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There’s controversy, just like everything else nowadays of course, on whether the 5 W’s is enough to keep you alive and the answer to that is obviously not.
They’re not meant to be the end all conversation on wilderness survival like many armchair experts make them out to be, but instead you’re supposed to take them for what they are – an easy way to remember some very important wilderness survival lessons. Bad: Wet areas, wet or rotten wood, barren places with little wood or only fast burning brush, and setups that make a wildfire likely or easy to start. This is one of those times where your location dictates your actions, but chances are you will most likely use wood to build your survival shelter. For that reason you’re going to need to find a location with ample wood that’s suitable for shelter making.
Even if you happen to be near an overhang or cave you can always use wood to make your shelter more comfortable. Pro Tip: If you do find yourself above the tree line on a mountain ridge or in the middle of an open desert you should keep moving. Using 550 paracord or some DIY bushcraft cordage, you can lash branches and trees together or you may choose to build a tent-style shelter where the wood supports itself. If you were smart enough to bring one, a thermal reflective blanket can be used as a tarp to build a shelter or you can lay it on the ground to reflect your body heat. Good: Keep an eye out for changing weather, and find or build shelter before the weather gets bad. Bad: Large open areas, windy hills and valleys, low dips in the elevation, under lone trees or dead trees, avalanche prone areas. In warm weather you may not need much shelter at all but you may feel a chill at night, especially if you’re sleeping on the ground. In cold weather you have to think about the weather at all times and never take it for granted. Keeping an eye on the weather will help you predict issues ahead of time so you can be proactive instead of reactive. Good: Setting up near average sized live trees in a thick-growth forest, looking up before picking a place to bed down for the night.
The term usually refers to dead trees or even large boulders that could fall without warning.
If you are in the way of a windowmaker you won’t have time to react, especially if you’re asleep. Having an encounter with bears, big cats, wolves, and moose are about the closest you’ll ever come to needing a change of pants. If you’re not paying attention or don’t know what to look for you’ll easily set up camp right in the middle of some large animals territory. Look for tracks, scat, and territorial markers of these animals and stay far far away. Learn about the available game as well as dangerous animals indigenous to your area or any area you’re visiting ahead of time so you will know what to look out for.
Snakes, spiders, centipedes, or really anything that creeps, crawls, or slithers around are another problem. Some insects like mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats will be more of an irritating nuisance and the worst of course would be venomous creatures like snakes, spiders and scorpions. A good fire and some smoke will keep away many, if not most all, flying insects because they are programmed to avoid it, and you can also rub mud or certain plants on exposed skin to stop them from annoying you. There are dozens of plants that can be used, wild onion, sagebrush, wormwood, and mugwort are good plant examples. If you’re lost (or frogs are falling from the sky) and there is no water source nearby you will have to find civilization or some water source within 2-3 days.
Water you find in the wilderness will need to be purified before it’s used. If you have a fireproof container, you can purify the water by boiling, but this doesn’t remove chemicals and in fact concentrates them. If you study up on the 5 W’s of survival for the environment you plan to be in you’ll be better prepared if you get lost or if the SHTF. Pass it on, I believe once you learn something you should teach it to someone that doesn’t know so they are better prepared and in that way the world becomes a better place. Here’s my story of how I discovered a simple, common weed can be used to make coffee from chicory!
For several years, I’ve noticed a beautiful blue wildflower lining the road during the summer.
To my surprise, I found out it was chicory. I  remembered hearing that it can be used to make a beverage similar to coffee, but wanted to learn more about it.
According to Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants & Herbs, the root can be mixed with water to make a diuretic or laxative. It’s had been dry for the last week and we have a lot of clay soil, so I went and got a shovel.
I soaked them for a short time, then scrubbed the roots clean, and chopped off the rest of the plant. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. Hi Survival Mom, as a kid growing up in the 60’s i remember some of the coffee bought in the stores had chicory in it, Adding some home made chicory would be a great way to stretch the coffee stores you have. I think Chicory would grow in a garden, but I’ve only seen it growing in the harshest conditions. The Outside Lands Festival kicks off in San Francisco this Friday and runs through Sunday. In an attempt to combat Craiglist creeps and other scalpers, promoters ditched the paper tickets and introduce RFID (radio frequency identification) wristbands for everyone attending the festival. Also this year, attendees can engage in a new Arcade Powered by PayPal, a classic arcade experience complete with Pinball, Pac-Man, Galaga and Whack-a-Mole.
