures. Also have honeyberry and goji berries started and have to get some seaberry, quince, shipova mountain ash, hardy almonds, paw paw, cornelian cherry, red and yellow plums (have purple), kiwi and more cranberry. And in the meantime, it gives you unusual crops you can sell at a local farmers market without any (or much) competition.
The smartest thing I ever did was to decide to grow as much food as possible, to practice for the coming Darker Ages and have enough ground ready when they get here…and sell the excess at our local farmers market. At 7500 feet in New Mexico, starting in barren sand (barren because UV rays kill soil microbes), my soil is improving, but still has a way to go. Planting mixed beds not only creates opsec, it improves soil and water retention, but reduces weeding.

NorthernGal: Well, a tree is a whole lot bigger and harder to hide than tomato plant (hehe).
Last year I had hundreds of volunteer tomato plants and supplied ten families with all the plants they wanted, plus sold a lot potted up at the farmers market…and still ended up composting bushels. So, when it comes to trying to grow enough food to feed a family, do you want to try it where food grows willingly and abundantly…or where getting anything to grow is a real challenge? I do enjoy seeing what will grow, but I have more than enough to eat here, with no work but harvesting.
How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It by James Wesley Rawles is a book that at its core teaches people to become more self-sufficient. In the vein of Sam Sheridan’s The Disaster Diaries, a comprehensive guide to preparing for the apocalypse! With the recent economic crisis, formerly unimaginable scenarios have become terrifyingly real possibilities- learn how to prepare for the worstGlobal financial collapse, a terrorist attack, a natural catastrophe-all it takes is one event to disrupt our way of life.
The skill of land navigation is used by soldiers and outdoorsmen as a back-up to modern navigation technology, and by hobbyists who enjoy orienteering without gadgets. One concern for the preparedness-minded among us is that of their prescription medications, and whether or not there are ways to accumulate extra for ‘just in case’. Knowing how to start a fire is one thing; knowing how to do it in the rain is a whole other. Most of you have heard the news now of the devastating floods in Wimberley Texas that occurred over the weekend. Recent CommentsG on 100 Skills Every Man Should Know – How To Build a Roaring CampfireComing Soon?
We've seen big trucks decked out for the ever-anticipated apocalypse, but if you're looking for something a bit smaller and easier on gas, Motopeds has a bike that fits the bill. The Survival Bike -- which is said to be a prototype at the moment -- was introduced on the company's Facebook page, where it uploaded a gallery of images and run down of what the miniature beast offers (check out the gallery below for all the pics). Matching the dark frame and green paint, the Survival Bike includes a green bundle of rope, a Barnett Recruit compound crossbow, containers to hold a gallon of gasoline, a harpoon, tomahawk, survival shovel, fixed-blade saw, LED flashlight, Blackburn X6 light system, and multi-tool. Airstrikes hit a hospital Monday in northwestern Yemen, humanitarian aid group Doctors Without Borders said on its official Twitter account. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. I don’t have a huge garden; as a matter of fact, it is fairly small in terms of square feet. Most mornings when I would do my watering, I picked a handful of cherry tomatoes to take with me for lunch. I had four plants and canned over 20 pints of beans, in addition to eating them fresh and giving a lot away.
These plants are a must if you want to make salsa from your tomatoes and add a bit of zip to anything else you chose to add them to. I was giving these away as I just could not keep up with the production from just four plants. After the flowers die out, cut off the heads, let them dry for a couple of days, peel out the seeds and soak them in saltwater overnight, then dry the seeds in an oven set on 200 degrees for 2-3 hours. These will grow, sometimes quite large “bushes” that can be a defensive barrier against unwanted intruders. The obvious holds very true, be very careful when handling both the fruit and the pads, both have spines and glochids (little hairy spines that hurt like the dickens). The pads in particular are kind of slimy,like okra, so if you don’t like boiled okra….you probably wont like prickly pear nopals. I live in a very dry region and I NEVER have to water these trees, yet each one (roughly 15 feet tall) produce 6-7 gallon containers worth of fruit. The fruit is about the size of a fresh date, eaten fresh they have the texture of a crisp apple with a slight nutty and sweet flavor. The fruit can also be dried and used to make a tea that is high in vitamin C or reconstituted in Asian soups, they really accent the flavor of chicken. If one keeps thinning them (removing the little ones which pop up next to the parent) the parent will get FAR bigger than it would if crowded.

Makes it a lot easier to deal with them and the tunas make a good pancake syrup as well as jelly. I did not get tomatoes planted this year, but Roma will be my choice forever when I do plant. And the more food crops of various types you grow, the better chance you have to harvest at least something! I have 40+ fruit trees and bushes and put in 58 saskatoons this year along with more plums and honey berries. We could find ourselves facing myriad serious problems from massive unemployment to a food shortage to an infrastructure failure that cuts off our power or water supply. Rawles shares essential tactics and techniques for surviving completely on your own, including how much food is enough, how to filter rainwater, how to protect your money, which seeds to buy for your garden, why goats are a smart choice for livestock, and how to secure your home.
Decrease the temp or up the wind speed, and that number quickly goes to 10 and even 5 minutes.
A lot of you out there agreed that the pocket knife deserves a permanent place in every man’s pocket. The Survival Bike: Black Ops edition, is a model outfitted with an end of the world arsenal, including a crossbow and tomahawk. The plants don’t get too big here in Arizona, but do produce quite a bit of fruit, thus saving me water. The bean pods are thinner than your standard green bean, but get about 12-14 inches long (rumor has it that they get bitter and nasty tasting if you let them get much longer than that). I did have some good meals using my fresh picked ones that did grow, but my four plants only produced about 10 or so peppers. I have no idea what the nutritional value might be, but it is good on sunburns and small cuts. They eat off the roots until the plant falls over and spreads out laterally instead of getting taller.
If something terrible happens, we won’t be able to rely on the government or our communities. Hand tools, power tools, and equipment all make off grid living easier and more productive.
Shipping Container” - Do It Yourself on How to Build an Bulletproof Earthbag Dome For $300Do It Yourself How This Man Converted “ Underground Shelter Using a 20 Ft. Rounding out the bike is a Tactical-Warrior Neck Knife, a secondary multi-tool, a bike mount for an iPhone or GPS unit, and Black Diamond Carabiners. I take a 5 gal bucket about half full of water, twist off the fruit with long bbq tongs while being mindful of the wind direction,( the little hair like stickers will blow like dust when disturbed) and drop the fruit into the water. I have not thought of planting fruit trees in more hidden places, mine are in rows, out in the open and easy to spot. I am disguising it by planting bulbs, perennials, shrubs, berries and vines all through the area – which creates a vibrant community of plants that all work together to help one another.
The bike is estimated to get between 80 to 120MPG, but other details are sparse at the moment.
Even before mechanized orcharding, folks grew their fruit trees on a grid pattern, to fit in as many as possible on the smallest amount of land.
This works just fine for me because I have more than enough space and it lures the termites out of my wood fence. And to improve pollination by providing pollinators with a large amount of food and shelter in one area, allowing a large community of them to build over time. As they get leggy and unattractive, I usually let a plant go about 12-15 months then replace. Then I run the juice through at least three layers of cheese cloth to remove fine sediment and glochids.

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