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This exciting 5-day course sees young survivors put into ‘Tribes’ who take part in our engaging Survival Games training sessions. From base building, obstacle challenges and archery accuracy, to fire starting, evacuation and wild cooking, children will enjoy a brilliant mix of learning survival skills and then applying these into fun team Tribe games – finally culminating in the Survival Games Award Ceremony. For added excitement, we offer an optional overnight Camp Out – an experience not to be missed!
Below is a sample timetable which shows the activities that the programme will cover over the 5 days - the actual order may change dependant on group size and weather conditions. Please note that Motor Quads are not available at Hinchley Wood, but we will timetable an excitng archery session instead!

As well as having lots of fun outdoors with a hearty dose of theatre, we work hard to create survival courses which provide children with the opportunity to develop a variety of skills. Exciting 5-day course where young survivors put into ‘Tribes’ who take part in our engaging Survival Games training session and a series of fun team-based games and challenges!
As the title says, tell us what your favorite Hive mini-game and least favorite is, and why.
After their training, Tribes will compete against other (in a friendly way of course!) in a series of fun team-based games and challenges! The cost is ?35 per child and includes Thursday night dinner, Friday breakfast and lunch, plus snacks and drinks along the way.

All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. There is 24 tubes to 24 tributes and there will come a map soon with 48 tubes to 48 tributes! Player Rules and Host Rules is at the start of the map:) In The Ultimate Hunger Island there is puzzels, chests and lava where you have to use your brain and your survival skilles to survie on this island vs 23 other tribues.

Items needed in a first aid kit
Health tips packet 3 natural athlete
Emergency vomit bag dispenser

Rubric: Best Survival Kit


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