Dubbed the "world's only gourmet rock festival," over 80 restaurants, 40 wineries, 28 breweries and numerous top cocktail bars from California will be serving up local delectables and pouring some of the region's finest each day. Also a must-do is GastroMagic, a wild stage devoted to magical mash-ups in food, breakdancing, comedy, music and cocktails. With six stages and over 70 artists, choosing who you want to see can be a bit overwhelming.
Named in honor of San Francisco's infamous Barbary Coast district and residing in a venue inspired by the world famous Victoria Spiegeltent, the vaudeville-style tent known as The Barbary will feature the top names in comedy, storytelling, improv and general weirdness. Located in SoPo or South of the Polo Fields, be sure to catch Natasha Leggero, Fred Armisen, John Mulaney and more.

Golden Gate Park just got greener with the addition of The Back Wine, the brand new three-hole mini golf course, where you can putt-putt your way over Ranger Dave's tongue, across the Golden Gate Bridge (beware of sharks near Alcatraz!), down Lombard Street and through the vineyards of Napa Valley. If you want to give conference packs with a difference, we can put together the perfect choice for you. If it’s a sales event, a conference or just a long, long day ahead you might just want to provide them with a survival pack to help them get through the day. Listed below is an example of what you might want to include in your tailor made survival kit – but don’t forget that these are just examples! Unless you are Bear Grylls, you probably will not find yourself unexpectedly stranded in some remote region of the world where you are forced to drink stagnant water or munch beetles to survive. Wild animal tracks, such as this coyote track, are easily identifiable by the diamond-like shape and obvious claw points.
Most have the luxury of planning when and where our adventures will take us, and hopefully, during the planning process, we gather up plenty of provisions to get us through a few extra days in case we get stranded.
Knowing what and how to do certain things is useful, and here are a few other helpful things to think about until help arrives.
If you are looking for a place to get out the elements, such as a cave, log or even an abandoned shack, be sure to first observe from a safe distance any shelter you may find.
Never sleep or make camp on the floor of a ravine or canyon or directly on the water’s edge. Unless you have memorized a local guide to toxic plants, it is hard to know what plants and berries are toxic in certain areas. Finally, it is important to let people know, before you head out, what time you expect to return and exactly where you are going. Lisa Metheny is a published award-winning outdoor writer, photographer, speaker and outdoor skills instructor. The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, "The Shooter's Log," is to provide information-not opinions-to our customers and the shooting community.
Coyotes are cowards and cautious unless in a pack, but I believe they are only Solo Hunters.
Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. Get the latest articles and news delivered daily to your email inbox when you subscribe to our blog today.
Us humans can survive about 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. You might have to use snow, rocks, metal, a cave, an old car… but 8 times out of 10 you’ll have to use wood.
If you’re deep in a forest then you’re good to go, but if you’re above the tree line in the snow covered mountains or in the smack middle of the salt flats you’ll have to look elsewhere. Those are some of the hardest places to survive and trying to shelter down in such a place will usually make your situation worse. The medium sized branches will be the main fuel on the fire, and the larger logs are for when you go to sleep or need to make a bed of coals for cooking. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the desert, on top of a mountain, lost in the woods, or hiding under a dumpster from an alley full of zombies (any Walking Dead fans around here?) you will be dealing with the weather. A 70F night feels colder than a 70F sunny day, mostly because cold air and water vapor in the air are sinking back down to the ground level and you don’t have uv rays to heat your skin. You can’t see what’s going on inside of a dead tree and a few pushes with your hand doesn’t equal the power of a gust of wind. It’s practically life changing and there’s nothing scarier than staring down a bear or knowing you’re being hunted by a big cat. Don’t sleep directly on the ground or near rocks or rotten wood and if you see signs of big predators make some quick bushcraft weapons, keep them handy, and get the hell out of dodge.
Make a point to know the location of the nearest water source, even if you don’t plan to be anywhere near it, and have a way to collect and purify it. Having a lightweight and simple to use water filter such as a lifestraw or sawyer will purify the water of chemicals and bacteria. It starts out looking like a weed, but when it blooms, the flower is the color of a Tanzanite gemstone. It’s used homeopathically for liver and gallbladder ailments, it can lower blood sugar, and has a slight sedative effect. I checked on them after several seconds and found it was still too coarse, but once again, the smell was incredible.
I added 2 teaspoons into my coffee filter and add enough water to the pot for one cup of coffee.
But with just a little bit of early planning, you can maximize your Outside Lands experience. Occasionally, the unexpected can happen, and we may be forced to rely on our instincts and skill set to survive and get home alive. Avoiding wild animals, especially predators, is a good thing, so be on the lookout for tracks, slide or heavy game trails. Look for animal tracks or game trails entering and exiting any shelter.Also look for scat in the immediate area of a possible shelter because rarely does an animal defecate in its bedding area.
