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Subscribe or renew your subscription for the chance to win a guided walking holiday to Flinders Island worth $5000. Huw Kingston, AG Society 2015 Spirit of Adventure award winner, is touring Australia to talk about his epic 14,000km circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea.
These historic Australian postcards dating back to the 1880s provide a nostalgic glimpse to our nation's past. We touched down in Launceston with the barest of plans, basic supplies, a tent and some sleeping bags, knowing we had eight days to get round the coast and back. There’s something magical about the Shoalhaven region – and it runs deeper than the pristine waters and unspoilt wilderness. When things go wrong in the bush, staying alive shouldn't be a matter of luck; it should be about knowledge. Chris Ord takes an introductory course with one of the world's leading survival experts, West Australian Bob Cooper. What that bloke, and pretty much every other person who has found themselves in strife in the bush, should do, advises Bob, is to firstly stop and think.
Water is usually high up on the needs list; especially in warmer weather (food rises up the list in colder situations where the body needs more calories to maintain circulation).
If you are looking for the ulitimate destination for school camps and school camp venues in Queensland, total adventures has the total solution. We provide different types of camps for all queensland school, brisbane surrounding areas and Sunshine Coast surrounding areas.
Total Adventures organises and facilitates over 200 school camps each year, offering tailor made and multi level programming for years 3 to 12.
Camps include activities ranging in duration from half day to full week; activities that build confidence and give a sense of self worth.
No other Outdoor Education Provider can offer so many dynamic adventure learning activities, school camp styles, school camp combinations and accommodation options in one pristine location so close to schools in south east Queensland.
The Sunshine Coast is famous for its mild climate making it ideal to host a school camp at any time of the year. Our Sunshine Coast School Camp offers three levels of accommodation to suit every budget from tent camping to resort style apartments. Teachers are pampered in the Resort with apartments featuring flat screen TV, lounge room, full kitchen, ensuite, dining room, bed and bath linen, teachers lounge during meals, internet cafe access and general store access. Do you live in or around the areas of North Lakes, Mango Hill, Murrumba Downs, Kippa-Ring, Rothwell, Kallangur, Redcliffe, Deception Bay and Narangba?
Located just 5 minutes’ walk from Westfield shopping centre and opposite the new North Lakes library and bus terminal, North Lakes Aquatic Centre is way more than your average swimming pool. The Learn to Swim program at North Lakes Aquatic Centre is accredited with Royal Life Saving Society Australia Swim and Survive and is designed to teach the skills of swimming, water safety and survival to people of any age or ability.
Brisbane Kids will love the Learn to Swim program at North Lakes Aquatic Centre for its perfect balance of imparting swimming skills and water safety, all within a safe and nurturing environment.
What better way to take all the stress, mess and fuss out of your Brisbane Kid’s next party than by having a birthday party at North Lakes Aquatic Centre? The North Lakes Aquatic Centre birthday parties are available on weekends and during school holidays for children from 5 to 12 years of age and are guaranteed to give them an exciting and memorable day!

