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If the student does not have access to a firearm, arrangements can be made with Silvercore to rent one. Our members have also augmented the regular force in Operations in Bosnia, Cyprus, Afghanistan, Croatia, the Boer War, World War 1 and World War 2. Field Artillery’s contribution to the Combat Arms is to provide and deliver indirect fire in support of the all arms battle. The artillery can be divided into 3 distinct operational detachments, The Guns, the Technicians, and the Officers. The Gun Detachment operates on the Gun line applying shooting data from the command post and providing fire support. For further information about fulltime and part-time employment opportunities with the Canadian Armed Forces go to, or contact a 39 CBG unit recruiter directly at 250-213-1967. The 5th (British Columbia) Field Artillery Regiment, RCA has been apart of the very foundations of Victoria. As the times and political situation changes, the Regiment itself changes in response to new challenges. Recognition of more than 100 years of service took place on Sunday, November 4th, 1979, when the 5th (British Columbia) Field Battery, RCA proudly accepted the Freedom of the City of Victoria. The 5th (British Columbia) Field Artillery Regiment, RCA originated in Victoria on October 12, 1883, when the British Columbia Provisional Regiment of Garrison Artillery was authorized to be formed. Vic-Maui welcomes two 70 footers, Atalanta and Westerly; 21 boats now enteredAtalanta, a 74 foot aluminum-hulled ketch designed by Bill Tripp, returns for her fifth Vic-Maui race, skippered by Louis Hoffer and sailing for the Corinthian Yacht Club Seattle. Our new boat arrives in Puget Sound in August which should give us almost four months to prepare for its first serious race, Winter Vashon, in December 2015.We will continue learning the boat through the remainder of the South Sound Series in 2016, then Seattle Yacht Clubs spring Island Series and other, yet to be determined longer races. Aloha and welcome to the 2010 Victoria to Maui International Yacht RaceYour Committees from the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and the Lahaina Yacht Club have been preparing for your participation since September 2008. This entry was posted in Graphic Design Logo Design & Branding Photography Video Production Web Design on May 10, 2013 . The website encompasses all aspects of the business and courses, including; course outlines, calendar of availability, online sign up forms, promo videos and pictures. Grey skies but sunny dispositions marked the first start of the 2010 Victoria to Maui Yacht Race. A bagpiper on the bow made a dramatic scene (at least to this Scotsman), for the arrival of the Red Heather team into the Lahaina for their finish party.

Ion, a Beneteau 43 from Nanaimo, BC, is ready to take on the challenge of racing to Maui and sailing back safely in 2016. It has the Honour of being the oldest army regiment west of the great lakes, officially formed on July 20 1878, and historically tied to Sir Arthur Currie, as the regiment he commanded before the outbreak of World War One. Each detachment is an integral part of an information hub that expands the reach and efficacy of the artillery on the whole of the battlefield. The Technicians support the Gun detachment providing key information and communications to ensure the highest level of accuracy.
We initially provided security for the naval base and harbour, as part of the Coastal Defence network covering the entrance to the Georgia Strait. In 1956 the 5th Field Regiment was re-designated as a Field Unit to support army units in Expeditionary Operations.
On Friday, September 13th, 1991, the regiment once again was raised to regimental status and designated the 5th (British Columbia) Field Artillery Regiment, RCA.
Owner Eberhard Heinzemann (also RVYC) and skipper Colin Jackson have collaborated on various boating & instructional projects over the years and sailing lessons aboard this boat have already seen trips in 2013 circumnavigating Vancouver Island and off to Barkley Sound and back. Come and enjoy a fun filled week of pre-race activities in Victoria, the Capital City of British Columbia and one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.From there we give you a rare ocean race that takes both flat out racing skills and strategic decision-making. She was purchased in Seattle in late 2013 and has been raced and cruised throughout the region since.
We then started branding the featured courses, like Survive the Zombie Apocalypse and the Bow-Drill course.
Light winds kept the boats close to the Victoria waterfront longer than desired as crew members watched for the forcast westerlies to fill in.
Hailing out of the Squamish Yacht Club, John Gugins' Olson 40 finished with an elapsed time of 13 days, 10 hours, 57 minutes.
The skipper is a veteran of five Van Isle 360’s and several Swiftsures and Southern Straits races. The Officers are leaders of each detachment, their expertise and leadership ensures the accuracy of each round. 39 CBG is the largest Army formation in British Columbia with 11 Units throughout the province. The young men and women of the unit proudly wear the Gunner badge in the oldest continuous serving militia unit west of the Great Lakes.

Crew will include experience from Vic-Maui, Oregon Offshore and about a million Swiftsures between us. The determination of the location of the Pacific High will lead you to the strategic decision of when to turn right, haul on those spinnaker halyards and lay back and enjoy.The Victoria to Maui International Yacht Race, first contested in 1968, is the pinnacle of Pacific Northwest ocean racing.
Canard has competed in several of the regional distance races over the past two years including Round the County, Swiftsure and Tri Island Series. A teaser video was then created as the premise to the Zombie Survival course, the feature attraction. We are actively recruiting officers and non-commissioned members with technical interests to fill part-time positions. We are starting behind the eight ball compared to the experience the other crews have with their respective boats, but we are excited to get started!Our goals are to be safe, have fun and compete hard! Vic-Maui runs every second year, starting in June or July off Victoria, British Columbia and finishing near Lahaina, Maui, a distance of approximately 2308 nautical miles.Vic-Maui challenges navigators to demonstrate their weather routing and navigational skills. The other boats are faster and a staggered start means the entire fleet reaches Hawaii at about the same time. Understanding the weather is critical when making decisions on navigating out of the Straits of Juan De Fuca and along the Washington, Oregon and Northern California coasts to get to the trade winds first. The crew has many mid and long distance races on their resumes as well as several offshore passages but for most of the crew, this will be the first long distance offshore race. Success depends on the navigators skill in predicting where the Pacific High pressure zone will be. Amongst other local races, we will be preparing for the Vic-Maui by competing in Round the County, Winter Vashon, South Sound Series, Oregon Offshore and Swiftsure. Harken blocks, travelers, furling systems and winches can be found aboard everything from the smallest dinghies to the largest megayachts and cruisers.Headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Harken manufactures in the USA and Italy. Its network includes offices in 48 countries, with group offices located in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States (Rhode Island, California, and Florida). Family and friends meet the racers to celebrate the accomplishment with hugs, leis and mai-tais.

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