Flash flooding is an obvious concern, and animals often cruise shorelines, creek beds (even dry creek ones) for food. If you see that birds are eating the berries, chances are they is not toxic for humans, although there are always exceptions. Even if you plan to be gone for an extended time, it is a good idea to plan a few check-in times during your excursion. Lisa holds several instructor certifications and conducts a number of women-focused outdoor seminars on topics such as archery and hunting throughout the year. Even if your journey is extended by design or necessity there are requirements and then there are comforts.
I do not recommend putting any chemicals in your water simply because, too much chemical in too little water can be toxic.
Either a good quality tent or the knowledge and ability to build an adequate structure with materials at hand.

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After all, we never agreed that the children should have the same water restrictions as the elders. It’s a good idea to carry a small hatchet and a foldable saw in your bug out bag, that way you have options. Before you go to bed throw a few large logs on the fire and it will smolder all night, otherwise you might wake up to nothing but ash and have to start all over again. If you need a certain tool but it broke or you forgot to pack it for instance, simply make a new one out of wood.
If you have no shelter and thin clothes you’ll be happy to see the warm sun come up the next day. Brings a coat and a change of pants (pants that zip off into shorts are awesome) with you and if possible find shelter at night.
Build or bring a thoroughly insulated shelter that can block the wind and rain, and hold in heat from your body and a fire at the door.
You can also burn many plants or even animal dung to repel insects, much like a bushcraft citronella candle.
I’ve noticed that it also grows well along sidewalks, in gravel, or any other harsh environment you can think of. Chicory root extracts have been shown to be antibacterial, and its tinctures have an anti-inflammatory effect. The white underground leaves are great as a salad green in the spring, and the outer green leaves can be boiled for 5-10 minutes and eaten. Many broke off as I tried to pry them up with my shovel, but I got a decent sized batch quickly. I think the blades created enough heat to warm the grounds and send the smell wafting up in the air. It tastes just like a strong black coffee (too much chicory?) but with a definite mocha, possibly caramel flavor.
PayPal is helping to turn the entire festival into a cashless experience for the first time. Download the Outside Lands app and always have a list of who is playing where handy and discuss your plan with your festival buddies ahead of time.
If you happen to walk by a stage on the way to something else and you are digging the vibe, stay and hang out. Keep your eyes open for scat as those to get a good indicator of the types and sizes of animals so you can avoid them. If you find a cave or den-like area and see no evidence that it is being occupied by four-legged creatures, then check for snakes. Frankly, there are too many types of berries and plants that grow in specific locations to know, so proceed with caution. She regularly teaches hunters education and archery classes and has become an advocate for promoting traditional outdoor recreation to families across the United States. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. If we hurry, we can drink the dew, before the bright circle gets too high in the sky and dries it all up. Wear loose clothing, bring a hat, drink as much water as you can spare, and try to do most of your work or traveling around dusk and dawn.
I did have to get a heavier chopping knife because some of the roots have a center that is like wood. So, I turned up the heat to 350 degrees, and about 20-30 minutes later, a wonderful smell came from the oven. By the way, in a power outage, a French Press is highly recommended for every coffee lover.
With PayPal as the exclusive payment processor behind the RFID bracelets, attendees can go cashless at all food, drink and merchandise vendors .
If you see evidence of small critters, such as mice or chipmunks, present (look for small tracks and scat because rodents do poop where they live), then there probably is not a den of snakes. Although many plants and berries are not classified as toxic, they still can make you extremely sick.
If you have a flashlight you should travel as long as possible at night and sleep in the shade during the day.
The leaves closest to the ground look exactly like dandelion. If you are looking for it on a sunny day, they are easy to see. The root pieces were turning brown and smelled like chocolate, caramel and coffee, all in one.
If you are still unsure, throw some decent-sized rocks into the den first and listen for sounds, such as rattling or other movement. She is a member of POMA and former Board of Directors member as well as a member of the NRA, RMEF, MDF and DU. But, on an overcast day or late afternoon, the flowers close up, and it’s harder to spot.
The cap is compatible with other wide mouth Nalgene bottles.Level markers on side at every 4 ounces and 100 ml. Once I thought the chicory root was dark enough, I turned down the oven to 300 degrees, so it wouldn’t burn but just roast a little bit more.
Observing the wildlife up close is easy if you are invisible, meaning, smell like the woods around you. I would say the total time was about and hour and a half. I took the roasted root pieces out of the oven and let them cool to room temperature. Simply keeping the small cap loose when drinking from the straw will solve any potential problems regarding a leaky straw.

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