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Any time a multi-tool looks like a hand-to-hand combat weapon right off a post-apocalypse movie, we have to gush.
Made by Innovation Factory,  the contraption integrates a number of functions that professional truckers frequently find themselves needing while out in the open road.  Whether you need to hack, pry, pull or pound anything, it's supposed to get the job done like a boss.
Being a CERT (that’s Community Emergency Response Team) trainer, I would put one of these in my backpack in a heartbeat.
Whether you’re in the military, police, or just looking to go camping or off-roading, the Glock E-Tool is ready to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition to an impressive lineup of SAFE ACTION® pistols, GLOCK offers its world-renowned steel and polymer ruggedness in another form—a field spade known as the GLOCK Entrenching Tool.
The GLOCK E-Tool is a folding shovel that offers several important features that, like its pistol cousins, prove that it is profound in its simplicity. Second, the handle extends and retracts to provide either additional leverage or to reduce its overall size, improving its usefulness and portability.
Throughout history, soldiers all over the world have used entrenching tools, spades or other digging tools to quickly and efficiently dig holes or trenches for cover, help free stuck vehicles and a myriad of other uses. Battle Rats host, Harlan Glenn, an author and expert in military history and weapons, praised the GLOCK E-Tool after working on the Iwo Jima documentary. According to Glenn, “It’s not just what I saw the tool do, it’s what I actually did with the tool.
Beyond the GLOCK E-Tool’s perfect fit for military use, a host of police officers and civilians have found it useful for more everyday duties.
Mountain Home, Arkansas, resident Aaron Bristol has used his GLOCK E-Tool to chop down plants, replant plants and help build deer blinds in the woods. I put the GLOCK E-Tool to the test in the wooded area near my home to determine for myself just how robust this tool really is. For the second part of my test, I kept the E-Tool in the spade configuration but used it like a machete, clearing smaller-diameter twigs off of dead trees with the blade, as if to collect kindling for a fire. Whatever use you may find for it, the GLOCK Entrenching Tool is ready to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
And gush like young girls at a Justin Bieber concert is exactly what we do at the Trucker's Friend, a multi-purpose tool designed for the cats with greasy mesh caps, flannel shirts and a sweaty crack sneaking out the back of their pants.  Or whatever other truck driver stereotype you subscribe to.

Most importantly, these ladders serve as emergency egress for firefighters when they find it necessary to escape.
Ventilation channels fire, fire gases, and smoke out of the building, giving occupants a better chance of survival. Truck company members assist the engine company by pulling ceilings and opening walls to expose hidden fire while the engine is stretching its hoseline down the hall to the fire compartment. To change the blade ­position, simply loosen the adjustment knob, put the blade in the desired position and tighten the knob. To extend the handle, simply hold the entrenching tool while pulling and twisting the end of the handle. I was able to carry an entrenching tool that was lightweight, compact and easy to break down and set up.
Rogers of the Georgia State Patrol says he has used his E-Tool to build a quick fire ring and kill a snake. For the first part of my test, I unfolded the E-Tool, locked the blade in the “spade” position (blade parallel with the handle), extended the handle, and I went to work to dig a hole as if for a campfire pit. While no match for a machete, the E-Tool could hold its own—it indeed is a spade with a blade.
Affixed and locked in place, the E-Tool made short work of several larger-diameter branches on dead trees.
Whether you’re in the military, police, or just looking to go camping or off-roading—now you’ll have at least two GLOCKs by your side. It also removes the punishing heat off engine company hose teams while they advance to the seat of the fire.
3-in-1 ToolAs a spade, shovel, or hoe, the GLOCK E-Tool is the perfect companion on any camping trip. Indentations in the blade hinge will align with raised portions of the knob, holding it firmly in place. Third, a saw blade is stored in the extending handle that cleverly attaches to the handle end, providing a very sturdy platform for minor sawing operations. It made easy work of tree limbs, cactus, etc.” His only complaint was that the cover should have better attachments for fitting onto a tactical pack.

The wooded area in which I was digging was fairly dense with trees and overgrown with weed.
To affix the saw blade, unscrew the cap of the handle, remove the saw blade and place it back in the handle reversed, with the saw exposed. Marines that stormed the island found it difficult to traverse the beach and hills as most of it was comprised of volcanic sand, a very difficult substance in which to move let alone fight. Mastriano said his first impression of the GLOCK E-Tool was very favorable, and in a brief portion of the documentary, he used it to dig in the volcanic ash, soft sand, and in the clay-like soil of Iwo Jima. Robinson, an officer with the Cramerton Police Department in Cramerton, North Carolina, owns several GLOCK E-Tools (in addition to several GLOCK knives). Rather than clear any of these away, I just pushed the E-Tool blade into the earth and went at it, as if every moment counted. He says he keeps one in each of his vehicles, along with a first aid kit, paracord, duct tape, and more. Sometimes I used just my arm strength to dig, other times I put a boot down on the E-Tool blade. So, with three shovel blade positions and a built-in saw, it’s actually four tools in one—five if you count it as a sort of last-ditch weapon, pun intended. After a few minutes of moving enough earth, resulting in a 2-foot-by-2-foot, 6-inch-deep hole. When I wrenched it free after the tenth attempt, the E-Tool showed no distress from the beating. When not in use, just retract the handle, fold the blade against it, and slide the tool neatly into the included nylon pouch, which is equipped with a belt loop and metal rings. When not on duty, the E-Tool travels with the family on camping trips and is used for digging and cleaning out campfire pits and even helping to dig out drivers who get stuck in the sand.

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