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That means all forms of religious and spiritual expression can be practiced freely and without judgement in Black Rock City. The Census Lab is a volunteer team of information geeks, academic researchers, students, and general data nerds who have surveyed Black Rock City (BRC) residents since 2002. Philosophical CenterA shared philosophy, based on the Ten Principles, permeates every aspect of Burning Man culture.
Interesting and influential people from the fields of academy, arts and technology have arrived to the US Embassy in Helsinki on the warm evening of the 29th of April. Laurila is the Regional Contact of Finland for Burning Man, known for his many crazy ideas. The Finnish Burners called Koistinen after they had the idea of the pike head with a kantele in its mouth, a reference to the ancient Finnish mythology. The trip to BRC and the pike head kantele actually gave a new direction to the kantele maker’s life.
After Burning Man, the Venice Art Crawl organizer Daniela Ardizzone invited Koistinen to the Venice After Burn event in California. Through some other incidents, Koistinen got connected with the Simpsons producer Bonita Pietila in Los Angeles.
Koistinen is now sure that for the rest of his life, he will be researching this new social form of making music, which has no threshold or barriers between people.
Reno adds that one of the key things they do is to work with young people in particular and teach them creativity, entrepreneurship and that it is okay to fail. Suddenly fire starts spinning outside at the backyard of the Embassy building when Belenos Group of Arts start their show. The point of Gifting is not to lug physical goods out to a dry lake bed somewhere north of Reno. Gifting is not about handing out tchotchkes, it’s about giving someone something they desire.
The best gift I ever gave was a cheap, flashing gummy ring I ground-scored somewhere in the dust of deep playa.
Anselm is a relative newcomer to the Burning Man scene (Burning since 2013), but a long-time citizen of liminal spaces everywhere. I’ve taken a bunch of strings of battery powered lights (including batteries) and handed them out to people riding without lights at night.
I have also been gifted the loan of a golf cart at a couple of Burns and I always try to pick up people who are either headed in my general direction, carting something unwieldy, lost, exhausted or looking for the bikes they couldn’t find last night in the dark after dancing til dawn. Amazing article made my virgin self feel so much better about gifting my first time at Burning Man!! One of the most amazing gifts I have been given was a handmade tiny pottery mug in sea green. We’ve been doing pins with a sunglass wearing smiley face on top of the Burning Man stick figure.
Absolutely loved this article My first time I gifted people coca leaves hard candy from my recently trip to Machu Picchu . I once joined an unbalanced volleyball game (great gift bringing the net) having noticed that one team was short a person and at the end of it one of my impromptu teammates pulls a handful of compasses out of his camelbak and shares them with us. Line up the hair and the notch in the eyepiece with The Man and the line on the glass is over your exact location on the map! Last year was my first and also thought long and hard about what I would do to gift to the community. My companion has to take off his top hat decorated with long branches and hand it in for special inspection.
The unusual crowd has gathered there thanks to Finnish Burners Anssi Laurila and Andrew Clutterbuck.

