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Resident Evil popularized survival-based gameplay with shuffling zombies, limited ammo, and sparse healing items. My coworkers have shared war stories from State of Decay that remind me of the harrowing tales DayZ players told during the game’s peak popularity. A while back, I wrote an article pointing out some elements I’d love to see in an open-world zombie game. Techland, the developer of the innovative Dead Island, is focusing on some areas where State of Decay suffered with Dying Light. Both State of Decay and Dying Light feature some exciting refinements and features new to the zombie genre, but neither allow players to build their own defenses from scratch. All the aforementioned titles have varying strengths, but I think the future of open-world zombie games involves a polished blend of all these features. On the opposite side of the coin, we have narrative-driven experiences like The Last of Us and The Walking Dead.
At the cusp of this madness is where we are introduced to Joel, Sara, and his brother Tommy. Once the inevitable collapse occurs, The Last of Us delves into the realm of survival at all costs and often, kill or be killed.
Writing you can sink your teeth into and an air tight story are essential to buying in, but what set the people apart here is the stellar voice acting performances throughout. Scrounging amongst the squalor may seem demeaning, but it’s a necessity of life in The Last of Us. Firing your gun and smashing enemies with a pipe will only get you so far; to survive this trying ordeal you will need patience and, more importantly, your ears.
My only qualm was in relation to the supposed stealth killing of Runners or Survivors, who despite the namesake of the act, make a ton of noise upon dismissal.
Full of big moments, graphical wow, and sublime audio, it’s often the little things that matter most.
The Last of Us introduces online multiplayer into the equation as well, with mixed results. This review was based on a retail version of The Last of Us for the PlayStation 3 and developed by Naughty Dog. There are a few notes that I wanted to put here that didn’t seem to fit into the review. While I never feel the need to defend a score whatsoever, I do want to mention that to me, a 10 is not indicative of a perfect game, but there were some things that held it back from that mark. A cavity calls for your dentist to remove the decay and to fill in the tooth area that was removed in order to prevent further decay and strengthen the affected tooth. A root canal is a hollow cavity within the tooth that houses the vital part of the tooth-the pulp. Veneers and laminates are another conservative approach to enhancing the look of your teeth.
Brad Pitt is battling waves of them in World War Z, Dead Rising 3 is one of the Xbox One’s main selling points, and The Walking Dead franchise is succeeding in comics, television, and games. Okay, Minecraft features giant spiders and exploding creepers as well as zombies, but the nocturnal enemies remind me of the late Richard Matheson’s enemies in I Am Legend.
Like Minecraft, players are dropped into a dangerous world without guidance, left on their own to find supplies and avoid deadly creatures. The WarZ, recently renamed Infestation: Survivor Stories, is a copycat that has garnered negative reactions from gamers decrying rampant hacking and poor community support. State of Decay hit several of these on the head, such as a tutorial, zombie variety, progression, scavenging, and the elimination of griefers.
Dead Island introduced weighty first-person combat, co-op, and RPG-like progression into an open-world, something the studio is continuing with Dying Light.
Rust is the next thing from Garry Newman, creator of Garry’s Mod, which combines the building features of Minecraft with the permadeath and player unpredictability of DayZ.
You can still mow down hordes of zombies with a vehicle, but now the undead can cling on to your ride, and plowing into a mass of bodies will slow and damage your car. After years of experimentation, I think we’ll see a single, expansive open world that can be played online or off. These are not only some of the best zombie games around, but examples of the most subtle, convincing writing in video games. High-profile games like Dead Rising 3 and Dying Light prove the genre has a foothold in the next generation.
Yet, using survival at all costs as a mantra, has Naughty Dog‘s latest sacrificed the integral elements that are necessary for a game to flourish?

