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At first glance this may seem like only one of our favourite ghosts but don’t be fooled, this is actually all four ghosts plus more thanks to the many different colour variations! Henry is always there when you need a friend to help tidy your mess, and if your desk is anything like ours they will be covered in crumbs of left over crisps, Hobnobs and KFC. Winter can be a beautiful season, with land covered as far as the eye can see and snow glistening in the sunlight. Neither in the pack work, very disappointing, also I live miles from the shop so cost me more to take them back than they're worth, avoid, poor! They also come in handy when I take our dogs to the park - I may not ride when the roads are frozen, but the dogs still gotta run, right?
These little wonders do exactly what they say - they keep your hands warm, exceptionally easily and effectively. So, to sum up, an excellent purchase for yourself, or as a gift - great value, last forever, and easy to use. Just snap the coin inside and it kept my hands warm for a good half an hour, and in terms of resetting them all you need is hot water!
David Liban on Post Apocalyptic Wallpapers March 2014:I was wondering if you know the artist of Apocalyptic City? The Sky Hawk offers a range of up to 200 metres with an average flight time of about 15 minutes on a single 7.4v lithium-ion polymer battery. Intelligent automatic control and video signal binding enables you to fly more than one Spy Hawk glider at the same time, so you can chase your friends around with full high quality video and sound. Quite simply it’s the most fun you can have with an RC Plane and once you are done you can watch it all back again, time after time. So I visited the store in Meadowhall and the staff are great and they shared the enthusiasm I had for gadgets in store. The model is 90% built, all you have to do is add the tail, rudder and wings, connect up some of the servo rods and make sure you charge the lipo battery. The glider by its very nature is meant to glide, did it hell as like, it dived like a duck full of lead.
Anyway, after many pondering hours, I worked out that the rudder and tail servos were off, and couple of adjustments brought out an amazing experiences of rc flight. Two hours later I gave up looking for it, but at least I’d still got the transmitter and footage, oh nope that’s on the memory card inside the ruddy plane, never mind! On all occasions I have had many peeps come to me and say is it a petrol engine plane, or how much did it cost? As the plane has nosedived a couple of times, I felt I could not take it back to RED5 and say hi guys this jello thing is peeing me off, the date stamp is a little weird to say we are in the 21st century. Oh and when they say epo is crash resistant, don’t be fooled, I have nosedived with no power at no more than 1 metre height from my hand to test the COG and gliding and the front end was bent and cracked, thus the tube of glue in the box becomes handy and buy yourself some cello tape, it comes in handy for both the knocks and also holding the canopy in place.
The kit is worth ?150, not ?250, but only if the parts are guaranteed to work as expected, but once you have cracked, glued, taped any part of this model, I assume RED5 would wash their hands. After now spending ?300 on two kits, with one missing plane (yes my own fault), and another one in pieces due to the failing motor I feel I should have just stuck to playing flight sims. A word of warning, do not look at your model, then the screen on the transmitter, then back up again. If you are considering buying this gadget, remember it’s not a toy, and it will cost extra to fix, so long as the parts are available. The instructions are very poor and don't even go as far as to tell you how to turn the plane on and off, which you have to work out for yourself.

