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Daylight (previously known as Blacklight) is a survival horror video game played from a first-person perspective. The Star Wars Battlefront Companion experience features the strategic card game Base Command, and lets you earn in-game Credits that unlock Star Cards, weapons, and more in Star Wars Battlefront.
GenusRafflesia (1)The dramatic Rafflesia flowers are the largest single flowers in the world; the leathery petals can reach over 90 centimetres across (2). Rafflesia biologyThe enormous Rafflesia flowers are believed to be pollinated by flies; alighting on the central disk flies crawl underneath it where they come into contact with the sexual organs (2).
Rafflesia habitatRafflesia plants are specialist parasites only found in association with specific species of the host vine Tetrastigma spp.
Rafflesia threatsRafflesia are inherently rare as a result of a number of factors of their life cycle; they have a double habitat specialisation, as they can only successfully parasitise particular species and these species in turn are found only in specific habitats (4). Rafflesia conservationRafflesia species are protected in a number of reserves within their range such as Kinabalu Park in Sabah on the island of Borneo (6).
AuthenticationThis information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible. GlossaryEx-situMeasures to conserve a species or habitat that occurs outside of the natural range of the species, e.g.
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The player does not have access to weapons; the player's only tools are flares (used to drive away the "shadow people" temporarily), glow sticks (used to look for notes, logs, and "remnants"), and a cell phone (which is used for a light source and a map for the rooms that are discovered). Finally, just like in the Closed Alpha test, you and a friend may try to fend off Imperial forces on Tattooine as part of a Survival coop mission. In addition to Base Command, the Companion also lets Rebels and Imperials alike check game stats and progression, customize load-outs and appearance, connect with friends, and get notified when they’re playing Star Wars Battlefront – as well as gather intel on their stats and progression so you can see how you match up. Star Wars Battlefront is scheduled to release between November 17 (North America) and November 20 (Europe), preparing Star Wars fans worldwide for the theatrical launch of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens in December. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. Self-professed TV Series addict; also fond of movies, books and generally everything that has to do with stories. Rafflesia is a parasite that depends completely upon its host; the majority of the planta€™s tissues exist as thread-like strands entirely within the hosta€™s cells (3). In addition to this factor, there is an extremely unbalanced sex ratio in the Rafflesia flowers observed, with many more male than female flowers (4). Habitat protection is one of the key factors in securing the future of this species and this magnificent flower is a huge draw to tourists, bringing much needed revenue to the area. The game features randomly generated levels for each gameplay, and antagonists are randomly spawned. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page.

These host plants are vines of Tetrastigma spp., and the Rafflesia plant is itself not visible until the reproduction stage when flowers first bud through the woody vine and then open into the magnificent spectacle that is world-renowned today (4). Flower buds have a high level of mortality and only 10 to 18 percent go on to bloom, these only lasting for a few days; the chances of a male and female flower being in bloom at the same time in a close enough vicinity to be pollinated is therefore extremely slim (4). More investigation into the life cycle of this unusual species is urgently needed to enable propagation and ex-situ conservation measures (3).
The flowers can take up to ten months to develop from the first visible bud to the open bloom, which may last no more than a few days (5).
Currently 17 species of Rafflesia are recognised and these mainly differ in the morphology of their flowers (4). In general however, the flowers consist of five leathery petals that are orange in colour and mottled with cream-coloured warts (2). There is a deep well in the centre of the flower containing a central raised disc raised that supports many vertical spines (2). The reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission or republication of the content (including RSS feeds) without permission is strictly prohibited.

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