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I started carrying a pack as a teen because I didn’t have a car and walked or hitched everywhere (long time ago).
Keychain has a flashlight, mini leatherman, mini redcross knife, whistle, pill holder, firestarter. By the way, I got to use my keychain flashlight one time when the lights went out at K-Mart and I was all the way in the back of the store. My EDC is Glock 26, Folding Knife, Pocket tool, Cree flashlight, bandanna, spare mag 115+p Remington 9mm, canopener, little sparkie and paracord keychain.
Now I have to work on improving my own EDC based on what I’ve learned over the weekend. You know I pray that nothing ever happens but if it does I pray that if it does that some of you are around me.
I attended his Bulletproof Mind seminar a little over a year ago, and it made me more determined than ever.
I love my iPhone but it’s posts like this with lots of pics that make me pine for my big screen home computer. After seeing these EDC kits, I think I’ll adapt my large concealed carry fanny pack into an EDC.
If you’re still new to personal preparedness, then here are some suggestions for 7 EDC items that you should consider adding to your arsenal. I understand that fanny packs are not the most fashionable items in the world but this one is different. Prior to beginning my YouTube adventure, I used to carry a generic Altoids Survival Tin in my pocket. After time, my stock Altoids Survival Tin became the topic of humor amongst family and friends.
The state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances. Channel Trailer Video to provide new viewers with an overview of my prepping content and style.
November 17, 2014 By Nick Leave a Comment If you are an outdoor man, you must have some kind of survival packs for every time you go for a long air rifle hunting out in the wild.
The main survival backpack consists of all important gears to guarantee you a comfortable experience.
This second layer contains some essential items, that you can call it some kind of bug out bag (or BOB). Ideally, you can choose a kit bag or medium molle pouch which is rugged and reasonable sized for your survival items.
If you are into outdoor hunting (or a kind of prepper), get your best air rifle and pack your BOB in good arrangements before you go. Then every car I had were junkers that I tried to keep going but sometimes ended up walking.
Basically I always have a flashlight and pocket knife on a key chain with me, in addition to the typical girl stuff in my purse (makeup etc) I can definitely improve by using my purse too though. I keep a schrade folding knife that is a buck 110 clone.I also keep a p38 and a sparkplug gapper. These are the kind of items that you should have with you at all times and in all situations.
It is still not very fashionable but it fits on your side and it can carry a slew of items.
You might have many gallons already prepared but there will come a time when that water runs dry. I purchased it on EBay for $20 and it contained all of the standard “survival” kit items: can opener, candle, fire steel, knife, fire starters, fishing equipment, compass, etc.
I eventually wanted to find a better system that would be more applicable in an urban environment.

I am perfectly fine with this naming convention, since it actually represents the purpose of my particular tin.
However, if you were to have uncontrollable diarrhea with no access to the appropriate medicine, would you NOT call that a “hardship”, “ordeal” or “difficult circumstance”? What if you lose your main pack by all chances such as dropping it while crossing a waterfall, or the pack is stolen by some sneaky animals? This pack should content gear that will allow you to be self-reliant while being out on the wild. Normally these items are just for backup but in case of necessary, they can be your life saver. In short, you should pack items that have similar functions like those of your main pack but with a space-saving scale. This set should have a pocket EDC knife, mini flashlight, multi-tool, lighter, and some other personal things that you can put in your pockets. It still has some room left after the GMHB for ammo and additional cold weather gear if needed. I have a can opener on my keychain, a Bic lighter in my pocket, a three inch German made lock blade knife and 20ft.
A knife and lighter as an example are perfect as together can be used to assist you in producing everything you would need in an urban survival situation. If you are scavenging through the woods or even a dark building you will appreciate having a flashlight. There are also times when your canteen will be empty and you might still be out on a supply run. A great pocketknife is going to need to have strength, durability, and it needs to be sharp. However, I do receive my fair share of critique when it comes to the title: “Urban Altoids SURVIVAL Tin”. I eventually settled on finding micro sized pieces of EDC gear that would actually be handy to use throughout the week.
However, I always question why items for “EDC” can somehow nullify the items for “survival”. If you have arranged a layered construction to your survival kit, everything will not as bad as it can be. Take all the supplies you would use for a 3 days backpacking trip and you are well prepared.
For example, you will get a survival blanket instead of a sleeping bag, an inflatable water bladder with some disinfection tablets instead of water-filters and canteen. These great EDC items will your boosting hope or even life saver in case you lost all other gears. As the old saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”, be a little more cautious and everything will go smoothly in every situation. Every person has a different list and so there will always be debate over what items are best. The phrase “Altoids Survival Tin” seems to be the standard naming convention for these types of mini kits.
I wanted to go for more of a MacGyver approach than a John Rambo approach to mini gear to carry. There is a large portion of preppers and survivalists who do not like the idea of calling a Altoids kit as a “Survival” tin if it happens to include nailclippers, tweezers and a USB Flashdrive. I suppose I see the concept of survival as something that does not have a gold standard and it up to interpretation. The 3 layered survival system below should always leave you with some gears no matter what happens. You can add in some items for self-defense against animals such as pepper spray, bear spray and some communication device just in case something bad happens.