RED5 says: “Hi Scott, really sorry to hear you're disappointed with this product, hope you got something sorted. DO NOT turn off the radio while flying as the plane will not connect back once it's turned on. The Minions popularity is ever growing and that’s just one of the reasons that we love this light! For children (and adults) who are afraid of the dark, this is the perfect bedroom companion.
A cracked wall decal is included to make it look like Bob really has just flown into your wall and got his big yellow butt stuck! Smosh is the home of the best funny videos, games, photos, memes, blogs and galleries online.
If all that isn't enough, our friends are serving you free movies in HD for your viewing pleasure. This is no longer a problem so make as much mess as you like because Henry is here to take away all the bad things with a smile!
Which is great if you are looking out from a nice cosy house, but not so great if you're standing at the bus stop, on a platform waiting for the train home, or just out and about. I was initially impressed with speed and the amount of heat they produce.However both sets refuse to reset and I'm left with 4 hand warmers that do nothing.
I had an issue with 1 hand warmer, e-mailed them and they contacted me straight away, they listened to the issue and replaced the goods over night.
I can handle cold legs, feet and even my face, but my fingers hurt when they get cold, so this is wonderful! I must have bought about 6 for myself and countless more as presents for friends - and they are always gladly received!
It features a state of the art stabilisation system that makes it super easy to fly, with a little practice. All you need to do is put a few pieces together, charge the battery and you’re ready to fly. Press the enter button on your rubberised plastic remote and the camera will start to record your progress through the sky and save the video to the built in 4GB SD card. Once assembled it was impossible to balance the plane on the designated points as the weight on the back of the plane was too heavy. On the first flight the wing fell off (the instructions do not tell you to glue the wings together), and on the other flights the plane would not ascend. See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums.
We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. The Pac-Man ghosts are arguably the most well-known ghosts of all time, featuring in the hit arcade game that we all know and love, the four ghosts are now available for your home.
Things go wrong, we all know that but its about how you put them right and this company do that with customer focus and manners, thanks i will be buying from you many times more. A couple of clicks of the disk sets these off (which is easy to do even when wearing thick gloves), and they heat up in no time at all. Simply fly the plane up to the required height, switch on the ‘autopilot’ and the built in gyro will kick-in keeping the plane level (even if a gust of wind tries to knock you off course, the various flaps with automatically adjust to compensate)! Made from EPO crash resistant foam, it should be able to withstand a few minor bumps and thanks to it being such a reasonable size, it’s easy to carry around with you. It even features a sunlight screen guard that can be attached to the remote, enabling you to watch the video feed when the weather is sunny.

Still you have to be two people flying the plane, if you are going to control it on the video-feed alone. I have once experienced, that the elevator servo got stuck in an upward angle and the plane was lost.
I wrote about my malfunction and they have responded, that they will supply the new servo for me! We think the controls are in reverse for pointing the nose up and down, as the 'up' control makes the tail fin point down.
You can use the 'Enter' key to turn off stabilisation in flight, this allows more control for aerobatics. Not only will he keep the ghosts and monsters away, but he can cut down your electricity bills too. Two light settings are included – one which will gently phase through the 16 different colours and one that will flash to the beat of your favourite 80’s records! We're guessing that it won't be long untill he features on one of our bank notes he's that popular. Once hot, slipped inside a glove, or sandwiched between your face and a scarf, these keep you nice and toasty. Unlike most lamps that will sit on a desk or bedside table, this one is crashing into your room!
But generally they use their body language to communicate with us, if only we could read it. The Ignite Hand Warmers are amazing little pouches that you'll never leave home without when the weather turns chilly. They are durable, as I must have used mine at least 50 times without damage or loss of quality. In fact its gadgets like this that makes us RED5’ers get up in the morning, put on our brightly coloured socks and merrily skip into work!
With the plane actively giving you a helping hand you get to concentrate on the fun side of flying.
Inside bobs tummy amongst all the ice cream and cakes are some super bright LED’s that cast a gentle glow through his yellow skin and big eyes. When activated they'll give you a pocket full of warmth (55 degrees Celsius to be precise)!
There are some basic mistakes like not telling you to glue the wings on and they do not tell you what the control throws should be.
No damage done but I will recommend glueing the wings in place from the beginning and not to wait as written in the manual.
The left hand aerial does nothing and has been disconnected inside, a directional aerial has been fitted in the transmitter to takes its place.
This will activate a chemical reaction that will cause the pack to crystallize and heat up.
The packs will stay hot for around half an hour if uninsulated, however, they will retain heat for hours if placed in an insulated space i.e pocket, mitten, glove etc. Are about to feel my wrath.Clip this Twitchy Kitty Electronic Tail to the back of your waistband and express your pleasure or displeasure like your favorite feline.

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