The events that transpire set the stage for characters you want to invest in for the duration of the games 15+ hours.
Hand in hand with the wonderful facial animation, even the subtle moments have lasting impact. All hit with the same amazing realism and reflect perfectly the situations and predicaments they find themselves in. The stigma of escorting another character carries a negative tone, but thankfully, the AI in place puts to rest any doubt that Ellie would be little more than a damsel in distress.
Discovering discarded blades, parts, or alcohol can mean the difference between having the upper hand in encounters, or trusting a bat and a few bullets as your only defense. From observing the dilapidation of the future United States, to having each building hold some sort of half finished story, The Last of Us thrives on your ability to fill in the gaps between satisfying story chunks and hold-onto-your-seat enemy engagements.
Entitled Factions, it does away with cumbersome aspects that may impede, letting you focus on putting the skills learned in the single player’s combat to good use.
Entertaining and capable but forgettable, don’t expect anything ground breaking online when you inevitably delve into Factions. It accomplishes this in every way, but Naughty Dog‘s unflinching devotion to this ideal results in something unfamiliar. My experience with it was about as good as it gets from start to finish, but I also understand a lot of the complaints people make about the game.
The pulp provides nutrition to the tooth via the blood and is also responsible for tooth sensitivity because of the presence of the nerves.
They are a thin shell made of porcelain or composite resin that is cemented to the front surface of the tooth.
State of Decay has become the fastest-selling XBLA game of all time, the creator of Garry’s Mod is making a zombie game, and the DayZ standalone title is coming along smoothly. Series protagonists Frank West and Chuck Greene were racing the clock in their respective games, instilling an omnipresent sense of urgency and dread despite the comical violence. In the book, protagonist Robert Neville forages for supplies and fortifies his home during the day so he can stave off undead attacks during the night. The mod is rough around the edges, but players dig the hardcore survival elements in bleak, expansive world. State of Decay is a flawed-but-fun 360 downloadable game that offers a more accessible, single-player survival experience.
I believe State of Decay’s success proves console owners want a hardcore, open-world survival experience. Epic’s upcoming Fortnight promises to focus in on the zombie-defense element of Minecraft on a grander scale. The game looks like a blast, and the detailed zombie physics are something the genre could benefit from as a whole. Permadeath is a great way to keep players invested in the action, and I think we’ll continue to have it in future games.
The Last of Us focuses on scavenging and survival, but beyond that it has few similarities to the other games mentioned here. Telltale is continuing their story with a second season and an intermediary story called The Walking Dead: 400 Days. After a fungus called Cordyceps (which actually exists by the way) takes hold of the global populace, life quickly crumbles into the ugly side of humanity we all try to ignore. Perspective is a necessity for this violent world, and once a 14-year-old child named Ellie grudgingly becomes your charge, the atrocities she’s forced to witness and commit, while difficult to watch, are somewhat understandable considering the circumstances. We care, we feel, we cheer, we hurt, all in the name of these everyday people asked to do the impossible. Upgrading your weapons with tools and parts at a bench or creating Molotov cocktails and timely first aid kits in the thick of battle, crafting happens in real time. This dependence on the subtle can detract from the pacing, and unless you are willing to engage and buy into everything surrounding you, the narrative bogs down.
Attempting to infuse some of the story-based aspects, you play as either the Fireflies or Survivors and work to expand your group while keeping them fed and stocked with necessary supplies. The emotion is real, as are the characters residing in its universe, but you never feel really good playing it. The Last of Us transcends a lot of what we know as a video game and that is tough to capture.
However, I tend to think most of the issues people bring up are things that the game was never really trying to do and I find it hard to knock The Last of Us for being somewhat shallow in the gameplay department. You’d think genre fatigue would set in, but then Naughty Dog unleashes its grim post-apocalyptic masterpiece, The Last of Us, which features cannibalistic, fungus-infected humans.

Unpredictable interactions with other players foster emergent stories where players aid or murder each other. We will continue to see iterative improvements on the open-world zombie game until we’re able to play out our apocalyptic fantasies unheeded.
I want more games with carefully crafted characters like the ones found in The Last of Us and The Walking Dead, but I think these games will remain rare gems in the genre.
It’s easy to dismiss fictitious events in movies, books, or games, but one thing history has shown us is that society is always just a step away from complete collapse. Every choice has weight, every kill seemingly carries a consequence, the symbiotic cohesion crashes together, and before you know it, you can’t help but care what happens to these people. From the initial stand off between Joel and Ellie, to what the connection evolves into, and all the little moments in between are nigh perfect in their execution. More comical than anything, it is one of the sacrifices The Last of Us made in order for the game to control correctly, and work it does, as the tension is palpable in encounters and mild AI distractions never serve to break immersion for the player. Aiming is meant to have a learning curve at first, an intentional choice on the developer’s part to further underline the focus on tension. Couple this with the deafening quiet of an empty world gone to hell, the feeling of calm one moment to having your heart pounding while an infected creeps on the other side of the door is encapsulated by the masterful sound design. It seems like some people had technical difficulties with cutscenes as well, but I also dodged that problem.
It would be like critiquing Shadow of the Colossus for not having lots of exposition or alternate weapons. The mod was so successful that creator Dean Hall has been hard at work on a polished standalone version of DayZ.
Demand is still high, and fans are kept from burning out thanks to developers’ constant innovation and refinement.
One need only look to recent catastrophes as real life examples to what lengths mankind will sink to when lives are on the line.
While the game can be grotesque, there are moments when what isn’t shown is vastly more effective than what is. You want to search every broken down corner or car as you traverse the environment simply to hear what they’ll talk about next.
The swaying during aiming may frustrate initially, and being thrown into the fire almost immediately can be discouraging for beginners, but believe me when I say the most difficult encounters are front loaded. You can follow along if you choose, but it can easily be forgotten to concentrate solely on the two battle mode choices.
It does things such as character and world building so much better than before, but that can’t be the only criteria a game is scored on. And that makes it so you have to ask whether or not it’s fair to critique a game for not having things it COULD have had or if the parts adding up to a greater whole is the most important aspect.
New players are too busy harvesting lumber and fumbling with the game’s crafting system to notice the setting sun. Instant kills are a shining example, particularly if a Bloater happens to get a hold of you. Once you grasp the necessary mix of stealth, listening, and combat, you’ll be right at home vanquishing Clickers, Runners, or any other form of baddie trying to do Joel and Ellie harm with your growing arsenal.
Again, I suppose that is the point, and nowhere is this single-minded focus more clear than the finale, which is shockingly human in its flaws and as a testament, almost made me sick.
During my first experience with the game, zombies and other monsters began their attack before I could build my home. Years from now, I believe we will look back at The Last of Us as an example on just how to create video game characters correctly.
Never wavering from its theme is the highest compliment to be paid here, but after all we went through together, don’t we deserve more?
In the end, The Last of Us may leave the player suffering as much as the in-game world has, but just maybe, that’s the point. The primal experience of burying myself in the ground to avoid groaning predators stuck with me.

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