You can use a modular medical pack, leg pouches, military-style belt pack or even chest rig.
Some utility items such as Bic lighters or fire starter rods, compasses, backup folding knives, cordage, first aid kit, thread and needle, fish hook, rubber band and a small metal cup for boiling are recommended, too. In the worst scenario, you can survive with just a knife and a lighter with basic outdoor skills. It holds my GMHB along with these items: Zip lock with 550 cord, zip ties, duct tape, military trip wire and peeln stick od green clothing repair patches, Extra boots wrapped in plastic trash bag, Extra set of camo clothing and work gloves in zip lock, zip lock with emergency fishing kit, wire saw, firestarter and watertight container with lint and vasoline, Hygiene kit, Diamond knife sharpener and stone, Steel carabiner, Bottled water, ensure, tuna, Military canteen cup and stand and firestarter tender pack, orange marker tape, Aquamire water purification tablets, emergency poncho bright color yellow (in case I need to be seen), clips that screw onto water bottles and replace the lids, Kershaw folder knife, CRKT neck knife, Machete which I had 1 in each bag  so I replaced it with a fiskars lightweight hatchet since this picture, 100 oz Camelbak with 550 cord, Gortex Jacket and Pants,emergency tent.
I also keep a craftsman screwdriver that is a multi driver kinda shaped like the pluggapper. The great thing about this knife is that it comes with a sheath that you can attach to your side. Perhaps the coolest thing about this compass is that it has the military sighting attached to the top. No survivalist should be caught without a pocketknife and with this tool you will always be ready.
Nevermind that it also includes fire making methods, illumination, a knife, multi-tools, whistle, etc. Yes, you may be not a rampaging Bear Grylls, but at least you can make a shelter and a fire and hopefully, manage to gather some food to wait for rescue.
In an urban environment, do you really need to have a Altoids Tin for “survival” or is “EDC” a better description for the contents? For some reason, these items become null due to the inclusion of EDC items as far as calling something a “Survival” tin.
Should EDC and Survival be two completely different groupings of gear, or is there some wiggle from for a merging of the two?
This kit will be attached to your body, be it on the belt or on your thigh, or on your chest, which will be independent of your main pack. In an urban environment, what are the chances of actually needing a mini fishing kit to gather food? It is no longer the laughing stock at social gatherings, but rather something requested to be displayed for its cool factor. This battle tested is super tough with great design for outdoor activities including shooting involved sport. The term survival is applicable to your particular region, society, personal needs and other customizable requirements.
If I am going to carry something daily in an urban environment, I’d like those items to be high probable for use. When placing flat on the ground, the front pouches create an ideal pad for your gun to rest in (which is an original idea of the designer). However, urban residents are closer to a Starbucks than to a body of water with actual fish in it (not including an aquarium).
I the case of an emergency or survival situation, knowledge will take precedent and the improvisation of gear will be leveraged. Now there are many urban environments around the world that are in civil unrest, where the concept of “survival” is actually warranted. Fortunately, the country I live in is not in this state, hopefully for the foreseeable future.

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