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31.05.2016 admin
H1Z1, the open-world zombie survival MMO game from Sony Online Entertainment, arrives on Steam today as an Early Access title.
According to SOE President John Smedly, zombie survivalists will be able to start downloading at 1PM Pacific, mere minutes away from this writing.
In the Standard Edition Bundle, you’ll find Early Access to H1Z1, 3 Event Tickets, 1 Launch Crate Key, and 2 Crates.
Be sure to join in with developers during their live stream at 3PM Pacific over on their official Twitch channel. Though Early Access is only open to PC users, H1Z1 is due for a PlayStation 4 launch at a later, unannounced date.
But I do love all you kiddos foaming at the mouth with internet outr4ge over an early alpha whose whole purpose is to experiment and tweak exactly these things. Just as I expected, a blind fan ready to defend their favorite corporation even when faced with an obvious lie.
The whole point of a survivor game like DayZ or Miscreated is to put everybody on equal footing with the same chances to get loot. To be fair this was probably a last minute addition that the publisher forced into the game. Not only that, but the devs had said time and time again cosmetics would be the only thing purchasable.
At this point, the only participant evidently emitting a beam of idiocy known as negative IQ, is you… And perhaps me. Are you honeslty admitting you haven’t seen the recent videos and articles everyone else has seen?
And are you baiting me into saying what’s wrong with the game in its current state, just so you can tell me I should like what I don’t like about the game so far?

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Meanwhile the Premium Edition Bundle offers Early Access to H1Z1, 25 Event Tickets, 3 Airdrop Tickets, 4 Launch Crate Keys, 6 Crates, and an Exclusive Aviator Hat Crafting Recipe. And they’ve vowed to make it even easier for the whole server to fight over them, making airdrops a beacon of activity.

I don’t need to play the game to acknowledge that the developers lied and are trying to monetize fans. Once it releases on PS4 sink 10 bucks into that shit and let me find you so me and a few friends can wreck you and take the stuff you spent your money on. The fact that say you did pay money for what ever drop in-game and then some person comes buy and takes your stuff? Early Access is meant to test the game by stress testing servers, game mechanics, weapon balance, and iron out bugs prior to release.
Not only did the developers mislead and misconstrue their airdrop plan (pathetic concept for a game of this genre anyway seeing that survival, looting and crafting is the spine of it) the game is mechanically and visually embarrassing even for an early access title.
I respected SoE for Planetside 2 but this is a dreadful DayZ wannabe clone that looks more like an early PS3 game. DayZ may have a catalogue of woes but it still will dominate the genre and never be dethroned especially by pathetic clones like this. We just linked the file or embed from Youtube then display them here to make visitor easy to find it.
I know it may be a hardthink concept but you don’t actually have to buy into the early alpha or spend any time with this game. These lessons will easily teach kids new words(vocabulary), spelling, reading, listening, pronunciation and speaking. It’s almost like a times demo, like if you got to play 10 hours, then had to pay $20 if you wanted to play more.

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