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As one of the leading supplier of Survival Kit,emergency kit,first aid kit,disaster tool set,survival bottle,medical rescue gears,military accessories,camping accessories,we provide our customers with wide range and quality products. From TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) to a flat tire, a survival bandana can get you out of tough situations. Learn how to prepare for an emergency in this FREE Special Report, Emergency Essentials: How to assemble a Get Home bag, a vital component of disaster readiness, DIY solutions for off-grid cooking and Preparing for Power Outages.
Cleaning: Use as a dust rag, dishcloth, napkin, drying rag or cut into squares for cleaning a gun. Apron: If your waist is too large for the bandana to encircle it, tuck the corners into the pockets of your jeans or tie it to your belt loops. Diaper: A thin piece of cloth won’t protect much, but it’s a layer you may need if you already used your child’s last diaper.
Dust Mask: Whether hiking in the desert, cleaning up a disaster area, or evacuating a fire zone, tying a survival bandana around your face can protect your lungs. Earmuffs: Fold the bandana to about three inches thick and wrap around the head, covering the ears to protect them from frostbite. Hair Tie: Wrap around long hair to hold it back or pile hair on top of the head and tie the cloth over it all. Neck Gaiter: If you didn’t think to bring a scarf as you bugged out in cold weather, tie a survival bandana around your neck to cover anything your coat doesn’t. Wet Wrap: Soak the cloth in water and tie around the neck or atop the head to cool down in hot weather.

Ice Pack: Encase ice from a cooler, or snow from a winter landscape, inside the cloth then hold to a recent sprain or break. Sling: If you don’t have an oversized survival bandana which can support an arm and reach all the way around the injured person’s neck, tie several bandanas together. Tourniquet: Tying a cloth around a limb to stem the flow of blood is a last resort but may be necessary. Washcloth: Whether soaked in water or disinfectant, survival bandanas can cool burns or clean wounds. You’ll be ready for any emergency when you download our FREE handbook, ?Emergency Essentials: How to Prepare for an Emergency,? Disaster Planning, Survival Gear Lists and More. Tags a bug out bag, adults, Apron, blood, bug out bag, bug out bag list, clean, clothing, cold, cold weather, cool, cut, day, diaper, extra, first aid kit, first-aid, foot, frostbite, hand sanitizer, head, help, hot, how to, kit, kitchen, layer, light, line, old, pasta, protect, protection, run, safety, snow, space, story, sun, survival skills list, tea, teotwawki, tough, uses, wash, water, weather, winter, wounds. 3-digit, non-embossed number printed on the signature panel on the of the card immediately following the card account number. Survival bandanas are rarely added to a bug out bag list, but they should be on all of them.
And, heaven forbid you run out of toilet paper on the trail, your bandana can serve perhaps its final purpose.
Fold the bandana diagonally to utilize the most length then twist it into a narrow but strong cord. Bandanas can also be self-defense tools when used to parry blows or thrown into the attacker’s face as a distraction.

Keep a bandana in your pocket then fold and wrap around your forehead to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes. And if so, you’ve already learned how to use a survival bandana for both minor and major applications.
Fold the cloth diagonally, then fold again until the strip is flat and two to three inches thick.
If possible, fold into a small square then seal it in a zippered plastic bag to keep it clean and dry. Some companies sell oversized survival bandanas so they can be used for more medical reasons. Place one in your glove compartment, a couple in a first aid kit, one in a purse, and at least one in an EDC bag AKA everyday carry bag. Stuff some in your pockets when preparing for a hike so you can either tie one around your head or a sprained ankle.

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