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As the title says, tell us what your favorite Hive mini-game and least favorite is, and why. I hid several mob spawners underground in the forest so far and I plan on adding more in other places. I agree however there are two solutions to your problem of not knowing the location of the players. Haha the water pushing into lava is a good idea, I think I might just add that into the next trap I do. Yes making that last would be a good idea, I'll let you know what the ip is for the server when I finish setting it up.
Dont post hateful comments about other peoples work make a suggestion at least if you have to!
I'll think about it I've already got a bunch of people working on it with me so I'd have to ask them. In game username t_b_k_00     (those are zeros not Os)what do you think of the server?
1) Fores505 2) I think this server is completely awsome, and I also want to tell all of my friends about it so they can join. The reason it's not up now is I don't want people joining while I'm trying to fix the plugins. Only reason I did not do so before was because I was looking for a plugin that would let me set the specific type. One is to have scouts flying around the arena and informing the gamemakers of the general location of the players.
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I would suggest that you mechanize this map as much as you can and have gamemaker room that would run all of it. Second is to have a ring on pressure plates and when some one walks over them they would flash a redstone torch in the gamemaker room. If I add a gamemakers room it would be the last thing I do, not because its a bad idea but because it's easier to set up the wiring once everythings final rather than when I might decide to change something. However I do suppose that if you have pressure plates telling the location why not just hook them up to the traps? The only problem I see with a gamemakers room is that they would need to be able to see where people are in order to trigger the traps.
It seems like every game I play on the Survival Games map turns into a mad rush for the same spots because everybody knows where the best items are. If they need to be in the area anyway doesn't it make more sense to just use a pressure plate or hidden lever to trigger the traps?
The rule about only breaking leaves and mushrooms ensures that anybody that's new to the map or that does not rush the cornucopia or one of the weapons cannot win. The layout of the map and the rules are designed to keep people moving as well as give everybody a chance to win.
For example: In the Survival Games, if somebody gets full iron armor he is pretty much guaranteed to win simply because nobody else can damage him enough. Completely redone with a fresh new look and a new mix of games, you're sure to find the game for you. These gamemakers should do things such as setting fire to things to force people who are trying to hide or camp to keep moving, keeping the game interesting by refilling chests (just some advice here: don't refill them with anything but potions and food, or maybe a stone sword or a utility item. Last man standing wins!Paintball: Another team game, dash from cover while splattering your opponent with specially modified snowballs.

I've found when the admins fill center chests with armor and diamonds it just ruins the game), and trying to herd people together towards the end by spawning mobs etc.FIND A SPECTATING PLUGIN OF SOME SORT!
Special chests scattered throughout the world offer you with gear to aid in your survival, but choose carefully. Whether it's Hunger Games Maps or Man vs Wild style maps, you can be guarenteed that any True Survival map will test your ability to stay alive! Take survival to the extreme by building up your humble clump of dirt into an industrial feat or an awe-inspiring work of art. The dragon awaits!Cooperative: Share the adventure with your friends by inviting them to play alongside you! You truly have the power of the imagination at your fingertips!===================================One of the greatest features of The Sky Network is our friendly, inviting community. The chat is open to anyone, and it is not uncommon for the older players to reach out and help the new ones.Our staff is also equally outstanding. As volunteers, they are comprised of players who are very willing and dedicated towards handling issues and improving the server. This is not a play for rank style server, and neither is there a way to buy your way to staff, ensuring a higher standard for staff members. Members are seen in higher esteem than regular users, and the willingness to join and vouch for the server proves that they are more trustworthy than the average user.

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