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Just looking at his gear tells me he was no expert, he wanted to look cool, he was not at all practical. They would have been better off sending any old grizzled retired SAS trained by Lofty Wiseman. This undated photo, provided by the Haverstraw Police Department, shows 73-year-old Eugene Palmer. Survival expert Mykel Hawke, who starred in Discovery's "Man, Woman, Wild," says Palmer could last up to 30 days in the wilderness. The wilderness manhunt for a 73-year-old seasoned outdoorsman suspected of gunning down his daughter-in-law before disappearing into a vast state forest has hit a brick wall, and at least one survival expert believes it could be weeks before he is found.

Police found Palmer's green 1995 Dodge pickup camper in Harriman State Park a day after the shooting.
Miller said he is unsure whether Palmer, who suffered a heart attack last year, is carrying medication with him. Miller dismissed the suggestion that Palmer might have crossed into the 16,000-acre military reservation around West Point, where trespassers are prohibited.
The location he was in should have provided plenty of game, and other food to sustine him for three months.
The vehicle, which was impounded, was discovered about a half mile from Palmer's Haverstraw home.

He said authorities have subpoenaed Palmer's medical records for more information on his condition. Give me an hour to get away and then do whatever you have to do — call the police…whatever you have to do,’ and then he just took off,'" Elaine Babcock told CBS-TV.

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