North Lakes Aquatic Centre is located at 2 The Corso in North Lakes, 5 minutes’ walk from Westfield shopping centre, opposite the new North Lakes library and bus terminal. Like our page to get the latest news & things to do in Brisbane with kids fresh in your newsfeed!
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Sounds to me like someone who desperately wants to be famous, not someone I'd trust my life with in the wilderness. If fluids are not replaced the first thing to go is the mind, which Bob has already established is your biggest tool in self-rescue.
With over 15 years experience in programming and implementing school camps and over 30 years experience in adventure training, Total Adventures is once again in the forefront by adding three unique school camp programs to its repertoire; Wilderness, Eco and Surf Camps. Our Sunshine Coast School Camp is located at Noosa North Shore which is an easy 2 hour drive north of Brisbane along the Bruce Highway. Winter is the ideal time for a school camp; days are mild and sunny, with low humidity and average temperatures are a very pleasant maximum of 22 degrees.
If so, you should definitely check out the North Lakes Aquatic Centre for their huge array of services and facilities for water safety, fitness and most of all fun! The centre is open 7 days a week, all year round and features a heated outdoor 25-metre lap pool, a custom-built heated indoor learn-to-swim pool, and a toddler splash play area. The program includes a Baby Aquatic water familiarisation class and infant classes, all the way up through seven additional levels of learning. The North Lakes Aquatic Centre’s philosophy is that “students excel at what they love”, so they work hard to ensure that all students love their lessons. They’ll do all the catering and cleaning and the kids can play on the giant pool inflatable supervised by qualified lifeguards, while you sit back and enjoy their delight with a complimentary coffee!
The loss of just 2L of body fluid, which in hot climates can happen in under three hours, can impair brain function by 25 per cent. Ostensibly, it's a lesson in the art of bonfire building, and thus our testosterone-heavy group passes this particular exercise with flying colours.
But it's also about things like human biology - knowing how your body operates, especially under different types of stress. Sea temperatures on the Sunshine Coast average 19 degrees in winter so all year round swimming is realistic and enjoyable. It is an Austswim and Swim Australia recognised swim school with one of the largest Learn to Swim programs on Brisbane’s north side, and it has classes and programs for all ages and abilities! Once kids have progressed beyond these lessons, they can even move on to the centre’s comprehensive squad training program for swimmers who want to improve their fitness and skills, and train for fun, fitness or competition. All instructors are Austswim qualified and the program is designed to accelerate children’s progress through consolidated lessons.
A satchel of coffee or a teabag is a high-value item in the custom Special Forces survival kit Bob supplies to the military. If you know these things, you can work on how to deal with different scenarios and how to make the correct decisions to save your life."As much as knowledge gained, Bob is big on respect playing a huge role in surviving the great outdoors.
Rain fall is very low over winter and typically days are warm with crystal clear blue skies.

What’s more, the lessons run all year round and you can start at any time, without school terms interrupting your child’s progress! He was the only member of an eight-man SAS mission, Bravo Two Zero, to evade the enemy over 322 tortuous kilometres after a behind-enemy-lines mission went wrong in the first Gulf War. I prefer to make sure I have at least two other, more reliable methods of fire lighting on me whenever I go bush. What his course does in my mind is firmly peg me (and my Dad) to a number two - conscious incompetency - on the stepping-stone to survival Yoda-ness.
One of the team members named the teabag in his kit as the thing that kept his morale most alive," says Bob, who worked with Chris on the Australian-based outback finale of the reality TV show, Britain's Toughest Family. "Again, it's the mental thing. Stone-age fire lighting is an absolute last resort, but is still a skill all survivalists should possess."There's something ritualistic or tribal about the fervour that comes over us all as we gather our sticks and twine and thrust the 'bow' we've made back and forward. This in turn spins the wooden shaft, which has its head buried in a base plate of wood and some tinder. In all of Bob's research he has come across no evidence of anyone starving to death in an Australian survival situation.
Perhaps we should have mastered this years ago in Scouts, if only my Scout-leader father had been more badge happy. You will get back what you give out - give out respect and it will be returned to you." That sense of respect shines through Bob in his humbleness.
But surely, you're asking yourself, if he's any good he'd have a world-famous TV show, wouldn't he?
Rather than schooling the TV-watching world, three cameramen, a sound bloke and a field producer in how to jump off a cliff into an unknown depth of water (Survival Rule #1: just don't), this survivalist can usually be found teaching small groups how to avoid getting into trouble in the first place.
Disclosure time: my negatively tinged perception of the most famous survivalist going around is (dis)coloured by an ongoing 'discussion' I have with my father - who was also my Scout leader for many years.
Bob leans over us, picks the problem (a termite-eaten dud fire stick) and offers his own as a replacement. So, I've set the challenge to Dad: come and experience a real survival course, led by a real survivalist - one who doesn't condone jumping off cliffs. West Australian-based Bob Cooper is, in outdoor circles, Australia's foremost survival expert. Bob's like the proud father, but there's a lingering look in his eyes that still says: "Wouldn't wanna rely on it in an emergency would you?"No. Our military consults him, journalists consult him, big mining businesses operating in the harsh outback consult him, people who have had close scrapes in the bush consult him and those who don't want close scrapes do, too.
Now we find ourselves seated in a bland meeting room, whiteboard up the front, text books and notepads at the ready, rather than out there, in the wilds where we all want to be. Even I, the anti-Bear, had imagined (or hoped) a survival course to be all Lord of the Flies-like, cammo geared-up for our bush-food fossicking, shelter-constructing challenges. Instead of rummaging around in the undergrowth, our two-day introductory course is spent partly indoors taking notes from anecdotes that all drive home Bob's main message: there are no shortcuts to survival and it's no TV show out there.

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