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Extension power strips are fine enough as they are.  But sometimes, don’t you wish you can use just a single one to plug in multiple items in different locations around the room?  That’s exactly the idea behind Pod Power, an extension power cord with three outlets distributed along its length. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We all know these pair are pretty much inseparable, creating a formidable villainous duo whenever they get together. Purchase with care as we all know just how much trouble these two can make - you have been warned! Metal Art figures are the highly collectable pop-culture figurines designed to bring a cool touch to living rooms, bedrooms, mantelpieces and offices. In the future every home will have a sophisticated robot arm to do the dishes, walk the dog, and assemble our brick kits. The Iron Man Arc Reactor Shirt has three components: the t-shirt, a light panel with a long cable, and a battery box. So if you can’t resist the charms of the Joker and Harley Quinn, then this dysfunctional pair is bound to bring a little havoc wherever they turn. Made from sturdy die-cast, these awesome models feature all your favourite characters from TV, film and comic books, so start your collection today! The ones that read GSM radio signals so that they could light-up (or animate or make noise) when you got a call?Somehow, we went backwards in our technology, and now the phone charm market is filled with Neko Atsume and poop. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. But waiting for the future always takes so long, which is why we recommend you pick up this Hydraulic Fluid Powered Robotic Arm today. So when you compliment someone on a necklace, and they say it was their great-grandmother's 100 years ago, that's no surprise. A team that has nothing left to lose, aren't afraid to die, and that you can completely pretend you've never even heard of, if things go wrong.

We've got all your favorite characters from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a magical place for kids and grown-ups alike where fantasy and fun come to life! This latest version is much lighter than all previous versions, featuring a flexible interior with knitted cotton exterior.
When fresh batteries are in the battery box and the unit is switched on, the Arc Reactor shines brightly. Styled like the brand new incarnations of the infamous mischief makers, the Joker is featured wielding his gold-plated machine gun and Harley is keeping it subtly formidable with an oversized baseball bat. Choose Boomerang, Deadshot Unmasked, Diablo, Harley, Joker, Katana, Killer Croc, or Rick Flag. Unlike the Extremis version, the movement with your body does not require you to inject carbon nanotubes into your brain. So this particular arc reactor isn't going to keep shrapnel from working its way into your heart or power your repulsor beams. But if you'd like to inject a bit more life into your phone accessories again, pick up this LED Matrix Programmable Phone Case.
It's not really a replacement for your own meaty appendage, but it's pretty close considering you made it from plywood in under an hour.Recommended for kids 8 and over, this Hydraulic Fluid Powered Robotic Arm kit includes die-cut plywood, tubing, syringes, and glue. Or get them all, because you certainly wouldn't want to offend one of these guys by leaving them out! We strongly advise you choose all of them, because they get a little grouchy when they're alone. The chest-mounted uni-beam is powered by photons, which it collects and then disperses when the wearer enters a dark area. Designed for the iPhone 6 and 6S, this case contains 300 LED lamp beads that light up according to your whims. It's pretty easy to construct, but we recommend adult supervision just in case your geekling is excitable and likes to skip steps.

And a good sturdy bag to carry it all in.These durable bags, celebrating Star Trek's 50th anniversary, should fit the bill. For all body parts covered by the Mark IX's new form factor, the suit provides protection from adverse weather conditions, UV rays, and temperature extremes. Using the free companion app, you can make your phone case display text, graphics, animation, a clock, or incoming calls (up to 140 characters).
They have small shout-outs to fans of the original series who pay attention to the details, including a patch from the shuttlecraft Galileo, one for Starbase 6, and that horrible red United Federation of Planets pennant. They're powered by a rechargeable battery; the hinged bangle ships with a proprietary USB charging cable to keep it entwinkling.
But sometimes smaller is better, and Funko knows that.Never wonder again where you left your keys with this Harley Quinn Funko POP! You know, now that we mention it, the section of our warehouse where we store these had had some unexplained warehouse monkey absences.
It is designed for up to two days of use inside Earth's atmosphere, although after the first 12 hours of use its effectiveness is reduced. And while the Hydraulic Fluid Powered Robotic Arm will provide you hours of fun, you might want to let your kids play with them too. Plus, she'd bust right out of a glass case with that bat of hers.Product SpecificationsSuper-cute Funko Pocket POP!

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