Last year, only in three months, their group made a huge wooden pike head with a kantele — the national musical instrument of Finland — in its mouth and took it to the desert. People came to play together, loved it, started to hug each other and their mood turned into positive.
Thanks to Bonita Pietila, something big is going to happen to me career-wise in the near future,” Koistinen says, but keeps the rest still a secret. He wants to bring people with different backgrounds into the same space and give them freedom to express themselves without fear of failing.
Later on, the big dream is to bring it, together with NGO partners, to refugee camps or centres and other temporary settlements, where education is urgently needed”, Kuittinen explains. There is no doubt that bringing this culture and way of thinking to the rest of the world can create real change. The audience stands still when Koistinen’s son, Anttu Koistinen, plays touching and modernized music with his traditional instrument familiar from many folktales. I had never been to Burning Man before, and the whole concept of “playa gifts” was a bit vague to me. The point of Gifting is to manifest an economy built on the flow of goodwill and circulation of necessary items. Sure, sometimes it makes sense to bring a large number of easy gifts, but sometimes it’s nice to give a gift that isn’t easy to give.
We all love the person with armfuls of gifts to give, but where did that leave me, the poor and mystified virgin? A good gift is something we want — or need — whether we know it or not, because it brings a flood of joy and a relief from… whatever it was that was going on, that you can’t even remember right now because this awesome person just gave you something totally bizarre and amazing and beautiful and it’s just what you wanted and didn’t even know!
In a throbbing, flashing, rumbling mob of filthy souls and bicycles, I picked up the soon-to-be-gifted bit of blinking trash and wandered off toward the excellent sounds emanating from the Unimog.
He thinks with his hands, believes specialization is a mistake, and makes the the user support systems work at Burning Man Headquarters. I remember that my first year I received some awkward gifts, and I gave some awkward gifts too. Last year loaned out our generator to our neighbor, a tarp to another neighbor that were virgins and didn’t bring shade, always loan out tools, but by far my favorite was tri tip we cooked on Friday.
Last year I got super high and the batteries died in my headlamp and el wire on my backpack. I ended up gifting electrolyte mix, water to lost people deep playa, two bottles of sunscreen to a camp that handed brought any, and a case of condoms to a camp that didn’t have enough.
When Cargo Cult was the theme I made and handed out iOwns (a representation of a certain device we’d form a cult around if it was taken away).
Religion and spirituality are intimate parts of those identities, and Burners express them in a variety of ways. That talent can be turned into interesting lessons and the person into a wonderful teacher. By night she drifts away with techno music, relaxes with yoga and meditation or escapes to nature.
It was clear that simply bringing things in order to give them away would miss the mark a bit.
Other times, a gift is given to everyone — art for the masses, food fed to anyone walking by, stacks of stickers handed out by the fistful. A gift with a cost — time, money, sweat, emotions, hell, a bit of blood, whatever — is a difficult gift to give.
Not two minutes later, I stumbled across a fellow Burner deeply distressed that her bicycle had lost its tail light, and here she was, deep playa, no lights, the ultimate darkwad.
I kept the camp’s fleet in working order as a camp service and fixed countless bikes as personal gifts. Burners have plenty of opportunities for alcoholic refreshment, but not so much for fresh fruit.

But the best part was a long conversation with the man who made it as he flew a kits at the end of the playa, we talked for a long time about our families and people we’d met or lost over the years… All because I felt like going out to the edge of the playa by myself to check it out!! I felt pretty stupid, not having spare batteries with me, and not being able to find my bike even though I knew where it was.
My first year I created a huge list of Jokes… some funny, some stupid, some raunchy, some cute. I choose to live on playa by practicing Immediacy, which includes staying open to the people and every activity surrounding me. The biggest lesson from BRC for me was to learn, how to create a safe space for people, where they can give their very best,” Koistinen says. After that, they are able to teach others their lessons, which vary from ten minutes to an hour. Instead, I had to figure out how to contribute to a gifting economy in a way that kept those juices flowing without bogging me — or anyone else — down.
Both approaches are wonderful and drive the community toward a future of plenty, but take the moment to appreciate the gift you’re giving for what it is. I am taking the time and making the effort to give you something.” Gifts are a passing of goods and services, but also a passing of intentions. I had no idea what to give, where to buy stickers, how to make buttons, whither to acquire the trappings of gifting. We have a desiccant bag handy for the fruit cores If folks want to sit and chat while they munch. Were they supposed to be nice things they could treasure forever, or just a little tokens to give a moment’s joy? I wanted to stimulate the economy, as it was, in a way that actually helped improve this strange culture I was about to join. When something is given out of guilt, or in exchange, or in hopes of receiving something, it’s no gift. Terror is not the ideal motivator of our Second Principle, nor should Gifting require a frantic shopping spree. No sweat, it cost me nothing, and I certainly had no use for it, but in that moment, that person had one ultimate, all-encompassing desire, and I was able to give it to her. Others were more — a comfy chair, a cold beverage, a “how’s your day?”, and a pedal replaced or chain repaired. At the same time, it opens people up to each other by the gratitude of gifting and receiving. Would people appreciate my confused attempts, or snicker at the first-timer trying to fit in?
I often fail to honor this, but an entire week of practice at Burning Man has given me the opportunity to continue and extend my own spiritual development.
I panicked a bit, then ignored the issue entirely, finally picked up a large bottle of excellent beer, and sat my virgin self down to figure this out.
The light in darkness, the tube for the bicycle, the sticker for the tearful child, the bacon in the morning, the the jumper cables at Exodus — those are excellent gifts that stimulate the economy.
Thank you to all my fellow Burners who have helped me every year to continue on the Middle Path.
Objects handed out to fulfill a social contract cemented in the Ten Principles just lead to inflation of the gift economy anyway.

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