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Intrepid Expeditions have been running survival courses since 2000 and over the years our expert knowledge has been passed on to a wide variety of people.
Failure to bring this equipment will only make you uncomfortable for the duration of the course. We can cater for small or large groups stag and hen courses – (stag or hen goes free if over ten people booked) If you have a preferred location we can come to you (additional cost required to cover transport ect).
New Course: Axe making at Gransfors Bruks January 5, 2015 - Intrepid Expeditions has a brand new adventure for you this autumn that is an absolute must for any wilderness loving adventurer. BS 8848 is the British Standard for organising and managing visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities outside the UK.
220 thousand contract officers and more than 180 thousand contract soldiers and sergeants are planned to serve in the Russian army in 2012. To be a contract soldier one has to go through such survival training course in field conditions and confirm professional aptitude. The program of the course includes firing and engineering training, chemical and radiation protection, medical assistance etc. I think it was France or maybe Germany (I could be wrong for both) but in order to become a contract soldier you had to have been a conscript.

You do one year of mandatory service (as a conscript), after that you are free to leave or to voluntarily stay (professionals). So yes, almost everyone (even the generals) in the Russian army, started out as a greenhorn conscript. Coastal Survival courses available for individuals, private, or one on one.Survival courses are available to book through out the year, and can be booked mid-week if requiredOn our survival courses we try, where possible, to use and eat the food you forage and catch.
With just a few Indigenous tribes in the world today who still live by primitive means, the basic skills that were crucial to our ancestors have been all but left in the past. So whether you are planning a major expedition or a couple of day’s walking, or even just curious about traditional survival skills then come and join us for a rewarding and fun experience.
The servicemen have to reach the qualifying standard in each discipline and get good marks. Most professional soldiers don’t sign contracts but that trend is fast changing because of much greater benefits. Unfortunately we are ever more reliant on the easy convenience of modern technology therefore separating ourselves from those basic ancestral skills to survive. You will learn a great amount about the subject and maybe learn something about yourself as well.

November 13, 2014 - Sigg have launched some very good-looking products this season and we have them sat here in Intrepid Expeditions HQ. Not only that but you will take away with you your newly acquired survival skills safe in the knowledge that you are well prepared.
You can master a full range survival skills with a basic survival kit that will see you thrive, rather than just survive.We will be covering the essentials needed to survive an unexpected night or longer on a beach, after a possible injury, landslide or shipwreck etc. GTC apply, please ensure you have carefully read the General Terms and Conditions before booking any courses, booking a course confirms your full acceptance of the terms - thank you!Buy any course as a gift – buy essential life skills!All courses purchased as gifts are valid for 12 months and transferable to any available course dates. We fully understand that you know some one that would love to do the course, but you dont know if there free on the listed dates.

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