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This Royal Marine style Assault Course develops individual fitness, self-confidence and team co-operation through various challenges: scramble nets, walkways, water tunnels, rope swings etc. Bear Grylls Survival Academy, ‘The Island’ initially takes place at Alladale Wilderness Reserve, Sutherland, deep in the Scottish Highlands.
The adventure begins at 15h00 with a chance to meet your course leaders and fellow participants, and to ensure you have all the items on the kit list. Day two starts with a field physical training session which links to a lesson in self-defense, self-preservation and primal instinctive training.
Final Exercise…Over the next 30 hours, you will move by foot, 4×4 land rover, speed boat and fishing trawler. This overview of an average Highlands itinerary provides an insight into what you can expect but every course is different, so this is just a guide! As you would expect, the Bear Grylls Survival Academy is challenging both mentally and physically. If you have any questions about health and fitness for the course, please contact our team. This course is strictly limited to just 10 participants and costs ?1,499 per person excluding flights and transfers.
Here is a selection of shelter techniques we use and teach, starting with the ever faithful tent!!! A Quinzhee or Snow cave is a surprisingly very effective means of shelter in snow, and actually quite warm, we teach this method of shelter building to clients who have already completed our Bronze course due to the fact of being in the outdoors in what can be harsh conditions.
Bear Grylls Survival Academy – Survival in the Catskills takes place at the YMCA, Frost Valley, Catskills Mountains, New York State. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy Courses in Colorado are based on the Snow Mountain Ranch – YMCA of the Rockies amongst the Colorado, Rocky Mountain Range. The course will give you the basic tools that will allow you to survive in this truly amazing environment, and more importantly the mind-set that is needed to get out alive. Set within beautiful gardens and grounds amid the wonderful wildlife of North Devon, the courses are run by a professional artist and are suitable for beginners and more experienced painting enthusiasts alike.
You can choose either the solus day teaching or a class with no more than two students, to maintain high teaching input.

This assault course is guaranteed to leave you physically tested but with a awesome feeling of achievement. Following the same format as the Channel 4 show, participants will receive 2 days of intensive survival training, Bear Grylls Style, before being dropped off by fast speed boat on a remote Island located in the North West of the Scottish Highlands. We then move over rugged terrain by 4×4 vehicles to the Academy’s wilderness base camp situated in the heart of the Highlands.
After that you will undertake wilderness navigation training, learning how to find cardinal points and move without a map or compass across difficult terrain.
You’ll need to use your new skills to make a fire from scratch, check the snare and drop lines. Again you will need all your energy, courage and determination to get back to civilization.
Please note, all of the clothing and equipment that you bring must be appropriate to the environment and the time of year. All meals and accommodation are included and a large amount of equipment is on loan for the duration of the course including: Knife, mug, sleeping bag and liner, sleeping mat, rucksack and liner, head torch, water bottle and all technical safety equipment.
We take clients here as a point of historical interest, most lay a wreath or note of condolence and memory on the wreckage or the cairn. New York’s Catskill Mountains include one of the largest and most complex natural areas in the East. A stone’s throw away from Denver, this is an amazing wild and rugged environment ideal for Bear’s unique style of survival training. The course will encompass all of Bear’s priorities of survival- Protection, Rescue, Water and Food with some high adrenaline self-rescue too. Set in landscaped gardens and grounds at Lower Hummacott within the tranquil north Devon landscape, you will be able to absorb those elements of landscape painting which excite the eye and allow you to make a brave leap of faith into a different way of working with paint.
You don’t need a lot of expensive paint and equipment and I don’t mind giving away secrets learnt from years of painful practice! Participants will then have to put all of their new found skills to the ultimate test in order to not only survive, but also to rescue themselves from the Island. It is super rugged terrain where it is likely you will experience four seasons in just one day, perfect for preparing participants for a worst case scenario.

Once you’ve mastered this, you’re off down the Glen on foot, to a wilderness overnight location; but not before you learn to collect, filter and purify water, forage for wild food, make and put out fishing drop lines and various traps and snares in the hope of catching your first wilderness meal.
If you are successful then we have the final passing out parade and awarding of the BG Survival Academy certificates and knives. On completion of the course you will receive the coveted Bear Grylls Survival Academy badge and certificate, and your very own Bear Grylls Ultimate knife. The terrain will be one of the most challenging aspects of this location whilst the amazing wildlife will provide another. Students on a recent course said “it was like a light bulb coming on” when they had painted as never before!
This extreme course has been written and designed by Bear and his team of survival instructors who worked on the Channel 4 show. After 2 days training and following a rugged 4×4 wheel drive across harsh Scottish terrain, the participants board a speed boat at dawn and are transported out to our remote Island location. Once you arrive at our remote overnight spot, you have a lesson in shelter building before being given the opportunity to build your own survival shelter. After that, there is no time to waste, heading straight into basic survival skills training.
Then it’s fast time lessons BG style in fire lighting, rescue signals, river crossings, stalking and a workshop on improvised harnesses and knots.
The morning is the mountain training section, where we take you up on to the surrounding Munro’s and use a range of mountaineering skills to traverse, climb and descend mountainous terrain. Climbing, scrambling, tyrolean line traverse, classic abseil techniques, commando crawls, river runs and river bank jumps are all on the agenda.

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