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Resident Evil popularized survival-based gameplay with shuffling zombies, limited ammo, and sparse healing items. My coworkers have shared war stories from State of Decay that remind me of the harrowing tales DayZ players told during the game’s peak popularity. A while back, I wrote an article pointing out some elements I’d love to see in an open-world zombie game. Techland, the developer of the innovative Dead Island, is focusing on some areas where State of Decay suffered with Dying Light.
Both State of Decay and Dying Light feature some exciting refinements and features new to the zombie genre, but neither allow players to build their own defenses from scratch.
All the aforementioned titles have varying strengths, but I think the future of open-world zombie games involves a polished blend of all these features. On the opposite side of the coin, we have narrative-driven experiences like The Last of Us and The Walking Dead. I promised a *spoiler-filled follow-up to the video review for The Hunger Games, as the ideas of identity and substitution can’t be fully discussed without wrestling key elements of the plot for the first film and entire trilogy. However, someone else in the series does sacrifice quite a bit, for a character whose worthiness may be considered questionable.
Conversely, the humble Peeta, supplier of bread and life, is not someone Katniss respects at first. Although his name sounds like a kind of bread and thus serve as a metaphor in one sense for the answer to Katniss’ ultimate hunger (beyond mere survival. Although not perfect, (as no human parallel can be) Peeta is the Christ-like figure in The Hunger Games, taking Katniss’ single act of loving substitution for a sibling to an even godlier parallel, demonstrating a long-suffering persistence for someone less deserving. My initial devotion to him manifest as simple necessity (as outward appearance) at best a tactical desire to escape the arena of hell, but lacking any genuine inward affectionĀ for the one who first loved me. Eventually, realizing how much he sacrificed for me, Christ’s long-suffering brought me to humbled and willing relationship. It’s no surprise then, that our most popular fictions like The Hunger Games are the ones singing it back to God in close approximation. For an audio presentation on the film captured live at a film showing discussing these and even more themes, click here.
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We all know these pair are pretty much inseparable, creating a formidable villainous duo whenever they get together. Purchase with care as we all know just how much trouble these two can make - you have been warned!
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Brad Pitt is battling waves of them in World War Z, Dead Rising 3 is one of the Xbox One’s main selling points, and The Walking Dead franchise is succeeding in comics, television, and games. Okay, Minecraft features giant spiders and exploding creepers as well as zombies, but the nocturnal enemies remind me of the late Richard Matheson’s enemies in I Am Legend. Like Minecraft, players are dropped into a dangerous world without guidance, left on their own to find supplies and avoid deadly creatures. The WarZ, recently renamed Infestation: Survivor Stories, is a copycat that has garnered negative reactions from gamers decrying rampant hacking and poor community support. State of Decay hit several of these on the head, such as a tutorial, zombie variety, progression, scavenging, and the elimination of griefers. Dead Island introduced weighty first-person combat, co-op, and RPG-like progression into an open-world, something the studio is continuing with Dying Light. Rust is the next thing from Garry Newman, creator of Garry’s Mod, which combines the building features of Minecraft with the permadeath and player unpredictability of DayZ. You can still mow down hordes of zombies with a vehicle, but now the undead can cling on to your ride, and plowing into a mass of bodies will slow and damage your car. After years of experimentation, I think we’ll see a single, expansive open world that can be played online or off. These are not only some of the best zombie games around, but examples of the most subtle, convincing writing in video games. High-profile games like Dead Rising 3 and Dying Light prove the genre has a foothold in the next generation. The harsh world has built into her a notion of self-reliance, and a lot of mistrust (and much of this is sadly warranted).
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State of Decay has become the fastest-selling XBLA game of all time, the creator of Garry’s Mod is making a zombie game, and the DayZ standalone title is coming along smoothly. Series protagonists Frank West and Chuck Greene were racing the clock in their respective games, instilling an omnipresent sense of urgency and dread despite the comical violence.
In the book, protagonist Robert Neville forages for supplies and fortifies his home during the day so he can stave off undead attacks during the night. The mod is rough around the edges, but players dig the hardcore survival elements in bleak, expansive world. State of Decay is a flawed-but-fun 360 downloadable game that offers a more accessible, single-player survival experience. I believe State of Decay’s success proves console owners want a hardcore, open-world survival experience. Epic’s upcoming Fortnight promises to focus in on the zombie-defense element of Minecraft on a grander scale.

The game looks like a blast, and the detailed zombie physics are something the genre could benefit from as a whole.
Permadeath is a great way to keep players invested in the action, and I think we’ll continue to have it in future games. The Last of Us focuses on scavenging and survival, but beyond that it has few similarities to the other games mentioned here.
Telltale is continuing their story with a second season and an intermediary story called The Walking Dead: 400 Days. I suspect this is one reason Katniss Everdeen is such a relatable character to men and women, as we all tend to look inward and rely solely on ourselves, rather than God or anyone else, a cocktail of understandable past hurt, shaken with fear, but mixed with a self-destructive shot of pride. He claims to have loved her since she was a child, and continues to desire relationship despite her flaws. Intentional or subconscious, it’s curious that Collins chose a word we would associate with both firm foundation and sustenance for our body. Styled like the brand new incarnations of the infamous mischief makers, the Joker is featured wielding his gold-plated machine gun and Harley is keeping it subtly formidable with an oversized baseball bat. You’d think genre fatigue would set in, but then Naughty Dog unleashes its grim post-apocalyptic masterpiece, The Last of Us, which features cannibalistic, fungus-infected humans.
Unpredictable interactions with other players foster emergent stories where players aid or murder each other.
We will continue to see iterative improvements on the open-world zombie game until we’re able to play out our apocalyptic fantasies unheeded.
I want more games with carefully crafted characters like the ones found in The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, but I think these games will remain rare gems in the genre. Peeta is grieved that her affections at first are simply for her own survival, actions for necessity, for results instead of relationship. Like Mockingjays responding to a masterful tune, our lives and love mimic the ultimate love song of our Creator and Lord. The mod was so successful that creator Dean Hall has been hard at work on a polished standalone version of DayZ. Demand is still high, and fans are kept from burning out thanks to developers’ constant innovation and refinement. New players are too busy harvesting lumber and fumbling with the game’s crafting system to notice the setting sun. In the later books he is tempted and tortured severely, and the character we know is even psychologically slaughtered, but Peeta’s love and character ultimately rise again to become the foundation Katniss will eventually build her life, home and hope upon. During my first experience with the game, zombies and other monsters began their attack before I could build my home. The primal experience of burying myself in the ground to avoid groaning predators stuck with me.

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