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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The USGI Butt Pack is an authentic US Military pack that would have been issued along with ALICE gear. With the ICELAND 3IN1 have taken one of our most popular weatherproof shell jackets and converted it into an all-season 3-in-1 combination, making it a great choice for any weather. This handy pack is ideal for attaching to load bearing vests, assault packs, or other gear. Designed to be a utility pack, this pack would be used to hold essentials for soldiers who were in the field.
The outer jacket has a simple, no-frills style and is made of our TEXAPORE weather protection fabric to protect you from the wind and rain.

Once attached you will have quick access to essentials that are easily stored in this pack.
These essentials would not be first line items like components for a soldiers battle rifle, but would be gear like a poncho liner for when the weather turned bad or other support gear that needed quick access.The design of this pack makes it ideal for multiple uses.
The high breathability performance also ensures the superior wear comfort that is typical of a TEXAPORE jacket.
And when springtime comes, simply disconnect the two jackets and you have a weatherproof shell and an insulating layer you can wear individually.
Made in the USA for the Department of Defense, this surplus pack will make an exceptional bag for your every day use as well. What immediately comes to mind is a tool bag, which the dimensions of the butt pack would make this use ideal.

In the years since, the cross country motorcycle trip has become a rite of passage for many – and some do it on an annual basis.
You also have multiple carry methods available including the installed ALICE clips, two D rings, and even a top carry handle.
This level of versatility means no matter what your needs are, this bag will be able to meet them.

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