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This holiday season, WWF is introducing six new species for you to adopt and take home, including the beaver.
The beaver may be the largest rodent in North America, but they are also one of Canada’s most magnificent species. Beavers are herbivores and feed mainly on the bark and cambium of a wide range of tree species, including birch, poplar, aspen, beech, maple and willow. Beavers depend on the healthy flow of water through lakes, rivers and streams for their survival. WWF encourages people to consider how ecosystems will be affected before removing beaver dams and to stop the draining of wetlands, which can deprive beavers of water supply. Protecting the beaver’s habitat by making sure that the freshwater they depend on remains healthy. Assessing the health of freshwater ecosystems across the country through our Freshwater Health Assessments, which inform where additional monitoring or restoration efforts are needed. With your symbolic adoption, you’re helping WWF fight to secure the long-term survival of the beaver. Each adoption kit includes a high quality wildlife plush, personalized adoption certificate, a stunning species poster, a reusable tote bag and an applicable tax receipt. Visit our e-store for all your holiday gift options from WWF and give a meaningful gift that keeps on giving! Some of these companies have started adding artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and even fluoride into their products. Not to mention the environmental hazard we’ve created by producing and throwing away so much plastic every year. Kangen water® (by Enagic) is the only water ionizing machine consistently achieving all 4 of these powerful qualities. Kangen® water machine, manufactured in Japan by OEM company Enagic (TM)No other water ionizer company in the world has the history, research, international recognition, and longevity (over 40 years on the market in Japan) as Enagic (TM). Enagic (TM) delivers 5 types of water by sending electric current through their proprietary plates of solid titanium coated with platinum.
CALL TODAY – and come by the office to get your first FREE gallons of antioxidant rich Kangen water. Hundreds and thousands of people have seen improvements in their health, wellness, and overall sense of well-being after drinking the water. Our simple request is that you follow the Doctor’s recommendations and bring your jugs back each time you need a refill. If you want to continue after the free trial we have a couple of programs that may be right for you!
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help more people all over NWA become stronger and healthier. Canada’s most famous space man, Colonel Chris Hadfield, became commander of Expedition 35 aboard the International Space Station this week. Colonel Chris Hadfield had a typical rural Canadian upbringing in Milton, Ontario on his parents’ corn farm. After graduating from high school in Milton, Ontario Hadfield received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (with honours) from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1982, and then conducted post-graduate research at the University of Waterloo in 1982.

As a member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Hadfield earned a glider pilot scholarship at age 15 and a powered pilot scholarship at age 16. Before graduating, he underwent basic flight training at CFB Portage la Prairie, and in 1983 he took honours as the top graduate from Basic Jet Training at CFB Moose Jaw. Hadfield was the Director of Operations for NASA at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Russia from 2001-2003. In November 1995 Hadfield served as Mission Specialist 1 on NASA’s second mission to Russian Space Station Mir. Hadfield flew as the first Canadian mission specialist, the first Canadian to operate the Canadarm in orbit, and the only Canadian to ever board Mir.
NEEMO, an acronym for NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations, is a program for studying human survival in an underwater laboratory in preparation for future space exploration. The underwater habitat, Aquarius, is located near Key Largo, Florida and is operated by the National Undersea Research Center at the University of North Carolina–Wilmington.
Located 62 feet underwater, NASA has used it since 2001 for a series of missions usually lasting 10-14 days. While in space Hadfield recorded a song, Jewel in the Night, that was written by his brother Dave.
An avid guitarist and singer, Hadfield hopes to lay down tracks for an entire album recorded in zero gravity. Beavers have a distinctive flat tail, powerful jaws and chisel-sharp incisor teeth that are ideal for biting through tree trunks and branches. Their families create one or more dams to provide still, deep water to protect against predators and to float food and building material.
Although beaver dams help reduce erosion and contribute to wetland health, dams can also plug storm drains and damage flood control and drainage systems.
What’s more, you’re also helping to save other species at risk around the world and to provide a healthier natural world for us all.
If you want to lose weight, then by all means quit drinking soft drinks — and yes, that includes diet too! Common contaminants found in the public water systems include: heavy metals like lead, plastics, chlorine, lye, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and every type of pharmaceutical drug you can imagine (prescription and OTC medication)!
To achieve the rare, but desirable, characteristic of Anti-Oxidant water (also called anti-aging or negative ORP), the H2O molecules must be split through an electrolysis system. The company has been around since 1974 and are certified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).
It may help you revitalize your life, your body will start to function more efficiently, and could even change it for the better in ways you can’t even imagine! I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to share this great product with so many people. Jason Blackketter of Genesis Chiropractic in Bentonville, AR, is the only vitalistic upper cervical specific Chiropractor in all of NWA. He became interested in space and flying at a very young age, and is said to have been inspired to become an astronaut by watching the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. He is said to also love running, volleyball and squash, and works out frequently aboard the International Space Station.

He eventually received his Masters of Science in aviation systems at the University of Tennessee in 1992. After graduating from high school, he joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1978 and spent two years at the Royal Roads Military College followed by two years at the Royal Military College. He went on to train as a tactical fighter pilot flying the Canadair CF-116 Freedom Fighter and the McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet.
Now a civilian astronaut, Hadfield retired from the Canadian Air Force in 2003 as a Colonel after 25 years of military service. During the flight, the crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis attached a five-tonne docking module to Mir and transferred over 1,000 kg of food, water and supplies.
In December 2012 he launched into space aboard the Russian Soyuz, becoming the second Canadian ever to take part in a long spaceflight aboard the ISS. While in space he’s also performed with Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies and the Chieftains for Music Mondays. Most of this processed bottle water is no different from your tap water, and it may have been sitting in plastic for a long time before you drink it. In fact, Kangen’s water tests a negative ORP (strong Antioxidant anti-aging value) which is often 10 times stronger than the anti-oxidizing power of Vitamin C and Green Tea.
It is great to know other people in our community who share our vision and focus — helping people live better lives!
He told CBC reporter Bob McDonald that he knew as a child that space is where he wanted to be, and the only way to get there was to be the best.
After completing his fighter pilot training, Hadfield flew CF-18 Hornets, participating in intercept missions for NORAD. This is to meet their need for open water in order to build lodges and avoid predators such as wolves. Bottled water is usually nothing more than municipal tap water with a blue label slapped on the side. And to top it off, the bottled water industry has fewer federal regulations on it than the drinking water coming out or you faucet…YIKES! The importance of a plentiful supply of antioxidants in the body is explained on the Penn State Research page: antioxidants destroy or neutralize free radicals in your body. He was the first CF-18 pilot to intercept a Soviet Tupolev Tu 95 long-range bomber in the Canadian Arctic. This protects the cells from the destructive effects of unpaired electrons (of free radicals) and their cascading chain reaction through the tissues of your body.
Our amazing self-regulating immune function and our self-healing natural state is Health and living at Ease. Please contact us to set up your FREE consultation - 479.696.8000 - we're committed to helping you live better!
After drinking 9.5 ionized Kangen water for 5 weeks, my neck started moving on its own and I can move my neck looking over my shoulders and the pain is gone.

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