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Bunker: A room where you can flee to if some hostile mobs or players broke into your house.
Cobblestone generator: A cobblestone generator provides a safe and fast way to gather cobblestone, typically by mixing water and lava. DogA Kennel: A small perk with all your wolfs and some chests with rotten flesh from zombies, because wolves can eat them without becoming sick. Doorbell: When players want to visit you, they can push on a button to let a note block play a sound. Enchanting room: This room should have an enchantment table and chests with your enchanted tools and weapons. Enderman farm: Enderman traps are best suited to the End because they spawnA at a considerably higher rate there.
Escape tunnel: If there are hostile mobs in your house, you can easily escape with an escape tunnel. Fishing pool: A small lake of at least 2 blocks deep, 1 block wide and 7 blocks long for fishing purpose. Furnace room: This room has more furnaces then a crafting room and some chests with all the ores you've gathered. Gravel-to-flint room: Once you have many stacks of gravel, it can be useful to convert most of your gravel into flints. Harbor: If you find yourself using boats in a general area often, making a dock or two is a good idea. Herobrine altar: An underground altar made out of Nether materials to worship the Herobrine and sacrifice pigs. Iron golem farm: An iron golem farm isA an easy way to acquire loads of iron ingots (and less usefull poppies). Light house: A tall tower with some sort of light source on the top means that you can see your base from a long distance away. Minecart railway: A railway system to transfer quickly to all your different mines and bases. Nether wart farm: No need to find another hidden nether fortress when you've build this farm! Pumpkin farm: A pumpkin farm in your base provides a source for pumpkins which can be used for Jack-O-Lanterns and to create snow golems.
Rabbit farm: Rabbits drop rabbit flesh and the rare rabbit leg which is an ingredient for the mundane potion and potion of leaping.

Redstone lab: A laboratory is a large, clear, secure area where you can safely test designs without distractions. Storage room: When your chests in the crafting room starts to overflow, you can make storage rooms. Sugarcane farm: Sugar cane is the only source of sugar and paper and must be planted on a grass, dirt or sand block that is directly adjacent to water. Treasure room: A room build with high value materials like diamond blocks or gold blocks with chests filled with your most valuable items. Tree farm: Producing wood in your own base can eliminate a major reason for venturing in the dangerous outside.
Wheat farm: Wheat can be crafted into bread, and is a necessary ingredient for cake and cookies. I was busy with lots of other minecraft projects (and I still didn't finish one of them) and school. Hey guys, I'm going to share with you a quick and easy method to breed Villagers and therefore gather more trades for your Minecraft world! Wait around 20 minutes for these babies to fully grow and you will have yourself some brand new trades! Anyway Guys, I hope this tutorial helps you with your Minecraft skills and I hope you have learnt something also.
Welcome To the End of the World (Survival)There is a server but its hamachi and private me and my friends do really big projects on it, so you mightnot be able to get in!
This room needs a few brewing stands, some cauldrons and some chests with ingredients and potions. However, cactus farms are easy to build and it's a good use for mob traps, wallsA or other defensive purposes. A crafting room contains (obviously) a crafting table, at least 1 furnace and chests with the basic crafting materials.
You can make this even more sophisticated by making chimes or even a whole song that plays upon entering. They can help prevent your boats from drifting off into the ocean or slamming into a wall when you exit, thus breaking the boat.
UsefullA if you go exploring a lot, your spawn point is a long way from your base or you have not made a bed yet. You can light your mushroom farm by torches or glowstone, placed on the ceiling, to prevent mobs from spawning.

When building large projects with complicated parts, it can save you time and effort if you test the ideas first.
A large group of snow golems push the hostile mobs away, keeping them away from your house. Typically, Spleef games take place in a arena, or elevated surface which consists of a generally large platform of blocks.
There are 2 types of storage rooms: an item storage room for items and a block storage room for blocks. Don't forget to make the wall higher then 4 blocks or make an overhang because spiders can climb 4 blocks high!
I will use this for some ideas on our whitelisted server and post videos about our rooms and designs we come up with.. But it's sometimes hard to choose par example a redstone lab, you also will survive without one. I think you can make some functional like the toilet can be to your secret treasure room (actually that is one I have to argue with, especially on SMP- you can keep stuff from greifers. MAXOU1626 has shared his survival world online, and I checked it out and thought it would be awesome to share it here too! Just make sure that there are no places on the floor where the light level is greater than 12 so the mushrooms can spread themselves. Also your pond in your nice little garden can be the exit out of your escape tunnel with a trapdoor in it or something.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. This map has a bunch of awesome buildings and areas within a small village, and MAXOU built it all from scratch in survival mode! This room may include a chest with shovels, as well as ingredients and a crafting table for quick production of arrows or flint and steel. The goal is to destroy blocks on the platform near or under the opponent to cause them to fall. This map is in survival still so if you wanted to start a new survival world, but didn’t want to put lots of effort in to get all of the best items, you could download this map and play on it.

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