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The much awaited LEGO Worlds by TT Games was announced finally at the start of this year and an unending series of procedurally-created Worlds fully of bricks has been offered to players. Just like Minecraft, in LEGO Worlds too, you are at liberty to manipulate and animatedly populate the world you create to your heart’s content. Your LEGO World can be inhabited by many interesting characters, models, vehicles and creatures.
According to Managing Director of TT Games, Tom Stone, LEGO Worlds involves the fun of brick-building that players have enjoyed for long on a digital platform that offers a whole new experience with their beloved bricks and the game offers unending creative possibilities from the brick-to-brick editor to exploring an extensive array of characters, creatures and items to populate the worlds you create.
It brings a fictional brand of toy plastic bricks to the game, that you might find familiar if you’ve ever played with LEGO!, from the creator of ComputerCraft!

In creative mode, you can get started building with BILLUND by checking out it’s tab in the creative inventory, the only limit is your imagination! As you progress and discover each World, you can unlock new abilities and themes that range from giraffes and cowboys to polar bears and vampires, to race cars, steamrollers and gigantic digging machines. You can also elevate terrain to form immense mountains or can create complex constructions brick-by-brick. In survival, things are a little more complicated: First, obtain a BILLUND Order Form (they can be found by killing and looting child mobs), then save up your emeralds and order your first BILLUND set.
Today i will finally be creating my Hive Review, im sorry about the long wait, i've been busy with sorting out servers, helping friends, learning to code and school.

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In the free to play game Slender, which you can play right now, you are going to be exploring a scary piece of woods at night while looking for eight pages.

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