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Seems my picture got cut off, but that doesn't matterYou'll need to have your view distance on max for everything to be loaded. Seriously that is amazing, the seconds don't actually count to the correct time but I would not be able to make any close to that complicated.
The clock counts fast on my phone, maybe 2 seconds on the clock for every one second real time. I'm not worried about getting it working, I just understand how much effort you put in and I wanted to give you some feedback from another end user.

Investigate all places of this world, create to yourself the weapon and armor, construct own shelter to escape from furious predators and the zombie who live in mines and get out on I pull down on arrival of night. If you looked at the circuit that drives the one sec pulse it is far more complicated than just 2 delay gates together with wire attatching them. Sit down a crop, but be vigilant - forest predators are ready to attack at any time your cattle! Lock of black force: create the unique weapon and armor, investigate the fortress of the angriest king of Survival Craft and destroy it!

Build own room and a reliable door that predators couldn't make the way in your possession.

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