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Nos ultimos dias vimos o mundo de Ocarina of Time em Minecraft, um dos projetos de Kezsonaj que busca recriar Zelda em Minecraft.
Isso esta sendo feito apenas por uma pessoa, e ele esta trabalhando nisso ha mais de 1 ano.
Este site nao e financiado nem afiliado da Nintendo, tendo sido criado com o proposito de diversao e conhecimento.
Spotlight: Gallimimus & Patch 233!Patch 233 welcomes a new friend to the ARK, ita€™ll come as no surprise to survivors that the Gallimimus has been often been described as being chicken-like, with ita€™s extremely skittish behaviour, looking nervous even when eating!

Ita€™s 1968 and after years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: family isna€™t who youa€™re born with, ita€™s who you die for. The speedy herbivore makes its way onto the ARK with no natural way to defend itself except for running away.
Essa ideia inclui construir, trabalho em equipe, PvP e dungeons, tudo isso em um mapa gigantesco com os mundos de Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker e Ocarina of Time!
Thankfully the Gallimimus may very well be the fastest dinosaur on the ARK, it's strength, endurance, and speed of its legs allow it to ferry up to 3 Survivors in a specially-designed Saddle!

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